Monday, December 31, 2007

Penis Magazine -

Ah, a few more hours to the new year. Before i Start on the new year with a new post (right now I am rushing to type because i am going to east coast), I would like to wish all my readers a Happy Gregorian New Year and may you all learn from your mistakes.

Avoid mistakes like these.

Also, I hope you guys and gals keep fit. I had terrible health problems in the past that could have killed me and I might not be here if I wasn't doing something abt it. I learned the hard way so one of my resolutions is to keep fit and healthy, both in mind, body and soul. Do not heavy yourself with mind burdens, fats, etc. Smile and make each day a better day than before. Keep a healthy mind, exercise and pray.

Happy 2008 Everyone!

New Man Jan 2008 - Bao Hoa (NSFW)

Bao Wow! Amazing curves, fair porcelain skin. Vietnam's latest export. A new year is nearing and New Man seems to have cat-eye like models for this issue. Yes, I have a soft spot for such eyes. Some may say they look sleepy, to me its welcoming. :)

In addition, we have Channel [V] Marion C, in her poses with her hair flowing over her face, with her cute little smile. Much like the way PussyCat Dolls does it. I like her most with her hand pushing her hair up, those eyes really can mesmerize.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

MacDonalds for two days, two days to the new year

Lazy as I might be, back pains really keep you in your seat. But not my fingers. Dialled Mac for the weekends, had some unhealthy meals through out. I feel so bloated I wonder how the Super Size Me guy manage to eat that for a month!

It's been a lazy weekend, recovering well from my back and shoulder pains. But the cold weather is really stiffening up my muscles a bit. Nevertheless, I had to take warm showers to keep the blood flowing. Sat at home most of the weekend, really sucks not to be doing any form of exercise. Can't even do pull ups, nor push ups without groaning. I still can't look up properly, so I guess I have to still drink up from a cup rather than from a bottle.

So anyway, 2 more days to the sounds of the New Year, ain't that grand. What's the deal anyway. Well apart from the parties, bright lights, beautiful fireworks, hot women dancing, it's still like any other day. I know some ppl out there are out there doing their duties, all alert and vigilant. Yes I am talking about our defence forces, our NS man, our regulars. They have a part to play to ensure our safety. Staying up, ensuring no unnecassary numbers are added to our population. Yeah, I am all praise for them because I used to do guard duty on New Year's day. And it sucks! But heck, anything for the nation. :)

2007 is passing, yeah a lot has happened. Recently Bhutto was assasinated, this day today is Saddam's first death anniversary, supposedly another tyrant was gotten rid off and yet the country is still one of the most unsafest place to live, Bulgaria and Romania joins the EU, the bird flu is still looming around, wars and conflict still going on in Somalia, Palestine, Iraq, Darfur.. and i keep going and going. It is still the same old bad news as last year. People are still dying, suffering, children are still forced into prostitution, women are being raped, countries are still at war, AIDS still has no cure for it, the world is still warming, ...... what a year we have and over here we are complaining about high costs of living. No wrong with that, living here is still VERY COSTLY! GST is up this year if you guys still remember last July!

Well enough of the bad news, the good news is, we have our A380 Airbus which sadly, despite it's comfortable and private cabins, we are not allowed to have sex on a plane. I am sure it is a dream for some (probably many) to do that jiggy in mid-air.

Our football team has finally won a medal in the SEA games since 1995, in addition to that, they actually are on-route to qualify for the World Cup! Yeay!

Singapore has acquired rights to host the Formula One 2008 World Championships. Yeah, finally we get see cars going 4 times over the speed limit on our roads!

Yeah well, that's about it, there are more but I my fingers are starting to strain again. Anyway, I might just hang out to see the fireworks or maybe just watch a movie. See how it goes tomorrow. Till then, it will be a whole working day for me.

Happy Gregorian 2008 to ya all!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Beginnings of a Third World War

War corporatism; a new form of Fascism

Watch the video to have a better understanding of what is going on now and in the possible future.

The rest is up to you to decide.

Friday, December 28, 2007

"...Omar Sheikh, the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden.." - Benazir Bhutto

Watch the video after the 6th minute. The late Benazir Bhutto mentioned that Omar Sheikh murdered Osama Bin Laden, and the interviewer didn't seem at all bothered to pick on that as if it was common knowledge.

Did she reveal something that we are not suppose to know?
Was this the reason why she was assassinated?
Could her knowledge of that actually end the war on terror?

Back & Shoulder Pain

I slept wrongly last two nights ago. I still went to work thinkin it will go away. But the pain started to elevate to my right hand. It got so bad, I had a fever and my hands had pins and needles. ON top of that, the pain just keeps spreading from the back to my shoulders to my hands.

I had a slight fever and I couldn't move my mouse properly. I had to see the doc abt it. Ok, at this part, I find the doctor too professional. The way he talks and asks me to do all kinds of movements. He did assure me that it will be ok within a day,but I am still in pain now! LOLz!

I think I need to pop in more pills to relax the muscles. The stretching he showed me didn't help either. Right now I am struggling to type with jus my left hand. I hope I get well soon.

The Original Cuppycake Video!

Do you still remember "The Cuppycake Song"? This video was taken in 1994. This is the face of the girl behind that famous song, The Cuppycake song. Her name is Amy Castle, she was just 3 then. Here she is singing it in the home studio. Ain't she sweet? You can see her squinting before the song. So cute!!

Cuppy Cake Song
You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie
You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop
Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to know
That I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jenny Chu - Hot Asian in a Bikini (NSFW)

Probably one of my favourite models, Jenny Chu. 5'3", Chinese/Vietnamese, this girl can dance, model and host. Yes, I drooled when I first saw her haha! Anyway, if you want to see more of her, here's her website!

She is Miss PHM 2007. What's PHM you may ask? Pure Hot Model!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Launching of

A collaborative effort with a dear fren, we have set up a blog dedicated to the latest movies and movie trailers.

click on the link below to see our first review of the latest movie trailer!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Jingle Bombs! (Video included)

Another one of Jeff Dunham's famous humorous ventriloquism.

Watch the previous video here to fully understand the jokes

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Out driving till 3 am for the past 2 days

What an incredible two days it has been. I was out driving late with my friends, watching a movie and having supper. Then after sending them home, I called up a good friend of mine for some drinks. She was surprised to see me driving. I was just fulfilling my promise to her that I'd drive her around when I have the chance since I got my license. She decided we hang out at the airport. The funny thing was I got lost getting there. I took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up at Pasir Ris. Anyway, it was a fun outing even though was worn out. Having not seen her for a long time, we did a lot of catching up. She looks happy and jovial even though it was like after midnight. Luckily for us though, we were not working the next day.

The next day, I went to the airport again to see my sis, grandma, cousins, relatives to Indonesia. I was there early with my dad and had a good man to man talk with my dad. I have a good relationship with my dad, we joke around and he is pretty fun to hang out with. Plus, he is an incredible cook!

