Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Apple introduces a new product, The "i"

  • No idea what it does
  • No idea what it can do
  • No idea at all!
This thing is worse than the iRan and iRack!

WWE: Kane impersonates the Rock and Hulk Hogan

This clip is just so weird and hilarious. Kane impersonating both the Rock and Hulk Hogan with the crowd cheering at the background.

The Best Scene

The Rock looks at Kane intently.
Rock: "You ready to go out there and whoop some ass.... You ready to go out there and WHOOP candy ass!?"

Kane:" Oh I'm ready............... are you ready?"

Kane stares at the Rock...
The Rock looks back in disgust and replied,

Rock:"You bet your ass I a.."


The crowd cheers!!!!!

SWAT training gone wrong

I think the guy who put up those explosives used too much of it. If not because of their safety gear, someone could have gotten hurt.

But you have to admit, it is really funny as how the ceiling comes crumbling down on everybody.

Swat Training Backfires - Watch the best video clips here

Movie Review: Harold and Kumar, Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Please be warned, there are some spoilers ahead.

After watching the first Harold and Kumar, the second one didn't quite lived up to it's expectations. The acting was good, the girls were hot, the idea was there, but I felt the execution wasn't right. There were racial and religious issues that were portrayed in the movie that I think some of the audience in the cinema didn't find it funny or just couldn't understand it.

A brief storyline

The movie started out well, with the two of them packing up getting ready to go to Amsterdam. It was a fun introduction seeing how each of them got ready. You'd see Harold's room all clean and tidy, and Kumar's room is a direct opposite. The funny part comes when Kumar does a quick jack off before they depart, spurting all over himself.

So on to the airport. After going through the security check, was asked to move to the side for a security check. As usual, Kumar made it difficult for the security man to do a body check saying that it was all racial profiling. The security man looks at him and says, "Dude, I'm black!". Of course, Kumar with his intelligence starts to mock him at how he doesn't look black at all. A small argument ensues and Harold was in between them trying his best not to get the whole matter out of hand. But again, somehow Kumar manages to convince the head security(who came soon after) to let him off.

Coincidentally, they met Kumar's ex-girlfriend who, to Kumar's surprise, is getting married. She was to wed to a man Kumar hated but Harold likes the man because he was the one who got for him a job after school. Kumar's feelings with his ex-gf rekindled and seeing how she doesn't like the man she was going to marry, he felt he needed to do something about it.

Anyway, they parted and off to their respective planes. On flight is where the real trouble begins. Kumar, with his ingenuity, created a smokeless "Bong" (which looked like a enclosed penis pump) and showed it to Harold while he was taking a piss in the toilet. Harold insisted that he try it when they reach Amsterdam, but Kumar didn't listen to his advice. So he lit it up after Harold left the toilet. But be cause he didn't close the toilet door properly, the whole thing was witnessed by a passenger who then screamed. Kumar went out trying to explain that it was a "Bong" which caused the passengers to panic, thinking it was a "Bomb". The situation didn't help either when Harold got up trying to explain to the the passengers that it was just a "Bong". Both of them were brought down quickly by US Air Marshals who happened to be on the plane. The plane was diverted and they were sent to an interrogation room. The department of Homeland Security was alerted and this is the part where the movie didn't go right.

Ron Foxx, the man in charge of Homeland Security thought H&K are North Korean and Al-Qaeda operatives. Actually, he is not funny at all, just very irritating. He doesn't seem to listen to his advisers and one of them, Dr. Beecher insisted a few times that they were innocent. But anyhow, H&K was sent to Guantanamo Bay.

The movie didn't go well after that. A lot of questions came to my mind after the movie.

Why I didn't like it so well as the first

What happened to Dr. Beecher after he fell off the plane? The only guy who stood up to claim H&K's innocence. Did he die?

And Niel Patrick Harris dies? Shot at the back by a prostitute. The only really cool dude in the movie dies?! The hero and saviour whenever H&K gets into trouble was shot dead? His death was unjustifiable. If they wanted him to die at least let him die in an cool way. Like, from smoking weed or something.

