Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Maressa!

Happy birthday girl! Had an enjoyable time at the chalet. Long since I went to the East Coast chalet, forgot how nice an atmosphere it is. Come to think of it, whenever we come together, it is always a wonderful atmosphere. Had a good laugh when you showed me the YouTube video about the little boy who said Fire Truck.

Anyway, I went back and did some search on the Singapore Idol guy who whispers. We were all talking about 'The Showdown' and that 'whisper' guy was on it. And while searching about it at home, I stumbled upon your videos! :P

I didn't know you had your own videos. :P Gosh I must be a terrible nephew not to know about it.

Friday, May 30, 2008

It's 12 am and what did I do?

I got out of my chair, and did weight training. I felt a little guilty for not running today, probably I underestimated my body's recovery time. I was having a light headache and drinking water all day didn't really helped.

I had to take some paracetamol to fight the headache. It worked a little but wasn't enough. I hate being sick. Surprisingly, TV came to the rescue. I happened to catch 'The Contender' on Channel 5. It's about a bunch of Muaythai kickboxers fighting for the top prize of USD250,000. Each week one is eliminated from the ring. You can read about it here.

It was a great fight at the end, with the UAE kickboxer versus the British kickboxer. If you watched the show, you know there was a lot of tension between the two even before these two met in the ring.

When the fight started, there were lots of blood gushing everywhere and this is actually happening in Singapore! Both gave their all in the ring. It was a close fight, the British lad celebrated too soon thinking he won, but the judges favoured the UAE kickboxer even though 1 point was taken away from him for illegal kicking. It was a great fight.

Anyway, watching that show got me pumped. So I got up, did some warm ups, elevated my heart rate and started to do weight lifting. I never felt so exhilarated for such a long time. I did bicep curls, tricep curls. Focused on my shoulders and deltoids before going to my chests.

With all that upper body training, my headache kinda withered away. I guess all the blood that was stuck in my head just drained away. I did a few pull ups before I cooled down and headed for a cold shower.

Now I am awake and fresh. My appetite is better and my headaches gone. I feel happy! Hahah! Can't wait to go back to running again.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Couldn't blog yesterday because...

I had diarrhoea. I woke up when a call from a friend who asks me to cover for him for 90 mins on a Math lesson for the primary school kids. I wasn't feeling so well the day before and that morning I had a bad feeling in my stomach. Took me while to get rid of the waste from my system. I am not going into detail as how it looks but I know you know what it looks like.

Anyway, I manage to rush to the school and assist with the teaching. When I got back after buying my lunch, I drank lots of water, bathed, had my lunch and rested. I wasn't so weak but I didn't feel so good. I just had to take a nap after that which was really a good nap.

I woke up feeling a lot better but still feeling a little rumble in the tummy. I manage to do some household chores and cleaned up the house. When evening came, I had my dinner and went out with a couple of my friends to Terminal 3. Just to catch up on things and have some light dessert and tea.

I went back late, but it was a satisfying outing. I guess the ambiance and cool temperature sorta lifted my mood, not forgetting also the good company that I was having.

So today, I am back to blogging, watching my food intake and drinking water as I type this post. So far there wasn't another bout of diarrhoea, so I should be able to go for a short run later. But again, the weather is hot today, so have to watch my pace.

I don't really recommend others to exercise right after recovery. It's best to take it slow and steady, and listen to your body. Don't over exert and have fun. Exercise is about de-stressing yourself not over stressing. So always enjoy it. :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

48 million views later and it is still funny!

I remember posting this video some time late last year. YouTube just made this guy a lot more famous now. Over 48 million views later and people are still commenting on his comedy act.

Who would have thought hearing someone say "I Kill You!" would break us into laughter. Reminds me of the time when Russell Peters used the words "Be A Man!" in his act.

Monday, May 26, 2008

David Beckham scores from beyond the half way line

No goalkeeper? I think the GK must be really regretting to be out of the box. Anyway, LA Galaxy won 3-1 against Kansas City Wizards.