After seeing them off, I drove my family back home and I kinda slumped myself to sleep, totally forgetting the appointment I was suppose to have later. When I woke up, I got a few smses from her. She is actually a friend of mine who just got back from Aussie for her school break. So I resheduled the appointment to around 11 pm because I had to send my mum and her friend to TMall for some shopping and dinner.

Haven't seen her for such a long time, I complimented on how she looks a lot slimmer than the last time I saw her. She smiled of course and laughed. We talked a lot and enjoyed the sea breeze at the East Coast before driving off again to Orchard to see the Christmas lights. I guess she was happy to see all that. I know how it feels to be away from home for so long, so just letting her have some sweet memories from home before she sets out to Aussie again next month.

Driving around in Singapore really sets you thinking, I thought about many things when I was driving alone in the car. For your info, it wasn't my car, it was a personal loan for the week before my grand aunt comes back from Indo. Anyway, holding on to this piece of machinery, I started to think about the future. Wondering if I am able to afford such a luxury.

Movie Review - National Treasure

2.5 / 5 stars

Nicolas Cage is one of my favourite actors and seeing him in the first National Treasure, I really felt that he was a smart treasure hunter. The movie has its intricate puzzles, almost impossible deciphering clues, and also really funny dialogues in the movie. The latest addition to this movie is his own mother who happens to not get along well with his father whom she haven't met for a very long time and for good reason. It seems both can't stop bickering at each other whenever they meet and all this is in good humour for the viewers as we can see them trying to solve clues and yet hate each other at the same time.

The storyline basically was clearing his great, great grand father's name who is now accused as one of the mastermind of the murder of the late President Lincoln. And this is because of new evidence which cropped up, revealing his greatx2 grand father's name as one of the conspirators.

So as usual, to make clear his ancestral name, Nicolas Cage had to prove that this was not true. But somehow, the legend of the City of Gold came into the picture. So it is kinda like a treasure hunt.

The movie was pretty ok overall, but it lacked suspense and intrigued unlike the first National Treasure. I was expecting more intricate puzzles and difficult solving clues, but I can't help feeling that the movie seems a bit like Indiana Jones. There were also too much car chase action involved.

Some of the answers to the clues were like 'served on a platter' kind. We know the numbers, the clues and some actions were pretty repetitive. But I guess what kept me in my seat is wanting to see if the City of Gold existed and knowing what was in page 47 of the President's book of secrets.

I wanted more from this film but it didn't deliver, the jokes were good, but the puzzles and intrigue were lacking.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

This is why a water bed is not a bed for sex

Ever wonder why the water bed is not called a sex bed? See the video and you'd understand why.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Movie Review - The Warlords

3.5 / 5 Stars

The movie starts out with a first-person view of a battlefield. You would feel like you are right smack in the middle of it. Blood and gore is evident, many soldiers get hacked and butchered from both sides and you can hear gasps from the crowd as they are shown the near-reality of a 19th century battle in China. After a few mins of that, the camera dims and shots of the aftermath of the battle are shown. Jet-li rises out from the bodies of soldiers, utterly shocked and disappointed at himself as his men lay dead around him. At the same time feeling pissed off as he realises he was betrayed(you will learn why later on in the movie). Somehow he manages to walk away from that and walks alone. He falls on his journey to somewhere only to be helped by a women who cared for him and nursed him to health. The girl slept with him in the night and they had a night of romance in a shady rundown house. He awakes the next day finding her gone.

So that's the initial part of the movie. Watch it to see more!

The movie had pretty good battle scenes. You will actually see the war being fought in like a post-medieval kind of battle with guns and arrows. It was the 19th century anyway. Jet-li plays as a deserted General who longs to fight against those who betrayed him. Along the movie, he meets Takeshi Kaneshiro whom he had a small fight with after Takeshi tried to beat him up. Jet Li wins the fight and Takeshi brings him to see his Big Brother, Andy Lau, a leader of bandits.

The movie has a pretty intriguing story of love and lust. Death and destruction. Peace and brotherhood. But apart from that, the part that wasn't to my liking is the serious speeches that sounded really funny. You'd have to watch it to understand what I mean. The dialogue could have been improved and the jokes more funnier.

What I like about the movie though, apart from the battle scenes, is the politics behind it. The three of them made an oath of brotherhood, but each had a different viewpoint. Takeshi was into the Brotherhood, Jet Li was into Honour and Glory, Andy Lau was into fighting for the People.

Although all of them were fighting for their own personal causes, each clashed as differences became apparent. The three of them became almost disagreeable but at the same time they needed each other because only through the help of one another can all of them reach their personal cause. This was taken advantage by the evil minds of the Imperial court 'ministers' who tried to get them to kill one another.

Overall the plot was pretty good so are the fighting scenes, just that the dialogue could have been better.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A person reaches death each time you log onto his website

You have the choice to be an associate of a murder or not, just by logging onto his website.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cloverfield - Exclusive 5 mins of the movie!

Cloverfield, 01 18 08 (New Trailer)

A month from now we shall see the movie. A lot of rumours that it has a lion's head and the movie is only 90 mins long. Whatever it is, a lot of hype is going on for this movie. Everyone wants to see the monster.

Flaming Titties (NSFW or even for anyone who wants to try this)

Please do not try this anywhere! Seriously do not try this at all! You'd have to be really dumb or bored to try this.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Maxim Dec 2007 - Andrea Fonseka (NSFW)

Andrea Fon sek a, try saying that syllable by syllable. Yes finally she is on a cover of Maxim, on a lingerie debut. We always see her on tv as part of Deal or No Deal, or as a host in some of the shows like Live the Dream. Those eyes really can capture you from across the room. With her sexy moves dancing and singing for Live the Dream advert, you wonder what else more she can do.

But she isn't the only one in the Maxim book, Anna Takiko, I have not seen her before but with her mix of Brazilian and Japanese (Japzilian?), you'd feel like doing the Samba.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Always use protection

This is a cool ad for firefox. I do not know if you have seen it before but personally I think it sends the right message.... well almost.

Yes, I like using Mozilla Firefox, its light, its updated regularly, it loads faster etc. Way a lot better than IE. The interface looks clean and easy to use, Firefox was the first browser that I just feel in love with when it introduced the tabbed browsing. I was sold after that, I knew this browser had more in store to come.

Firefox just makes life easier for me. I am sure some of you or most of you are using it, there have a lot of add ons that prove useful for the web. Yes, there were some hitches in the past but right now I think they are doing great. Heck I am using Firefox now to update my blogs. It beats waiting for IE to load whenever I wanna open a new tab. Keep up the good work Mozilla!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I was attacked by a predator! (pictures of the aftermath and the predator)

Yeah, I was ferociously attacked by a predator. He was quick and decisive. His attacks were difficult to evade, but I manage to escape from his bite. Nevertheless, I got myself hurt in the process.... Here are my scars

And here is the culprit!