I know this movie is one of those movies with a silly storyline and funny at the same time. This movie however, was not so funny and the storyline didn't went quite well. I was wondering why it didn't go as well as I expected. It turns out the director was a not the same director as the first movie. Not forgetting the casts were missing veteran comic actors from the first movie like Ryan Reynolds, Fred Willard and Bobby Lee to name a few. Those guys were funny!

Plus, the movie had some slow parts and redundant scenes. Especially the one with the one eyed man in the basement, who looked like a cyclops. What's with that? And why did Red Foxx jumped out of the plane without wearing a parachute? Is the man in charge of Homeland Security that stupid?


It wasn't dumb funny like the first, it was just dumb and not so funny. I expected more since the first one was so hilarious. Just watch it from a rental, not really worth watching this in the cinema.

2.1/5 stars

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ronaldo thought the 3 prostitues were women

Prostitution in Brazil is legal but I think it is just wrong for a football star like him to do this. But heck, he is not the first nor is he going to be the last to pay for such services.

Anyway, what is he doing with those prostitutes anyway? I thought he is suppose to be recovering from a knee injury, if he is fit enough to do this then bring him back into the club!

Click here to read more.

How to shop effectively

Your sense of coordination is important when you want to shop. This way you can a lot of shopping done quickly without running down the aisles looking for your products.

Practice is essential if you want to advance to shopping on another aisle while your shopping cart is is on the other side. So try out some moves with your hand eye coordination. You might save some time.

Funny Shopping - Awesome video clips here

What you can really do with $164 million

This was so unexpected. I never thought he would do that, the interviewees' faces looked so serious and then they pulled that camera trick. Well I know it's fake but let's face it, the man probably had that idea on his mind. :)

I wished they made a different version for the lady.

Mega Million Winner - The funniest videos clips are here

Try out this "Bed Prank" on your friends!

This is so hilarious! The way he casually asks his friend to come over and sit down. Not realising the bed was rigged.

Then he just drops into it and unable to get out! Everyone just hysterically laughs at him.

Great Hostel Bed Prank - Click here for more amazing videos

Monday, April 28, 2008

Kid stuck in the CLAW machine

I have seen cheaters trying to get those soft toys in the claw machines, but this has to take the cake. How in the world did that kid get in the machine is any one's guess. I bet the parents must be shocked when they turned to see their little child trapped in the transparent enclosure.

I guess the kid wanted the toy so much that he resorted to cheating. It would have been a successful attempt only if he had thought of an exit strategy.

Michael Jackson dances with a Sikh

This duo is very entertaining! I never expected such a surprise. The crowd just loved it and gave a standing ovation. Even one of the judges stood up and clapped. These two guys are pretty good dancers.

The music sounds like a mix of MJ, Vanilla Ice and Bhangra music. Very good remix and dance moves, like the lady judge said "Bloody Brilliant!!"

A Step-by-step guide to Making Money Online Instantly!

I am sure you have heard of Ewen Chia's success on the internet and newspaper. An internet marketer since 1997, now a multi-millionaire, he made his first million from the internet.

He is also known as the Number 1 affiliate who have helped others in achieving outstanding results.

He is now revealing his Secret Report. "Working From Home" features a step-by-step guide on achieving income from the internet.

This is not a 500 page report with all the long winded story and endless paragraphs. Only 50 pages long, with 3 ways on how you can make money easily and instantly!

Whether you are a newbie or a professional, this product will give valuable insight on internet marketing.

Ewen Chia calls it The Instant Income SystemTM

It even includes a *ready-made* business built in for you!

Click here to find out more about his new product.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My home internet is UP!

Yes! Singnet came down much earlier than expected to fix my internet line. I didn't know about it until later in the afternoon because I was away for my Sunday class and my handphone was on silent mode. When I called up the 'missed call' number, a Singnet guy answered and told me that he had fixed my internet line.

I went home straight after class and tested my internet. You can imagine the big smile on my face when I logged on into the internet. I gave him my thanks through sms. He called back soon after to verify that everything is ok and gave reassurance that if I face any problems I can call him back. Talk about good service. :)

Now I can do my work and play online. COD4 here I come!

Friday, April 25, 2008

See this kittens! SO cute!!!!! Kawaiiii!!

I love cats especially the little kittens, they look so adorable. I found this vid on YouTube. See how the kittens bop their heads to the beat. I am guessing the owner must have used a toy to attract their attention and move it around to the beat of the music.