I guess it was a list ditch effort from the Wizards to try to equalize. A risky strategy that showed it failed. Knowing that Beckham is a seasoned footballer, he saw the open net and shot straight for it before the goalkeeper had any chance of getting back into the box.

No need for any bending from Beckham there.

Mattress Jousting - A bed game you can try with your friends

Mattress Jousting - The best home videos are here

I love this game. You'll need a clean, smooth surface, two mattresses, safety gear and you are all set! How fun is this crashing at each other.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Latest: ICJ has concluded that Pedra Branca belongs to Singapore

After a 2 hour long explanation, the ICJ has concluded that Singapore has sovereignty over Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Putih.

Malaysia has sovereignty over the Middle Rocks, South Ledge.

Mascot prank scare in a shopping mall

MASCOT PRANK SCARE! - The most amazing videos are a click away

They should have this in shopping malls in Singapore. I'd be fun to see it scare the shoppers and chase them around the mall.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

This girl gets more than 1,000,000 views just by doing this?

I am one of them. I actually clicked to see this girl do that, and I think she just wasted 34 seconds of my life just looking her wave and say 'Bye bye'.

I expected a surprise or something, or some kind of magic trick. But noooooo, she sat there, stares at you with those big eyes and makes a V sign and waves 'Bye bye'. I went like "Huh?,.... what?.. that's it?" And her voice, does she really sound like that?

At least this girl stares at you and does something.

I'm begging you for mercy!

I just love this song so much. My mum danced when she heard this song from my room. This song just have a 60's feeling towards it.

Duffy's voice is so beautiful and she is so cute. I really like her videos. See her dance in her other videos, so lady like. She can sway her hips and move her knees delicately.
Groovy baby!

I hope she comes to Singapore. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My car ride with theyoungbusinessman

The youngbusinessman recently had his driving license and rented a car to drive around Singapore. I had the privilege to have a ride with him as we went to NAFA to see a friend of mine showcase her FYP work for graduation.

He picked me up from my home and we headed to the nearest petrol station to top-up fuel before heading off to our destination. It was interesting to ride with him and also a bit nervous, he is a new licensed driver. But all is well, even though it was his first time driving through the expressway. A little slow at first but he picked up speed as he became used to the road conditions.

Missed a turn

Upon reaching there, we missed a turn and ended up at Orchard Road. Yes, Orchard Road. It was BIG miss turn. Ironically, before when I mentioned we should go Orchard Road, he declined. Well, things have a way of turning out differently than what we expected. But hey, at least he got to drive through Orchard Road and experience how unforgiving the traffic can be during peak hours.


After parking the car at one of the multi-storey carparks, we headed down to NAFA. It was late evening, and the place had a nice ambiance. Not a big crowd, but a lot of well dressed people. The project showcased was really interesting. A lot of ideas and I can see that a lot of effort was being put in. Singaporeans sure do have talent!

I didn't manage to take a lot of photos, I only manage to take a few photos of my friend's work though. Anyways, I think the showcase is still on till Friday. Just go to Gallery 2, there will be a lot of people there so be prepared to squeeze when you look around the gallery.

I met my friend there and so did the youngbusinessman, he met a friend of his over there too. The was a lot of food but we didn't eat because we wanted to drive around more before the time expires for us to send back the car.

Tanjong Rhu and East Coast

He asked me to drive this time, and we headed to down to Tanjong Rhu. Nice cool place to hang out. Long since I was there and we talked about business over there, before heading to East Coast Beach, MacDonalds to have dinner cum supper. After driving a while, I forgot how tiring driving is. But it was a fun experience to drive again.

Heading back home

After all that driving, I was glad theyoungbusinessman decided to drive back. I navigated the route back home and to be frank, he missed a few turns again. Well, you learn from your mistakes. He is still familiarizing so it was ok. I mean, it is better to make mistakes now rather than later.

The Secret of Levitation revealed

Levitating Secret in India - Click here for another funny movie.

If you see this in India, don't be easily fooled. You just need a simple made contraption to do this trick and fool your viewers.