I think he is a cousin of the tiger, look at his stripes!

In case you are wondering, yes, that is my cat! He likes to bite, scratch and jump on people. He is quite territorial, loves to run around and chase small insects. Even my neighbour's dog doesn't seem to bother him. He is a Tom Cat.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What is our National Treasure?

Our nationalistic pride, joy, sorrow, pain, disappointment, accomplishment, can be found on one location, The Kallang Stadium. The one and most memorable place, where Singaporeans converge as one nation, regardless of race, language or religion. A place where most Singaporeans will have a story to tell, be it their participation in the National Day parade, or watching Singapore football players play, cheering OLE OLE OLE!, or have their physical training sessions running up the stadium steps,..... this is our National Treasure.

National Treasure 2

You forgot my fish in my fish burger Burger King!

Probably the most upsetting performance/service I have encountered. I decided with a colleague that we buy from BK for lunch because we have those coupons that they send to the mail boxes. The BK was about a 7 minute walk from my office building, and tat excludes waiting for the green man when crossing junctions.

Anyway, upon reaching there, I ordered the buddy meal using the coupon. It includes BK Singles Mushroom Swiss, BK Fish, Med Fries, Small Onion Rings, 2x Med Coke & 3 pc Chicken Tenders. It is $9.90.

Upon handing the coupon, I asked for a change in one of the drinks.

Me:"I would like to change the drinks."
Counter lady: "The drinks, what would u like to change to?"
Me:"Ice Lemon Tea,... how much if I change it to Ice Lemon Tea?"
Counter Ladys:" Extra 40 cents"
Me:"OK, I would like to change to Ice Lemon Tea"
Counter Lady: "So both change to Ice Lemon Tea"
Me:"No, just one"
Counter lady:"okay......" (looking a bit confused, started to press some buttons)

OK, basically I was charged 40 cents for a change of 1 coke to 1 ice lemon tea. I don't know if that is the correct charge, I didn't check again on my receipt later because I totally forgot abt it and I was HUNGRY!

Anyway, she did all the packing into the bags after I asked for it to be taken away. Strangely, they put it all into two paper bags, now I remember previously when I bought the buddy meal, it was in 3 paper bags. But I just paid anyway and left the BK.

After leaving, I went to look inside just to be sure they got it all in the bag. As I was searching and walking away, the counter lady called me from behind, chasing me. She said she forgot about the fries. So we went back and got my fries. Disgruntled but happy that I got all my food, I hurried back to my office. By this time, the weather got pretty humid after the rain and I was sweating a little.

Back in the office, I started to distribute the food to my colleague. She got her Singles mushroom swiss and mine was the BK Fish burger. Already hungry and sweaty, I opened the package to see my burger WITHOUT MY FISH! And clearly it wasn't dropped in anyway, because the cheese was still there, and didn't look melted. Usually the cheese would be melted against the hot fish fillet. Obviously they forgot the fish!

Fumed I was, my friend told me to go back and get my deserved fish burger! And so I did, I rushed there, walking quickly. On the way there, my colleague called me through my mobile. And guess wat, when she was eating her Swiss mushroom burger, there was NO MUSHROOM!

WHAT THE $%^*!

When I reached there I just went straight to the small office cubicle and told the lady in there that there was NO FISH IN MY FISH BURGER and NO MUSHROOM IN MY MUSHROOM SWISS!

She gave a 'On no, not again' look She apologised and quickly went to the cooking area to get my burgers made. She was apologetic when she handed me my burgers into the paper bag. Of course, I checked it inside to make sure all the ingredients are inside.

Seriously Burger King, you guys can't forget such impt food ingredients! It is a burger for goodness sake, and to make a mistake on both of my burgers is just too much! ARGH!

Monday, December 10, 2007

My Bachelor Pad

Finally got my wireless network working. And re-arranged my furniture, need to work on the right furniture to buy and add to my small room. Nevertheless, I am happy with the new work area which is under my bed. It is pretty cosy with the light on and the sound of rain drops just outside my window.

I am thinking of adding an extra small table on the side, much like an L shape furniture for me to write on. Right now, there isn't much area for me to write. Yes, I still do love using the pen and paper. Probably, I might get some drawers and a small sofa. Thinking of getting those sofas that you can sleep on. Those kinds that follow the contours of your body. Maybe I could get it in red.

There it is, my humble corner... cosy chair, warm lighting, some hot cocoa and the cold rain. Yes, it is my corner of bliss.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Can we suggest this for Singapore's Funniest Videos? (NSFW)

I can't help but laugh at this video.

I don't think this would pass the censors here, anyway enjoy the video.

Friday, December 7, 2007

PC for under US$200

Apparently, two weeks ago, Wal Mart sold out its 10,000 units that cost US$200. The specs include a 1.5 GHz VIA C7 CPU embedded onto a Mini-ITX motherboard, 512MB of RAM and an 80GB hard drive.

Sounds pretty ok, considering if you are just using your pc for normal usage eg: typing, reading emails, updating your blog, surfing the net. So what makes it so cheap? Well the answer is pretty straight forward. No Windows.

The PC is not bundled up with Windows in here, and no Microsoft Office, this PC runs on Linux and Open Office, both are open source and free! So that keeps the costs low.

You can read more about it here.

If you think abt it, the PC does meet your basic needs. Unless you are a High-end user like me, then this PC meets your requirements for a PC on a budget. There is already a lot of bad publicity on Windows Vista and that is one of the reasons why I haven't been blogging. I been currently trying to downgrade to a Windows XP because Vista is taking such a long time to load and shut down!

Anyway, I think because of that, people are opting to stick to Windows XP or buy a Mac or in this case, switch to Linux. And best of all, it's cheap. This period reminds me of the Concorde era. It had the ability to reach places at the quickest possible time, and providing good service to it's passengers, but in the end, it is just too expensive to travel in it and it too had it's own terrible disaster which led to the end of it's career.

Comparing that with the current wrap on Vista, M$ is goona have a hard time trying to sell it's Vista. Windows has been the standard for most part of the world users, but if Vista is not keeping to it's promises, people are losing faith in M$. I think, now other OS are springing up soon to offer a better alternative and Linux is probably becoming a contender, maybe not enough to beat M$ but at least it is trying to get it's share in the market. Now I read, Google is making it's own operating software.

You can read more abt it here.

So what do I look for in an OS?

1) Light weight
2) Ease of use
3) Quick Loading time

Hopefully someone can create such OS. I am not into nice cool graphics, I just need an OS that works fine and doesn't load forever! Till then, it is XP for me.

Monday, December 3, 2007


I wanted to blog abt this day, because it landed on the same day as my birthday. But yesterday I was too preoccupied with my new gifts that I totally forgot to write abt it.

Anyway, the AIDS epidemic isn't getting any better. We still haven't found a cure, 3rd world countries are not getting the medicines they need to survive through this disease, people are still out there having unprotected sex, the world is getting more connected and yet our young adults and even our older adults are still clueless of what causes the disease and how it is transmitted.