I like their paw pattern sofa, it so fits their fur colours.

Slapping a SIA girl? How about slapping a minister?

Ok, have a game where you can gain points for slapping a minister. Different ministers will pop up and depending on the minister, you have varying points.

I am not sure if this is even legal at all but seeing that you can get acquitted from slapping a SIA girl...

Click here for the game.

Ever since my Internet is down...

I been cafe hoping. From Starbucks, to Burger King, to the cafe at MacDonalds. The only major problem I had was not having a power point nearby. So essentially, being early and finding a place with a good number of power points was important.

Anyways, ever since I am without my home internet, I been having some withdrawal symptoms (Haha!). I actually dreamed that I was blogging away, watching YouTube, checking all my emails effortlessly, only to wake up to a sudden reality. And so used am I to having loads of information at my fingertips, now I find myself reading magazines and newspapers often now. Not forgetting that I am not able to instantly give my opinion and review online, kinda is a let down. A number of things have happened lately, like the revelation of Mas Selamat's infamous escape, the olympic torch relay, the judgement on the slapping of a SIA girl, etc. So much to say on those topics!

But, I think I just summarize:

Mas Selamat's escape:
How in the world did he jump over the perimeter fencing? It's quite a high drop and I remember seeing two fences.

Olympic Torch Relay:
When was Tibet an independent country anyway? I thought Tibet was part of China even before Chairman Mao's time.

Slapping of SIA girl:
Wah! Acquitted? Seriously? Slapping a SIA girl is ok?!

Well I hope to write more when my Internet is up again.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My home internet is DOWN!

What a bummer. The telecom guys came over to my house to fix my telephone line, which they did. But I didn't realise it affected my broadband line somehow. I was up yesterday night trying to rectify it but I couldn't get a proper signing in connection.

I called up today afternoon to SingNet to hopefully get them to fix it for me. After a long wait on the phone, I was given a technical help number. I called them up, only to wait again after being prompt to select a number on which kind of assistance I am inquiring on.

Anyway, after a long wait, a lady answered. Not to say she didn't help, she did try. She gave me the relevant steps to check that my connection is ok. Apparently it is, but somehow I am unable to connect. Everything is ok, just that the DSL led light keeps blinking which means something is wrong with the DSL line. I am not too sure how the DSL line works but I am just wondering if the Telecom guys did something to my DSL line.

Anyhow, the lady said she will send someone over but because the week is booked, she can only get someone over on Sunday afternoon. That's 4 days away. ARghh! I tried sounding that I was fine with it, but inside I was burning because I need my internet!

Now I am at BK using the wireless surf zone. At the same time I am searching online for any thing that can help me rectify this problem asap. Man this sucks!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Ultimate Warrior has a blog!

Those men and women who grew up watching the WWF (Now WWE) would definitely remember the ULTIMATE WARRIOR. To me he is the best and most entertaining wrestling individual ever to set foot in the wrestling entertainment arena.

His signature sprint up to the ring with his rocking entrance music.Then he shakes ropes as if in a trancelike rage with loads of adrenaline being pumped into his blood! He really can rock up the house! Not to mention his face paint and colourful laces on his arms and legs. This guy can get up from a powerslam immediately as if telling the opponent "Is that all you've got?".

He has fought many wrestlers including a number of famous ones like Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Mr Perfect, Andre the Giant just to name a few. Sadly he left (some say fired) from WWE because of salary issues. Nevertheless, to me he should be placed in the Hall of Fame as one of the greatest wrestlers that rocked the ring!

Click here for his blog.

Here's THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR's famous entrance song!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Save water........ drink pee

Yeah, drink pee. I do not know how beneficial it is, I guess this Orang Utan must be really thirsty. But didn't he notice the waterfall behind him that is just full of WATER!!!

Like the kid in the background said, " Ewwwwwwwww!!"

Thirsty Monkey - The best free videos are right here

The Ace of Spades

Yesterday's post was about "Why men should shave" and I featured a funny commercial about it. But after watching the video, I was wondering what song was being played in the background. I searched for it, and apparently it was by Motorhead, a British heavy metal band formed in 1975.

'The Ace of Spades' was one of their famous songs that reached UK Top 40 Charts. WWE fans might recognized them as they have played at Wrestlemania events. This song became their famous anthem for the band and probably one of the best songs about cards ever written.

