Monday, January 24, 2011

Jack LaLanne dies at 96

Jack Lalanne dies at the age of 96. I think people in Singapore remember him for promoting his famous Power Juicer on TV. He was promoting how important it is for you to have your fruits daily and showed how easy it is to make your own juice by using his Power Juicer.

Apart from those above, his previous achievements during his young days really sets him apart from other athletes. He is an amazing athelete, with resilience in mind and body even through out his old age. I mean, how many people can do 1000 push ups in 23 minutes! Wait, how many people can do push ups in 23 minutes?!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Women are not for sale!

Please support the fight against human trafficking, the second biggest organized crime in the world.

Mozilla Seabird - An Iphone Killer?

Seriously, how cool is this phone? I think after seeing the video, you can see the potential of smartphones in the future. You do not even need to have a PC if you have one of these. It looks better to bring one of these rather than lugging around a laptop or netbook. The down side however, is you may need a smooth surface to display the keyboard and sufficient area for it to project. It would be more cool if it could project a holografic screen rather than projecting it on a wall.

So, would you buy it?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spider-Man 4!

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Spider-Man

Here it is! The spidey suit. I have to say it looks way cooler and darker than the previous 3 movies of Spider-man. See how the Spider-Man symbol on his chest seems to be clawed against something sharp. Most probably this scene is after an amazing fight scene, and the picture just shows how tired and lonely he is. He seems to be on a mind of his own, thinking deeply or possibly feeling angry. An evil side of him brewing inside him perhaps? Anyhow, I can't wait to see the new movie. The new Spider-Man looks leaner not buffed, which I think is appropriate. I do not know about you but Spider-Man has to be lean and skinny, he is after all a teenager who was bitten by a spider. So a potrayal of a young adult man who have not gain much muscles mass because of his time mostly taking photographs is issential in this movie. And I think they have excecuted it well.

I am very happy with the suit, although it looks different but it is a fresh look. Hopefully this Spider-Man is more tougher and please no more crying or sad scenes. It was a bit way too much of it for the past 3 movies. I want more deepth and darkness, this is the part where he meets all his greatest villians and nemesis. It is like fighting an opposite of himself. It has always been like that in all great movies. The good guys face the likelihood of turning to the dark side and tries not too. This is a movie of how good triumphs over evil. He is fighting the other side of himself that he has surpressed within him all this while. 

My big question is when will we see Carnage?

Friday, January 14, 2011

The homeless 'golden voice' man was arrested

Apparently after a quarrel with his daughter, he was arrested in Los Angeles. He is in the news for the wrong reasons. Hope all goes well for this man, an opportunity like this doesn't come easy so he better make best of what he has been given.

Isn't it just amazing what a simple video can take you to. Especially when it is in YouTube. Life just gets better for you or otherwise.

excerpt from Yahoo! News:

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - – A homeless man who became a YouTube hit for his astonishing baritone radio voice was arrested in Los Angeles after an altercation with his daughter, police and reports said.
Ted Williams, who had struggled with drugs and alcohol, became an overnight celebrity when a video clip of his voice skills filmed while he was on the side of an Ohio highway was posted on the Internet last week by the Columbus Dispatch newspaper.

He was flooded with job offers and brought to Hollywood -- where he was arrested after officers were called to a disturbance at his hotel Monday night, and taken to a local police station, according to LA Police Department (LAPD).

The LA Times newspaper quoted sources as saying there had been an altercation between the 53-year-old and his daughter. Both were released after about an hour, and no charges were pressed, said an LAPD spokeswoman.

Williams was offered a two-year job with the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA club. He visited the home of the LA Lakers on Monday, and was in town for interviews with "Entertainment Tonight" and other media outlets.
Williams, who pleaded guilty to theft charges after being arrested last May, had been living in a tent when he was discovered in the online clip showcasing his deep vocal tone and polished pronunciation.