UNAIDS estimates there are 33.2million ppl with HIV, 2.5 million of them children. Around half of them have it before they are 25 years old and most of them do not live beyond 35. It is a pandemic.

In 2005 alone, 2.4 ~ 3.5 million people died of AIDS. More than half a million were children. A third of them occured in sub-Saharan Africa.

4,400 ppl die of AIDS everyday in sub-Saharan Africa. If that happens in Singapore, our population would have been wiped out within 3 years.

HIV is transmitted through blood, semen, vaginal fluid, perseminal fluid and breast milk. Yes, breast milk! Other transmissions can be in a form of anal, vaginal or oral sex. Blood transfusion like the sharing of contaminated needles can get you infected with HIV.

1st December isn't significant to me just because it is my birthday, but it is a reminder to myself and I hope to others of the implications you will get when you make the wrong decisions in your life.

There is still hope for you and there is still hope for those who have HIV. There are pills to slow down the virus and doctors are still working on a cure. Although it may seem bleak at the moment, the pills that are helping to slow down the spread of the virus infection is giving an extended life to the HIV patients.

You can read more of it here.

Personally, I think everyone here has a responsibility to be informed and inform others of this disease. And at the same time, learn to protect oneself, either through protection or keeping yourself chaste.

AIDS is no longer a gay's disease, it is a people's disease, knowing no gender, race or age.

Resource, information links and how you can give your support:

Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Birthday Presents!!

Oh gosh, how time flies by so fast. I don't usually bother much abt my birthdays, but this year has been a different year for me. I learned a lot of new things, eg: being a leader, a teacher, a good brother and son, managing my time and money, self-discipline and endurance, etc... It has been a pretty good year.

I recapped my past year on what I have achieved. And most of it have achieved, mostly on my own and I am pretty proud of myself. But all that is not attainable without the support of my family and friends. No doubt I have achieved things but there is still lots for me to accomplish. I am setting goals mentally as I write this blog, and as I recall what the past year has taught me, I think it has to be about growing up.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I lack maturity but more like learning from the lessons throughout this year, from making mistakes to making important decisions.

This year, I finally passed my driving license.
I found a fulfilling job. (or maybe i should say, 'refound'; not too sure if that is a word itself)
I passed my IPPT on my own without a training buddy.
Made painful decisions in my past relationship.
Set up a new blog.

Although it seems little that I have done, but only I myself know the pain and sacrifices I had to go through to achieve all that. Weeks of staying home jobless when everyone seems to have a job. The countless driving lessons which almost drove me penniless. The late nights at work to finish up projects and weekend work to earn more to buy a laptop so that my sis can use my pc for her school work next year. The pain and fatigue from training almost everyday in the middle of the night running around parks and housing estates and still waking up the next morning for work. Having to face a painful break up and seeing her face tear in my hands......

What a year it has been.

Oh well, you live and learn. Life's would be boring without facing challenges. And I face it each day in stride, knowing I have learned how to deal with it.

Anyway, here are my presents!

It's a candle, made by one of my colleagues at work. Nice isn't it! She is so sweet to make me a candle out of sand and tiny seashells. It looks too nice to light up. I be putting it in my desk room next to my laptop!

My sis bought me a T-shirt. Yes it is light blue. So striking, I like the design on it. Looks pretty.

Yes! Food! Glorious food! My parents bought me pizza!

Yes I bought meself a laptop! With help from a dear friend of course. Got it from Sitex. It is an Asus A8Jseries. Pretty good specs, it has a 160gb HDD, 2ghz Core Duo, 2Gb of Memory, 802.11a wireless, ATi Radeon X2300 graphics card, plus, I got free Altec Lansing Speakers, free optical mouse, free laptop bag (the bag is pretty rugged and tough), free portable wireless access point, some free softwares, and all of that for $1515. My friend helped me pull it from almost $1600 to $1538. The girl was sweet enough to bring it down further to $1515 all because it was my birthday :)

I feel so gratified!
Now I Goota go customize my laptop!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I haven't been blogging because...

....... I have been taking the time to sleep and train for my IPPT. I am reaching fatigue very soon. My birthday's coming and I have to pass my IPPT soon. So all these time, after a late night at work, I would go home eat, rest, go out to run and then sleep. On alternate days I would just sleep to recover. But balancing work and training is pretty though.

Legs are all stiff when I reach the office, but my concentration is at its max because two of my colleagues are out for a long vacation and I have to fill in for them, plus I got a new guy in the office whom I have to show the ropes and get him in the wagon. So far, he is pretty good, good eye for detail but there is still room for improvement in his design work. But I have faith in him, because he shows the desire to learn and take initiative. I miss the girls (I am referring to my colleagues on holiday). Need to fill them in quickly when they get back so we can get the projects up and running smoothly.

Anyway, today was my last day for my IPPT before my window closes. I had to take half day from work to attend it just now. Had a big lunch at Banquet, bathed, and geared myself up for the IPPT. When I reached at Bedok Camp, there were those taking IPPT and there were those waiting for RT. It is really demoralising to see so many RTs, nevertheless, I wasn't easily wavered.

I took on the Static stations pretty easily. It has always been everytime I take IPPT. The challenging one for me has always been the 2.4km run. Gosh, everytime I look at the red track, it always seems so much larger than on TV. But in my heart I know I can better my timing. It was mostly mental from then on, I know I can run just had to calculate the time for each round.
I made it easier for myself by just remembering that, everytime I pass the line, the clock has to be an odd minute number.

For example, after the first round, it has to be 1 min plus. NOT 2 mins. Then the next, 3 mins plus and so on for each round.

I was doing pretty well for the first 3 rounds. The fourth round was when I saw an even number, but it wasn't that bad, it was 8 mins 19 seconds. I was thinking," Still got chance" and I lengthen my pace.

I was really exhausted by then, pushing myself, leaning my body forward, looking ahead, I did all I can think of to keep myself going. On the fifth round, the clock was showing 10 mins 39 seconds! I was like"!@@#, can't my feet any faster!" By this time, spontaneous combustion of thoughts just invaded my mind "What if dun pass?" "Shit RT?!" "One more round man!" "Keep going! You will have a great birthday if you pass this!"

My legs were tight, my hands had pins and needles, my breath was heavy, my head was feeling a little giddy and yes, I just ran faster! I lengthen my pace for the first 300 meters, leaving 100 meters left, I saw the clock 12mins 11 seconds! WTF!? I sprint! I went as fast as my legs could carry, my breathing was quicken, my heart rate increasing! My last dash! ARGhh!!!!............ Beep!.........

Tag: 044
Time: 12 mins 29 secs


That's 100 dollars for me!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Found a wallet

Genuine leather, all black. It had a white thread seemed through around the edges. Had a comfortable feel on your hands, and a leather scent. It had a soft light brown interior that when you touch it, it feels like holding velvet.