This song can really rock up the audience! I am literally head banging just listening to this song!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why men should shave

Beautiful Girls Are Afraid Of Bearded Man.great! - Click here for more free videos

Why it is important to shave sometimes. Not that you won't attract girls but I guess too much hair might be a turn off to some women. He was clearly there to save them but I guess they rather be eaten than come close to that man.

This is just a funny commercial to get men to buy their shavers. I wonder if they have a commercial for women shavers too. hmmm... How would the video turn out.

Friday, April 18, 2008 functionality is back!

Wow, uzyn actually replied to me pretty promptly. I am impressed. Anyway, is back! WE got our ping/pong back!


No Pings in

I guess everyone who is in this community realises that something has happened in We can't view how many pongs/pings we have on our posts.

Was there a reset? Did someone reprogrammed a code? I hope offers an answer, if there was an 'under construction' going on, we should know about it.

BEWARE of Vitamin overdose

Every day, I swallow a 1000mg Vitamin C pill. The pill has been very beneficial for me since I used to get sick easily and it took my body a long time to recover from illnesses. Apart from Vitamin C, I do take Omega 3s in the morning for my heart.

But I have always wondered if I actually take more than twice of each a day, would it have any side-effects in the long run?

An article I read today sheds some light on this issue.

Click here to read more.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fitnessdesigncoach now has a whole NEW layout!

After some days of testing I'm finally able put up my blog. There were some persistent errors that crept cropping up that frustrated the hell out of me. But at last, I manage to make the 3 column layout work. Hope this layout fits well to my readers. The header at the top is made by me. Just a little design to personalise it a bit.

Anyway, I'll be doing a little touch-ups here and there, probably some more additions as time goes by. I hope you guys and gals like it, and continue to visit my blog. I try to keep up with the latest happenings and updates here. Also I'll be touching more on health/fitness and some design tutorials as time goes by.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

20 EASY ways to burn 100 calories

Yes, you can burn some calories just by doing these simple exercises. I am pretty sure you have done some of them on a weekly or daily basis.

1. Vacuuming -- 25 minutes of vacuuming around your home will burn just about 100 calories.

2. Gardening -- Like to garden? It's the digging and raking that will reap the most fitness benefits. These are the bigger calorie burners when it comes to gardening. In fact, you can burn up to 100 in just 15 minutes with these movements.

3. Walking -- The easiest and one of the most natural movements known to human beings. Fifteen minutes of brisk walking will burn approximately 100 calories. A brisk daily walk at lunch time or after work will make a difference.

4. Jogging in place -- Need a quick pick me up before work? Jog in place for 12 minutes and burn a little more than 100 calories.

5. Dancing -- 20 minutes of dancing at a moderate pace will burn 100 calories. C'mon, you know you love to do it, so have some fun with it.

6. Ironing clothes -- If you have to do it for the whole family you might as well know the calories you're burning. Just a bit more than 100 calories in 25 minutes.

7. Badminton -- A casual, noncompetitive, 20-minute game of badminton will get you to the mark, and it's a lot of fun.

8. Housework -- Vigorous housework for 20 minutes will burn a little more than 100 calories. You have to do it, so why not make it count?

9. Volleyball -- Twelve minutes of volleyball is all it takes to reach our magic number. Not a bad way to burn some calories while on the beach.

10. Biking -- How about a light bike ride? A light intensity of approximately 10 mph will burn more than 100 calories in just 40 minutes.

11. Golfing -- Just 20 minutes of golf will burn 100 calories.

12. Swimming -- I'm not referring to swimming laps or training for the Olympics. Just a 15-minute leisurely swim will get us to our goal.

13. High-impact aerobics -- You might wonder why I would include this. It's not like you're going to aerobic class for 10 minutes. However, if you're pressed for time or working long hours, invest in a fun aerobic videotape and use it for 10 minutes (after a warm-up) each day. That's close to 120 calories in just 10 minutes.

14. Car waxing -- Forget the car wash. Do it yourself on a nice day. Just 20 minutes of waxing your car will burn more than 100 calories.

15. Frisbee -- A fun 30-minute Frisbee toss with your kids or a friend will burn up our needed calories, and it's a bit more pleasurable than a boring jaunt on the treadmill.