The man with the white beard and glasses mentions that this trick has been done for hundreds of years. I wonder how silly people are for hundreds of years to believe people can levitate. If one can truly levitate, I don't it is necessary for them take the lift or escalator.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cute girl singing the Fast Food Song!

Another one of those songs that makes you want to sing because a cute girl is singing and dancing to it. She really knows how to work with the camera. She could be the 'Fast Food Song' girl.

The Umbilical Brothers

Umbilical Brothers - The funniest bloopers are right here

I can't stop laughing when I watch this. I know that it has been shown before but there are some new updates to this act. The last part was so hilarious, I almost fell of my chair laughing!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A touching reunion between a lion and his owners

Lion Honey - Watch a funny movie here

Such a tearful moment. It's just shows that big cats do have good memory. Just watch how happy the lion is.

I think when the guys called his name, the lion hears a familiar voice. You can see the lion was a little cautious and unsure but when it moves closer to them and recognizes them, he runs and jumps onto one of them. Such a touching moment.

Click here to see the original video of their reunion.

It's nice to have a lion as a friend, especially in the wilderness of Africa. This ad below shows how having a lion as friend helps you to be safe from harm.

Guardian Angel - The most popular videos are here

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot Asian girls beat up a rude guy in the dry cleaners

A very nice advertisement. I just love the ending. That guy so deserve it. It is understandable when you are expressing your grievances, but when you start using the F word and make fun of other people's family, you are just asking for it.

50% of the Singapore Student Population Putting Identities at Risk

Almost half of the students between the ages of 17 to 25 polled in Singapore are revealing their full contact details, such as telephone number, home address, school they attend, date of birth and other personal information on social networking websites. The poll also revealed that 30% of them were adding strangers to their network as 'friends'.

Extracted from

Click here to read more.

Without a doubt, if you search your name in the internet, you'd might just find details of yourself. Channelnewsasia did a show where Cheryl Fox (News presenter) was trying to find a long lost friend. She engaged the help of a group of polytechnic students to help her find her friend. Just by using the internet and some info of her friend, they manage to find her within a few hours. They even had her contact number along with other information about her friend.

Using the internet for such uses is a good idea, but in the wrong hands, it may be used for evil purposes.

I think our students and also the public have to start learning about keeping your personal information safe. A few suggestions I have in mind:

Do not reveal too much of yourself
Online network communities (eg: Facebook, Friendster), do not require you to have a full detail description of yourself when you sign up. Most of it is optional really. So keep personal information like contact numbers, home address, id numbers etc, to yourself.

Keep your photos, personal info private
Restrict the people who can view your online info (eg: photos, personal details). Set it in such a way that viewers require your permission to view them online.

Be aware of bogus websites

Such websites might have spyware that can retrieve info from your computers. DO not readily input your personal info unless you are sure that the website is non-bogus.

Even as you apply those suggestions, you wonder how much privacy do you have on the internet. I found a disturbing video about how Google could one day have all the information about yourself easily. If this is true, it makes you wonder what the future would be really like when there is no such thing as a private life.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tech Tip: How to make your Start Menu Programs appear faster

How To Make PC Faster At Start Menu? - The most amazing bloopers are here

This is a very good tip for those who do not like to wait for the programs to appear when you point on it from the Start button. It requires small tweaking in the "regedit" and it is pretty simple to do.

You need to restart your PC though if you want to see the changes in the effect.

Try it out!

Trapped in a lift for 40 hours

I wonder how this man can tahan so long. I bet he is so relieved to be out of there. But it is just appalling that no one even notices that he is in there for so long. Aren't lifts designed to go to the nearest floor if there was a breakdown or power outage?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

School girls dancing to the music of "My Humps"

Not too sure where they are from, but looks Korean. Anyway enjoy their dance routine. :)

Domestic maids, Mas Selamat and why Wong Kan Seng should be fined

I received an interesting email about why Singaporeans are not so in favour of the one day off for maids. Can anyone provide the work permit conditions for Domestic workers to check if this is true?

There are several simple reasons why many Singaporean
employers are reluctant to give their maids a day off.