Where did I find such a wallet. In my own room! My window aircon was dripping water. Been having trouble with that. Anyway, I had a box near to it that got soaked because of the aircon 'pee'. So I had to rid of the contents in the box and dry out whatever was inside. There were some interesting contents in the box. Like perfumes, hard cover papers, key chains, earphones, spectacle cases, a watch, and of course, the wallet. Coincidentally I was looking for a wallet. I guess I can save my cash and use this instead.

I really can't recall who gave it to me. Maybe it was one of those birthday gifts that I forgot to get back to after unwrapping them. The wallet was in a nice blue box with a transparent cover. In it, there is also a watch. It is dead, but I think it just needs to change its battery and I would have a working watch soon enough. Oh ya did i mention? I broke my watch some days back, and now I have a new watch!

What a wonderful day I have indulging in past gifts. No pictures of them because my sis took my camera away to who knows where.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Free Flags

Looking for flags for your website? Here's a good resource to get them.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Boxing: Tyson gets 24 hours' jail over drinks, drug charges

I think this guy has no short of issues. I remember previously when he was in jail, he actually threw a chair at the television. Yes, they do have television in there.

Anyway, here's his recent story.

Mike Tyson has been my favourite boxer, but I guess fame got to him. After losing his coach, his boxing era kinda took a dip. It got even worse when he was charged for raping a beauty queen. I think that was controversial but the press just made it all look pretty bad.

Anyhow, at his peak. This man is unstoppable, unbeatable, unrelenting. The youngest man to have won a world heavyweight title at the age of 20 (Muhammad Ali got it at 22). He wasn't called Iron Mike for nothing. He met a lot of boxers, all with their own style of boxing. Winning over most of them on knockouts.

Before the fight starts, he would grunt and snarl. Just to intimidate his opponent. When the fight starts, do not expect mercy. His quick punches loaded with a heavy force, you literally have to dodge every punch and cover your face because you never know which might knock you out. What makes it even worse, he is good at dodging. You can literally see the frustration on his opponents when they are unable to give a good hit on his face.

His stamina is amazing. Even with all that punches, he would still walk away without a heavy breath. And when the opponent gets up again, he still goes at him again, throwing punch after punch.

The longest waiting in queue.... for just 5 items

I went to NTUC to buy some bread, canned foods, and some other personal items. Didn't carry any basket to carry the items, because it wasn't much to carry, it was like 5 items. So, after my shopping i proceed to make payment. Ok, it was a peak hour, peak hour as in it was Friday, I know some ppl already got their pay early, so basically a lot of ppl in there.

I was in queue and it was a long line. And like everyone else, I was looking for a shorter line. And just my luck, the counter next to me just opened. So I proceed to it, but before I could, an old couple, with their truckload of items, just whizzed in. In my heart I went, "Quick feet for a couple of old people". Anyway, I wasn't bothered about that. I know NTUC cashiers are pretty fast in doing their work.

The frustration starts to set in when some of their items didn't reflect in their cash total, so a rescan was needed. OK, frankly that was still fine. Sometimes technology doesn't work well. Then after like item after item after item. I started to look at my items and said," Gosh, I just need to purchase these 5 items." Shook my head and breathe to calm myself down. I started to look around for another queue but I was next in this queue so I was stuck in a predicament.

In the midst of all that scanning, some lady just came by the other side of the cashier to ask her a question that just got repeated but came out differently each time.

Lady: "Excuse me"
Cashier was scanning items: "Yes?"
Lady: "How many do I have to buy to use NETS?"
Cashier: "Huh?"
Lady: "I mean how much should I purchase?"
Cashier: " You mean what" (Still scanning)
Lady: " It's 5 rite?"
Cashier: "5 items? You want to buy 5? Ya can..."
By this time, the cashier was confused. She was still scanning the items but looked at her a few times to figure out what she is trying to say.
Lady: "No, 5 dollars"
Cashier: "You want to buy 5 dollars?"
Lady: "No, I mean 5 dollars to use NETS rite?"
The cashier stopped and looked at her.
Cashier: "You want to use Nets ah?"
Lady: "Yes."
Cashier: " Ya, 5"
Lady: "Ok thanks"
Cashier continued scanning.

That has got to be the most unneccessary conversation I have ever heard.

Anyway, after like several minutes waiting for her to finish scanning their items, packing them into plastic bags, etc. I thought it was done. All they need was to make payment.

But nope, the old lady started to fumble out a bunch of receipts from her bag. I dunno what tat was for, but I presume they could have some kind of discount or something. So anyhow, the cashier had to count the number of receipts. This is where it got really frustrating just looking her count. I know the old couple was looking at her counting, so was I and so were the people behind me.

She counted...... then she MISCOUNTED! Ok ...., then she counted again, and this time she couldn't flip the receipts correctly because the paper was so thin and glossy that she had to recheck each flip to see any that she missed. Even then she still wasn't sure of herself. And she recounted again! I was like "D#$%!"

Finally, she got the number of receipts right after wetting her fingers with some moist pad around her counter. Why didn't she thought of that in the first place.

So I thought, "OK pay pay pay! Just make the
bloody payment!". And then you know what, the old lady handed her A NEWSPAPER CLIPPING. Again in my heart, I went "@#$%" . Of course, the cashier asked her what it is. The old lady said something about a discount on a few items.

They were conversing in Mandarin but I know from their expression and some of their words that she was explaining to the cashier and the cashier was asking her back where she got it and she told here where and when, the cashier asked her why didn't give it earlier....
oh you know how it goes. The explanation just went on and on. Basically, the cashier was clueless and she had to read the clippings, did some numbers on the machine, reconfirm with the old lady,bla bla bla........ all that for just a newspaper clipping...... Sigh.... And all that while, the old man was holding on to his UOB blue card and his NTUC member card, with an upside down smile on his face. And I am next in line, going in my heart, "Just give her the cards!!!"

When he finally handed the cards to make payment, he looked at the NETS machine closely and punched the pin number slowly. Ok, fine, I know your vision ain't clear but please, just press the RIGHT pin numbers. I can hear him pressing the buttons one by one and seeing him pressing the numbers, with a squint in his eyes. Then when he pressed 'Enter', there was a pause..........


Ah! The sweet sound of the receipt machine. The transaction was successful. And after receiving his cards and receipt, they left with their truckload of items.

Delighted I was, it was short lived. When I placed my items on the counter, she was stamping on the newspaper clipping! There were 3 images on the clipping that had to be stamped. Next, she proceeded to flipping through the receipts , stamping EACH ONE OF THEM!

Ok nvm, I just bear with it. I am already here, just do what you have to do. After, she scanned the items, I proceed with payment. Transaction was successful, I received my items and receipt. When I turned to leave, I realized the first queue that I went to just got a lot shorter than mine.


What a way to end the work week......

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Singapore's 8 Airports

CIA World Factbook says we have 8 Airports. I did a research on that, and sure enough I found all 8 of them.