16. Take the stairs -- If you work in an office building, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Approximately 20 minutes will burn about 100 calories. You don't have to do it all at one time. Just make sure to spread it out during the day.

17. Pushing baby stroller -- Pushing a stroller burns approximately 60 calories in 20 minutes. No problem, two nice and easy 20-minute strolls per day will get the job done without even breaking a sweat.

18. Mowing the lawn (self-propelled mower) -- 25 minutes and you've burned about 100 calories. Just like cleaning, it needs to be done so put a little oomph into it.

19. Painting -- Need to paint a room in your home or apartment? You can burn approximately 100 calories with 20 minutes of painting. Plus, you get a better-looking room at the same time.

20. Weight training -- 15 minutes of vigorous weight training will burn approximately 100 calories. You don't have to workout forever. Just three 15 to 20 minute sessions per week will keep your bones strong, muscles tight -- and you'll keep burning calories after your workout.

Thanks to eDiets Chief Fitness Pro, Raphael Calzadilla.

Click here for the full article

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How to have good sex if you have a bad back (video)

  • Have a warm shower before
  • Don't go rodeo (no strenenous positions and actions)
  • Try spooning
  • Use a pillow to modify, if you want to try other positions
  • Talking with partner about what works is vital on keeping things comfortable
  • Listen to your body, don't continue if it hurts too much

Monday, April 14, 2008

Finally, is back!

I am so glad to see the website up again.

It was a hassle looking for directions to your destination online, especially on areas that are unknown to you. It was like doing navigation in the jungle without your GPRS. Well, not into that extent but I am sure a lot of you have faced difficulties looking for the fastest way to reach your destination.

Anyway, I hope the website stays. Mainly because this is a well done website.

But I realise after going into the site, the Map view is unavailable, only the Satellite and Building view. I hope this gets rectified soon.

Cik Pon (Pontianak) caught on video

I have seen a number of paranormal videos. Some are real and some are pretty fake. But this one looks quite real. At first glance when the camera switches to his friend wearing the white t-shirt, there was nothing behind him. After the camera turns to the left (into the house) for a few seconds and then did a 180 degrees turn back at his friend, you can clearly see a white figure behind his friend. That's when the camera man realised that something was behind his friend.

You can hear the change in his voice as he quietly asks his friends to come inside the house and not to turn around. Of course his friends were a bit puzzled but the nervousness in his voice got them moving into the house slowly. I think when his friends got into the house and turned to see what was behind them, they freaked out. You can hear them running away.

It was hard to tell if the figure itself was moving towards them. Probably the camera angle made it look like it was moving.

At the beginning of the video, the cameraman mentioned that it was about 4.05 am. Near the end of the clip, you can see that they tried to go out again. Probably to investigate, but I think they were too scared and decided to run back in to one of the rooms.

Was this video staged? Or was it an accidental capture of Cik Pon on video? If this was an act, the two guys did a good job at acting casual and blur.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tampines Polyclinic: CISCO Officer choke slams angry patient to the ground! (video)

This was in last January, my mum was assigned there sometimes to help out the staff. She mentioned to me an incident last January which was caught on video. I didn't know about it until recently and I manage found it on YouTube.

After watching the video, I have to salute the CISCO officer for restraining the man like that. The Indian man was unruly and was touching the CISCO officer like as if picking a fight with him. The officer had to raise his voice because the man was not being cooperative. Of course, the officer had to do what he did.

The choke slam at the end really was the highlight! That was an amazing move and truly justifiable. The man deserved it! Now we know why we need CISCO officers in polyclinics.

My mum works in hospitals and polyclinics and she agrees that there will be difficult patients around who start to be unruly. Sometimes, the staff gets hurt in the process. Incidences like this is the reason why we need security personnels around to ensure the safety of the staff and public.

Outstanding job CISCO man!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ecstatic after a victory, Oliver Kahn accidentally smacks Van Bommel's face (Video)

I couldn't stop laughing when I watch this video. Have you guys ever been so ecstatic after a win that you unintentionally hit your friend. Well this is one of such incidences caught on video.