You see, if the maid runs away, the government will fine
the employer $5,000. If the maid commits a crime such as
shoplifting, the government will fine the employer $5,000.

If the maid is caught having sex with someone, the
government will fine the employer $5,000. If the maid gets
pregnant, the government will also fine the employer

If you didn't know any of the above, then either you do
not employ a maid, or you didn't read the small print of
the Manpower Ministry's work permit conditions.

Many employers are afraid that if their maid has a day off
and gets into trouble, the employer will not only have to
solve the trouble, but also have to fork out $5,000 as a
free gift to the government.

Intuitively, this smacks of gross unfairness. The employer
gets punished not for something he did, but for something
that somebody else (the maid) did. Furthermore, once the
maid leaves the employer's residence, the employer has
no way of monitoring where the maid goes and what she does

We may draw a curious parallel with Mas Selamat's
escape, and PM Lee's determined, if muddled, defence of
Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan
Seng in Parliament.

Mas Selamat ran away. But PM Lee said that Wong Kan Seng
was not at fault and should not be punished in any way. The
reason being that Wong Kan Seng personally did not do
anything which allowed Mas Selamat to escape.

Strangely, if your maid runs away, it IS your fault and you
SHOULD be punished. Even if you did not personally do
anything to let her run away (apart from giving her a day

Similarly, if your maid becomes pregnant, it IS your fault
and you SHOULD be punished. Even if you did not personally
do anything to make her pregnant.

Oh well. What can I say? Maids are not terrorists. But then
you are not Wong Kan Seng. So the rules remain stacked
against you. Wong Kan Seng gets off lightly, but you
won't. Even if his lapse has far greater, and graver,
implications than yours.

Your runaway maid wouldn't blow up Changi Airport, would she ?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

40 year old pole dancing in Britain's Got Talent show

40 years old? Gosh, I thought she was way younger than that. She's pretty nimble and flexible for someone that age.

She didn't make it through. Frankly, it was boring, not exciting and too sleazy for a talent show. I expected more, maybe her music should change or try shooting a bow and arrow with her feet like the girl in the video below. She is hot!

Monday, May 12, 2008

PM, MM Lee goes to High Court for Chee hearing today

The following were extracted from Straits Times, Prime Pg 3, written by Sue-Ann Chia

"The Prime Minister and Minster Mentor are expected to go on the stand in a High Court hearing that starts today.

The three-day hearing is to assess the damage Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chief Chee Soon Juan, his sister and the SDP will have to pay for defaming Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew...."

About the case

Before the 2006 General Election, the SDP newsletter printed an article on the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) saga and drew parallels between how the charity and the Government were run.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew sued Dr Chee Soon Juan and the party's leadership for repeating remarks alleging that they were corrupt and had covered up wrongdoings at the NKF.

Six SDP central executive committee members apologised buy not Dr Chee and his sister Chee Siok Chin.

In June 2006, the High Court ruled that the SDP had defamed PM Lee and MM Lee. Three months alter, the Chees were also found to have defamed the Lees.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

China man abuses a girl, and almost got beat up in the bus


You have to watch what you say...... especially in the bus.

What happened?
The girl from Northeast China had a quarrel with the man on the left about a seat.

After she sat down, the man started to abuse her verbally, and I am pretty sure he was saying something bad about her people. Suddenly, all the people in the bus from Northeast China wanted to beat up the man.

Seriously dude, you are so dumb. Do not bring race into the issue. It is VERY VERY Sensitive.

If only car doors were made this way

Intresting Door - The most amazing videos are a click away

Ever parked your car and realise that you are so close to the car beside you that you can't even open your door fully?

I think this innovation might just help. But I wonder if there is a side crash, would this door hold up? And I notice that the window had to be wound down first before the car door could collapse like that. I am just concerned if the mechanics that move this thing actually gets stuck and you won't have a proper door closed when you drive. = Malay YouTube?

I came across this website where you can upload and share videos online just like YouTube does. The layout, eventhough the colours are different, is almost the same as YouTube. But this website is no clone nor is it fake.