Changi Airbase West

Changi Airport

Changi Airbase East

Seletar Airport

Paya Lebar Airbase

Sembawang Airbase

Tengah Airbase

Pulau Sudong Airstrip

This is how you fight fat

Yes, the message is clear. To fight fat you have to exercise. If you do not exercise, fat wins.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

72 years old and still going strong

72, with a body like that? I think ppl can have a leaner body if they put their mind to it. No matter the age, you can still have a solid, rock, chiseled body. Now get off from your seat and give me twenty!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Silence! I Kill You!

Watch the whole video.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The new Photoshop Logo

Here it is. Frankly, it looks like the PBS logo from USA. Some of you may remember the PBS logo from the old Sesame Street. Quite frankly, I think the logo is unsuitable for Photoshop. It looks too aquatic, like a Mac style logo, too similar to PBS and I do not feel like it is a logo about photo editing or even creativity. Personally, I feel like it looks like a text bubble, you know, like those you find in comics, but this one has been punched with a big hole!

I don't really like the tag line either. "See What's Possible."
To me the tag line is like saying,"Gee, Let's see what is possible with this product, if nothing works out,then too bad, but if it does, Great!"

I think they could do better, I mean seriously do better please. Photoshop is a great software, I been using it for some years now. Come on guys, make it beautiful, fantastic, cool, awe us with your creative talent! Change the logo!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Phone Scams Impersonating Supreme Court Staff And Police Officers!

Phone Scams Impersonating Supreme Court Staff And Police Officers

Dear Readers,

pls tell your friends and family abt this phone scam because I myself got such phone calls but luckily the other person on the phone didnt now how to speak English and this was an overseas call to my handphone! I do not know if the phone call I receive was from such scams but I think a lot of these scams are springing up everywhere as I myself received a few funny calls latey. What appalls me is how such ppl can get our numbers so easily.

Whatever it is, DO NOT reveal your personal information, esp your accounts, IC numbers, etc. If they really want to investigate you or gather information from you, they should have done it professionally by meeting up with you personally and get everything written down in black and white.

How much is my blog worth? (oh really, just that much?)

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

I wonder how they calculate this. The question is, who's buying?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Movie Review - Beowulf (should be rated R21)

Amazing animation. Which isn't much of a surprise after seeing the trailer. Although some movements do look rigid almost robot-like eg horse riding, leaping from point to point, running. Anyway, I can rave about the realistic skin textures, the lightings, realistic looking water, etc. But I guess you guys know abt it already.

The movie is pretty good, although the acting could have been better (I am talking about more expressiveness from their faces and body actions) But the voices behind the characters are quite well done. Well, why not, we have Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich, Angelina Jolie..... Ahhh.. Angelina Jolie, it is just amazing what computers can do to a woman's body. Almost flawless, near perfection, yes you get to see all that when u watch it.

Imagine this scene, she arrives from a pool of water, revealing her head as the water flows away from her hair, she emerges and her flawless face looks at you with a wicked look in her eyes and yet sultry. The water glows with a blue hue around her as she reveals herself. The camera moves around her body and she moves out of the water slowly, revealing her back. The camera then moves to the front and you will see her emerge further from the water. A full frontal show begins, she emerges from the water as the camera stays in position, her body reveals her collar bones, and then down to her firm breasts, all wet and silky. Her golden skin seems to drip away as her skin turns into human skin. Her hips sways as she moves towards Beowulf, her tummy shows a near muscular tone. As the camera moves down further, you will get to see her erogenous zones. And then down to her thighs and legs. Almost like it was all taken in slow motion for you to 'savour' the moment.

Yup, something to look forward to when you see the movie.Ok back to the movie. The movie has it's sexy parts and also it's gory parts. I do not recommend this movie for a date, but if you are into seeing bodies being ripped apart and heads being eaten alive, plus the merciless killing of the monsters, then go ahead. The action sequence reminds me of the game God of War, where you kill monsters or giant weird creatures by ripping them apart piece by piece. And the hero stands up with his triumphant victory over the creature.

I do not want to reveal more of the film because I don't wanna spoilt it for ya but the bits above should get you excited abt it. I give it 3/5 stars. Yes I love the gore and seeing women all naked and revealing, but the story line just lacks a certain 'umph!'. I didn't feel like Beowulf was heroic, just a man with extraordinary strength whose weakness is the beauty of women. And I didn't feel like he had a strong bond with his men, that I feel lacks the human element of a leader when his men die in battle. It was more on his own self pride, boasting of his escapades; fighting creatures in the air, land and sea.

There were funny parts in the movie though. Esp with his best friend by his side. Keep a look out for their conversations together.

Now some of the female readers might think this is a movie for the guys, but I think it might also appeal to the girls as well. You will get to see well toned men in the movie, esp Beowulf where he will sleep naked as he awaits for the monster. Why is he sleeping naked? Well his reason is because he wanted to fight the creature as equals..... Well you will figure that out later. Anyway, before that, he will actually start stripping in front of the queen and as he slips off his last shed of clothing, she gasped, blushed and hurries away quickly to her room. No guess what she might do next in there.

Overall, the movie was pretty good. I was expecting something like a LOTR kind of action, with lots of war battles, but it was mostly skirmishes, no large armies battling against each other (there was one part where there were war battles but it was just a short scene). The sexiness and gore was a plus for me, and so is the script. They characters used selective words to describe things, I do not know if they used to talk like that before, but it was quite understandable. Although the initial part of the movie left me a bit clueless as to what they were talking about, maybe because the scene started out with a room of drunkard men and women, merry making.

So there it is: 3/5 stars.

If the same quality was made ten years ago, many ppl would love it's near realism, but it's a norm now with that kind of CGI. Watching Angelina coming out of the water like that, reminds you of how Lara Croft might look like without clothes. I think that part just keeps the movie goers coming in to watch.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mind over matter is...

... is a 5th dimension. Some ppl say you can overcome anything when you put ur mind to it. Well all I can say is, that is so NOT TRUE! Gosh, I woke up with a splitting headache, body pains, and I thought some good sleep will make it all go away. But noooooo, my body injected me with pain to make me change my mind on going to work.

I was wondering why I wasn't feeling much pain yesterday, maybe the melatonin in my brain just masks it over. Maybe it is the weather, I don't know. Anyhow, I hope this pain just goes away and get my body back!

Are you a Googler?

I slept too much today, maybe because I was both mentally and physically tired. Yesterday after my IPPT I went straight to work. Now I know some ppl would go, WTF? work after IPPT? Don't you rather sleep and rest?

Well, yeah I would but of course I love my job. Haha! Well apart from the extra cash working on weekends, I enjoy working at my workplace. Good colleagues, good boss, good environment, there is flexibility, fun and laughs, plus I get to do what I love. Which is design!