You can see Oliver Kahn running around crazy, and then meets Van Bommel, jumping around, only to accidentally smack Van Bommel with his big glove. Of course it hurts, but you can see Oliver Kahn's reaction realising that Van Bommel was in pain. But, after a quick hug all is well. I guess the adrenaline rush quickly dampens the pain.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ever had a ball come to your face at 160km/hr? (Video)

Watch closely as the ball whizzes to his head at 160km/hr! If you have seen a baseball before, you know it is a pretty big ball and at that speed, it is sure to hurt. You can clearly hear the 'thump!" when it hit his face. I just hope it didn't break his face.

If you are wondering, that dude is still alive. You can read about it here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

8 teenagers arrested after a video of them beating up a 16 year old girl

6 girls against one? Where is the fairness in that? Well, this isn't a boxing match. Anyway, the girls are now being charged with false imprisonment, battering, three of them charged with kidnapping.

Apparently, the girl(victim) was invited to a friend's house not knowing that she was going to be beaten up. Probably because she said something that incited them to abuse her like that. 2 boys were outside keeping watch as this was happening. The girls took turns to abuse her physically and mentally (they were hurling vulgarities at her). The video taping was to be posted online to embarrass her. So now everyone's seen it, and it gets reported.

First of all, you have got to be so stupid to video tape this. Obviously, these girls have no idea the trouble they are getting themselves into. If you want to beat up someone (not say that you should), you don't let it be known in the first place.

The victim had a concussion and her face badly disfigured. I think with a beating like that, her face must be really swollen. The police who watched the whole video, didn't see the victim fighting back. I think she was too scared and shocked at what was happening to her. But if you are in that kind of situation, fighting back might even make it even more worse.

I pity the victim, even though she said something that might have caused this, the girls have no right to abuse her like that. I mean, come on, is violence the only way? To hold someone up in a house and abuse them like that? Is this all because of the influence of TV and the internet? What did their parents instill in their kid's mind to do this kind of thing?

The victim's father said that he didn't recognised her daughter when he first saw her. If I were the parent, I'd be really pissed off! No holds barred here. I am sure some serious legal action is on the way. Probably the families of the teenagers who beat her up are going to get sued.

Cute Asian girl tries her own beat boxing

Look at her go! I think she is from Korea. Quite a pretty good try at beat boxing with a little movie editing. :)

For SALE: 2 single sized beds

I am selling 2 single sized beds and free mattresses for S$300.
Still in good condition.
Cash and carry, no delivery.

You can email me at if you are interested.


Assembly is simple and quick.
Just slot the parts into the right brackets and your bed is done. (4 slots for each bed)
Only need to tighten the nuts and bolts at the railings for the yellow-colored bed.


Lenght: ~2 meters
Width: ~1 meters
Height: ~ 96cm (at max)

Colours : View the pictures above.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Call Of Duty 4 Releases New Multiplayer Maps

Call of Duty 4 has released 4 New Multiplayer Maps for the XBOX. It will be a matter of time before they release it for the PC.

The new multiplayer maps are:
  • Chinatown
  • Broadcast
  • Creek
  • Killhouse
Watch the video to see a preview of the maps.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Let's sing "What What (In The Butt)" song

After watching the latest season of South Park, I can't help find this song to be really catchy. Anyway, the lyrics sounds really gay. Butters is my favourite character next to Kenny (eventhough half the time I don't understand what Kenny said). I can't stop laughing when I saw him do a similar music video to the original. Seeing Butters singing it makes it weird since he is just a kid.

SouthPark Version:

Samwell (Original):

Here's the lyrics:

I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"

You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
Let's do it in the butt,

I feel you watching me, over there
Come to me, if you care
Don't sit and stare, it's just not fair
Make your move, if you dare

What what

I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"

You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
Let's do it in the butt,

It's okay, if you have a little fright
Don't you worry, I won't bite (not that hard)
If you wan't it, I'll give you power
Just be gentle, I'm delicate like a flower

I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"

I will give you what you need
all I wan't is your big fat seed
give it to me if you please
give it to me if you please

I will give you what you need
all I wan't is your big fat seed
give it to me if you please
give it to me if you please

I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"
I said: "What what, in the butt"

You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
Let's do it in the butt,

I said: "What what, in the butt"
(I will give you what you need)
I said: "What what, in the butt"
(all I wan't is your big fat seed)
I said: "What what, in the butt"
(give it to me if you please)
I said: "What what, in the butt"
(give it to me if you please)

You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
(I will give you what you need)
You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
(all I wan't is your big fat seed)
You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?
(give it to me if you please)
Let's do it in the butt,
(give it to me if you please)

I said: "what what" okay.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Alternatives to the Ipod Touch (videos)

CNET has published a comparison of other MP3 players which has the touch screen and wireless technology similar to the Ipod Touch. They have a comparison table with details of the product, so you can compare MP3 players.

