Friday, April 4, 2008

Alternatives to the Ipod Touch (videos)

CNET has published a comparison of other MP3 players which has the touch screen and wireless technology similar to the Ipod Touch. They have a comparison table with details of the product, so you can compare MP3 players.

After watching the video reviews, I prefer the Samsung YP-P2 from the other alternatives (pictured on the left). It's slim and light. Although, the product is much smaller than the Ipod Touch. The mp3 player's interface is almost similar to the Ipod Touch, has a 30 hr long battery life, and stereo Bluetooth capability. So I think this is the better alternative.

But frankly, the Ipod touch has always astounded me. Even though these other MP3 players offer much more competitive prices to the Ipod touch, I still think the Ipod touch is a worthy buy.

Click here to watch the review.

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