ANyway, I came across another workplace where I think is also one of the best places to work. I don't think you can find it in Singapore (well apart from my workplace that is hahah!) where you actually look forward to coming to work. As you know, Google is the biggest search engine in the world. And it is the best place to work at in America and probably in the world. But I didn't realise it was that amazing till I watch a clip from NBC about Google.

After watching this, You sure wish you are a Googler. Which is why every year, Google gets about a million applicants from all over the world. Yes, a MILLION!

Yup, all of those free perks only if you are a Googler.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A failed attempt

Woke up this morning with a cold that could make you pee twice consecutively. Made myself breakfast, and revved myself up for my IPPT. A little anxious when I reached there, been a long time since I stepped into a camp. Always brings memories training as a soldier.

Anyway, static stations were pretty easy for me. The station tat surprised me was the SBJ. Never really get to get more than two points from that station, but i got 3 points for my first attempt. Must be the hill runs I did lately. I was quite happy with myself with the results, almost all 5 points each, but the dreaded run always fail me. And this time it did.

The weather was perfect, cool, not too wet, just nice. But I guess my heart wasn't into it. It is different when you run solo than with a group. It can be really demoralizing to see runners past you but you know you can run faster but there is a tendency to run too fast that you tire yourself up.

I was a little disappointed but I expected the result. My legs weren't build for long distance, it was built for speed and short bursts of sprints. I know that since I was a kid. I guess I have to work on my endurance if I am to pass this test next time.

Tomorrow, weight and resistance training and a run. Got to get my self up and running again.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

How many blogs are not updated in the internet?


Yup, it is that many. That is the rough estimate of how many blogs are no longer updated by anyone. Makes you wonder how much space are wasted in the internet. Probably it could come up into millions of Gigabytes. Or even Tetrabytes.

But is it possible to have so many un-updated blogs? Well MSN spaces has 100,000 blogs created daily. China has 4 million blogs, South Korea 15 million blogs, South East Asia has an estimated of 1 million, India and Pakistan another million. France has 1.5 million. Africa has about 10,000 blogs and it is still growing. I could keep going on and on but you roughly know how big it is goona get. And guess what? Those are rough estimates 2 years ago! Imagine how many there are now! All over the world, blogs are created, either by a newbie or someone who has multiple accounts. Everyone's blogging!

It seems like someone has something to say in the internet world that we are even called netizens. Net + Citizens get it? I used to remember when I was a kid that a net was something you use to catch fishes. So have you caught your audience? Are you still updating your blog? Are ppl still reading your blog? Or are you jus one of the 200,000,000

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

An Uphill Task

Bored of the usual flat terrain. Try the hills. Jogging uphill builds endurance and strength, and offers much more challenge than the usual routine. Now before you take that run uphill, you need to be well conditioned or you might just be breathless when u reach the peak. If you have been regularly running at least 3 times a week for a few weeks now, you can start to try out a few low hills to get you started.

I have to remind you to get yourself checked by a doctor before doing this exercise and also have a proper meal as you will definitely use up a lot of energy. Ensure a proper warm up and be fully hydrated.

1) Before going for that hill, have a visual check. Ensure that the road is not bumpy or uneven. Singapore has jogging tracks that cover hills, that should be a good place to start. Go for low hills to start yourself up.

2) As you reach the hill, lengthen your pace and move your body forward. You do not need to jog faster, just lengthen your stride.

3) Do not look down. You need to see other users of that path that might come down the hill. Another reason for this is psychological if you see the peak, let it be a motivation to reach it.

4) Control your breathing. You must not be breathless, if you are slow down your pace .

5) Do not over exert. The idea here is for you to be able to keep jogging even after you reach the hill.

Once you reach the peak, you will start to feel the lactic acid in your legs acting up. It is just your body natural reaction to the strenuous uphill jog. But let not this be stopping your from continuing, if you are still breathing normally and not out of breathe, keep jogging normally, recover and go for the same hill or another. This builds endurance, once you master it, running on a flat terrain will be easy for you.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Myth #7 - Always work out with free weights.

Free weights has always been a good instrument to build muscle if it is done correctly that is. For beginners and novice alike, it is best to start with the machines to build up the muscles. As you progress further, you can proceed with the free weights.

Free weights are the best tools to burn fat and gain strength. Because of the natural range of motion, the right muscles will be activated. As you become a seasoned weight lifter, free weights will be your obvious choice.

If you begin to start training on a new muscle area, it is best to use the right machine for that specific muscle area even though you are a seasoned lifter.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Myth #6 - You need a Swiss ball to build a stronger chest and shoulders.

A Swiss ball is great for variety, it is also good for working your abs. Although you may feel that you are contracting your muscles more as you do repetitions + stablizing yourself, your actually are starting out with lighter weights to begin with.

It is better to work on a stable surface like your bench, where you can concentrate on your muscles rather than doing stabilizing at the same time. You can add more weights and do more repetitions.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Myth #5 - Stretching prevents injuries

Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reviewed more than 350 studies and articles examining the relationship between stretching and injuries and concluded that stretching during a warmup has little effect on injury prevention.

So what should you do to prevent injuries? My take, skip on the spot for 5 mins. You will start to sweat, your heart rate elevated and increase in blood flow. By then, your body will be warm enough to do proper stretching.

Rule of thumb, do your stretching when your muscles are warm.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Myth #4 - Never exercise a sore muscle.

Partly true, you have to check how sore are your muscles. If your muscle is sore to the touch or it limits your range of motion; like for example if your shoulders feel sore and you can't raise your arm up, then it's best that you give the muscle at least another day of rest.

If it isn't too sore then you can continue with your exercise. Although it is recommended to do light activity rather than pushing yourself too hard or you might just end up with a kind of soreness that might not get you out of your bed.

If you are wondering why do light exercise when you are still sore, mainly because exercise stimulates bloodflow through the muscles. This helps in the repair process of your muscles as it promotes oxygen flow and removal of waste.

Myth #3 - Leg extensions are safer for your knees than squats

A recent study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that "open-chain" exercises—those in which a single joint is activated, such as the leg extension—are potentially more dangerous than closed-chain moves—those that engage multiple joints, such as the squat and the leg press.

The knee joint is controlled by the quadriceps and the hamstrings. Both working together to balance the weight. When you do leg extensions, your quadriceps work more independently this causes uneven compression between the patella (kneecap) and thighbone.

To squat safely, hold your back as upright as possible and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor Try front squats if you find yourself leaning forward.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Myth #2 - If you eat more protein, you’ll build more muscle

There is only so much your body can absorb. If you're working out hard, consuming more than 0.9 to 1.25 grams of protein per pound of body weight is a waste.

Balance your intake into 3 parts carbohydrate and 1 part protein. Start eating a proper meal several hours later, this gives time for your body to absorb the carbo and protein. Then reverse that ratio in your snack after another few hours. This keeps high amino acids in your blood which is essential in your muscle building and recovery.