After watching the video reviews, I prefer the Samsung YP-P2 from the other alternatives (pictured on the left). It's slim and light. Although, the product is much smaller than the Ipod Touch. The mp3 player's interface is almost similar to the Ipod Touch, has a 30 hr long battery life, and stereo Bluetooth capability. So I think this is the better alternative.

But frankly, the Ipod touch has always astounded me. Even though these other MP3 players offer much more competitive prices to the Ipod touch, I still think the Ipod touch is a worthy buy.

Click here to watch the review.

The old Changi Theater and Bedok Cinema demolished

I was taking the train back home when I saw a building being demolished next to the construction of new HDB flats. Yes, the old Changi Theater andBedok Cinema is demolished. I am not too sure if they are going to make a new theater, but seeing the old buildings really brings back memories.

I remember when I was a kid, I watched 'The Land Before Time' movie in that theater. It was a beautiful cartoon about a little dinosaur's journey with his friends who were separated from their family and had to make a dangerous journey to the Great Valley. Not forgetting also, I watched 'Independence Day' with my band mates, there were like over ten of us. A whole group of guys in red uniform and green pants literally occupying a whole row of seats! The buildings also were facing the MRT track so we can actually see what movies are being screened from the large posters/billboards.

Once I was screened by a group of police over there (No, I didn't do anything wrong, it was just random screening). Aaahh.. the memories. Haha! Now I wonder if they are going to make a new cinema/theater over it. Any of you have any idea what's the future plans for that area?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

One of the most ADDICTIVE GAME ever!

Momentum Missile Mayhem 2

I am not such a big fan of flash based gaming online. Probably because there isn't much challenge in it and it is usually doesn't have that many levels. Plus it is so repetitive, it gets boring after a while.

But I have to say this game has got to be one of the best I have every played. At first glance, the graphics and color can really put you off. It reminded me of the first Duke Nukem game I played years back, but when I saw the good ratings it had, I thought I'd give it a try.

Caution: Once you play, you might not stop playing.

Just a little reminder before you proceed playing, because I am awake playing this game all night.

Anyway, if you like shooting games, with some strategy involved. This is the game for you. Basically you have to shoot hordes of enemies coming towards you. Each level will tell you which direction they are coming from and it is up to you to place your missile launcher where you deem fit. And each level has a different mission, so read carefully what is your mission and make it your priority because you can easily loose yourself in the action.

There are many different types of levels and each gets more challenging as you progress. And in case you get bored of the normal game play, there are other game modes like Survival, Armageddon etc.

They are machines; tanks, hovercrafts, etc which doesn't attack you rather it tries to get to the other side before you shoot them off into pieces. Now each enemy 'dies' differently. As you play along, you realise that each of them play a pivotal role it the outcome of the game.

As you gain experience points, you can upgrade your missile launcher. You can also have different types of missiles at your disposal, but mind your energy bar because each missile launch drains it. But don't worry it will recharge, you just have to make sure you are not totally empty as the recharging takes some time.

There are other upgrades in the game which it is going to be confusing if I explain it to you. Don't worry, when you upgrade, you just hover your mouse over the upgrade icons and it will tell you what each of those upgrade does.

As you play in the game, bonus icons will appear which you have to click if you want to use it. But be quick, because they won't be there long. Anyway, don't worry, it tells you when it will expire.

Some bonus, gives you a quicker recharge, some gives you more firepower, sometimes they give you the power to annihilate your enemies by using a Nuke. The fun part is seeing your enemies exploding into pieces. And it has a chain reaction effect if you kill the right enemy.

That should summarise it. The game is pretty simple to understand as you play along.
Go ahead and try it out. But be warned, this game is really, really addictive.


Click here to play the game!