Tomorrow: Myth #3

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Myths of Body Building - Myth #1

I did a presentation on bodybuilding myths some years back when I was in NS. I started doing weights when I was 16 and after that time, I have learnt a lot on bodybuilding. At the same time, I learned the common myths that people still believe are true. Even now, some of my friends still have certain misconceptions on bodybuilding.

For this week, I will list 7 Myths of bodybuilding. Before I move on to the myths of body building, let me explain what body building is.

Body building is - The process of developing the musculature of the body through specific types of diet and physical exercise, such as weightlifting, especially for competitive exhibition.

Myth #1 -Lifting incredibly slowly builds incredibly big muscles

Lifting weights slowly just tires your muscles, it doesn't build incredibly big muscles. University of Alabama researchers recently studied two groups of lifters doing a 29-minute workout. One group performed exercises using a 5-second up phase and a 10-second down phase, the other a more traditional approach of one second up and one second down. The faster group burned 71 percent more calories and lifted 250 percent more weight than the super slow lifters.

The best way is to lift rapidly and lower slowly. There's greater potential for growth during the lowering phase, and when you lower with control, there's less chance of injury.

Tomorrow: Myth #2

Monday, October 29, 2007

Yes, finally I have my own avatar

Ok finally I made meself an avatar of my own face.

My Avatar!

Yup, that's me! Well it is as close as I can get to my own look.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not too sure what font it is? Get an image of it and see what it is online!

WHAT THE FONT?! yup that's what you might say when you found the font you that you like, but have no idea what font it really is. This website will give you a list of possible fonts just by you submitting an image of the font online or sending a url of the font.

The search is pretty accurate but they will need you to verify each letter's real letter by typing it out from each box.

This a pretty good resource for those budding designers and typographers. Although you might not want to buy the font, you'd at least know what font it is and probably might be able to get it from somewhere else.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Movie Review: Rendition

Tagline: When if some one you love.. just disappeared?

I think the tagline should have been more different, more powerful perhaps. The current tagline sounds like an alien abduction and doesn't justify the amazing story of this film.

The last time I saw Jake Gyllenhaal and Peter Scarsgaard together in a film was Jarhead. That movie had a catchy tagline: Welcome to suck; but the movie I think should have had more action, that movie ending was kinda of an anti-climax for me. Just imagine sitting down watching through the movie seeing them both train to be the best snipers and when they are called onto the Gulf War, neither fired a single shot at the enemy. Yeah it definitely was 'Welcome to suck'!

Anyway, Rendition is a movie about an Egyptian born man who has a family in the US, is being caught suspected of being an accomplice to a recent terrorist attack, thrown into a secret detention facility outside US and being interrogated mercilessly. Somehow this act is legal under the US constitution ever since the ammendment after 911.

Now I know some of you may have seen this kind of plot before, man got caught because he is a suspect of a terrorist attack/plot, he gets interrogated with unorthodox methods, some radical group starts attacking and how everything starts to get into a direction of chaos.

Well this movie is something like that, but trust me, it is much more. There is love involved in this movie, brotherhood, death, the usual terrorist and infidel accusations. The cinematography is pretty good, acting was pretty ok, but the story line is amazing. I don't want to spoil it for you, but the ending would just really leave you shocked, puzzled. It is one of those not so famous movies that is really good to watch.

There were some slow parts which I think should have been kept short or maybe be taken out. Nevertheless the storyline like I said before was amazing. After watching this movie, I feel like watching it again because I felt fooled at the end. I remember watching one guy in the cinema just shocked and probably angry that the movie fooled him. But in the end you really appreciate th movie direction of thsi film.

Basically, what you think you know in the film, is not what you think.

Go watch it.

4 stars out of 5.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Arabian Usher

Stumble upon this video, thought I'd share with you guys. This guy really has got moves! You don't see this kind of thing often. I wonder if he can break dance....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Eating does not make you fat!

My previous blog entries were touching on a bit on the science of losing weight. On how drinking sufficient water ensures that your body works to turn your stored fat into energy. For today's blog, I am touching on how eating food does not make you fat.

Well the truth is eating food does not make you fat. In fact, eating more than 3 meals a day helps you to reduce weight. Hard to believe? Well here is the science part; your brain releases fat burning hormones, and these are released after each meal you eat.

So what does make you fat?

You don't get fat because of a lack of exercising, that's a myth.
You get fat because you're eating the wrong foods, the wrong types of calories per meal, and you're also eating meals in the wrong patterns each day.

So eating less is not the answer, neither is jogging everyday when the food you eat isn't the right food to induce your brain to burn fat.

On the next few blog entry I will begin to touch on proper nutrition and what foods you should eat and avoid. Also, demystifying some myths and facts about certain foods and eating habits.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When you say you can't..

.... when you very well can. When I started my exercise regime about 2 weeks back, it has been kinda tough. It's really hard to get up when you have stayed dormant for so long. So when I did my first run, you can imagine the panting and wheezing I had through out my running. I am sure some of you can relate. But for my case, I had to exercise. Mainly not just to keep fit but keep my blood pressure normal. Some months back I got my BP checked, it was borderline. It is definitely not a good sign. Knowing that both my parents have High BP, I can't allow myself to be a statistic of a hereditary illness.

Maybe someone of you may not understand how it feels to have your blood pressure rising. You'd get this thumping headaches that just won't go away and you'd start to think you are actually having a tumor when having enough sleep doesn't seem to get rid of it. And bending down to pick up things or walking up the stairs seems to be painful and you'd can actually hear your heart beating in your ears. Everything sounds muffled and you'd get cranky because of the headaches.

So I told myself to exercise, watch my diet and avoid foods that contain too much salt, sodium, fat, coconut milk, etc. I even took the time to learn more on proper nutrition. After doing some research, and some trials and errors, I manage to figure out what was causing my high BP. Apart from my lack of exercise, and late nights at work, it is the junk food I have at night munching in the office that is the main culprit. To be more precise, the potato chips!! There is a lot of salt and sodium in there, and if you keep eating it every night it will eventually affect your blood pressure.

Potato chips is a no no for me and so are the other junk foods that I used to have. After learning about the right nutrition, what comes next is finding time to exercise. Previously I used to skip exercise when ever I reach home late. Now I don't, and seriously it has been very beneficial for me.

Even though I may exercise late eg: after ten, I realise that the next day I actually have more energy. My appetite increased, and not to mention the slumber I had, I really slept like a baby. I woke up feeling so refreshed that I looked forward to my next exercise. My sleepiness at work decreased, but I still do take power naps now and then, esp when there is a huge workload at work to finish. My creative juices have started to flow more and I am able to think more clearly and precise. I used to mumble when I speak but now my speech has more articulation.

So what brings me up and take the time to squeeze time to exercise? Well apart from the fear of getting sick or having a hereditary sickness, it is the countless videos and pictures of athletic ppl that has motivated me to keep going. Pictures of men and women doing challenges that are difficult or impossible for them. Ppl like Lance Armstrong, a 7 time tour de France winner. And also like these ppl in this video.