The videos that you see, can be played and shared. You can upload videos, post comments, search for videos, give ratings, etc. Pretty much like YouTube. The loading times of the videos are pretty fast. Just the video quality isn't that impressive.

Why do I say it is a "Malay YouTube"?
NO, it is not only for Malays, the site is for everyone. Just that when I first came into this site, I saw a lot of Malay videos, including adverts, pranks, etc. Even the movie titles had a hint of Malay words.

So, where this site originated from? Any idea anyone?

Anyway, I found a cute Malay girl in an advert from their site.

Click here to go to


Friday, May 9, 2008

Battle of Kruger (YouTube's Best Eyewitness Video)

The greatest battle of nature ever seen! A group of people on safari at South Africa's Kruger National Park witnessed an epic battle for survival. This is an exciting showdown of wild animals with an unexpected ending.

I am not going to spoil the ending if you haven't watched it. This video has exhilarated me from start to finish.
Over 30 millions views on YouTube, you have to watch this video!

National Geographic is going to feature a behind-the-scenes documentary about this video this coming Mother's Day, 11th May 2008.

There's even a well designed website about this battle.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stan Lee's cameos

In case you do not know who Stan Lee is. He is the creator of the famous heroes in the Marvel comics like Spider-man, Iron Man, The Hulk and X-Men. You can see glimpses of him in the movies from Marvel.

In this compilation of clips, you will see him as different characters in the films. His latest cameo is from Iron Man(which is not included in the video clip), where he dresses up in a classy suit, surrounded by women.

A female gymnast drops hard onto the ground

Terrible Gymnast Accident - Watch the best video clips here

Ok, seriously I do not know if she is ok. But from the looks of it, that is one painful landing. I can't believe they didn't make the landing bed longer. That girl just catapulted in the air like a sling shot.

The shock and disbelief from the crowd as she lands hard on her back. You can hear her "thump! thump!" onto the ground. I sure hope she didn't break anything.

Tech Tip: Installing Dual Monitors

I've just installed a new monitor next to my laptop yesterday. I suggest you get yourself a second monitor if you don't have one. It is pretty handy to have rather than you having a large monitor with all of those items on the single task bar. You can organized and structure your work more easily.

Anyway, setting up is pretty simple. As long as your graphics card can support multiple monitors. So first up, check your graphics card.

For Desktop computers

Check your graphics card, see if they have 2 DVI connectors or 2 VGA connectors or one of each. If you only have one connector,
  • buy yourself another graphics card with a single connector, so you'll have two graphics card or
  • buy a new graphics card with 2 connectors to replace your current one

I recommend you buy a new graphics card with 2 connectors.

For Laptops

A VGA or DVI connector would have already been installed behind your laptop to support an external monitor. So not much of problem for you there. Just plug in your secondary monitor.

Setting up
  1. Go to Start > Control Panel
  2. Select Display
  3. Click on the Settings Tab

4. Click Identify to identify your monitors (this point can be skipped if you know which monitor is for which number)

5. Here, you can drag the monitor icons according to how you have arranged your monitors. Selecting the monitor icons will also allow you to adjust the Screen Resolution and Color Quality. (you might need to do some trial and error here, click Apply instead to see what it looks like before proceeding to the next step)

6. Once you are satisfied with the result, Click Ok and you are done

Final result

This is how my laptop looks like with an external monitor installed. Now with an extra monitor, I can do both my work and play together. I can write my blog on the right, while having my research work on the left.

Software Recommendation

Although I am happy with my new dual-monitor feature, I realise that I can only have my taskbar on one monitor only.

This free software kinda solves that problem. They call it the MultiMonitor Taskbar. Although, you can't stretch your taskbar to your other monitor, this software allows a Second taskbar on your extended monitor. Items that are found in your extended monitor are shown on the Second taskbar while your primary task bar displays items from your primary window. Pretty straight forward.

There's some limitations though
  • It works only on Windows XP, 2000 and Vista
  • Works on Vista, but on Aero, the arrow buttons are not shown
  • For the 3 monitor setup, expect to have your Primary monitor in the middle
Otherwise this is a pretty good free software. There is a new version but it is a shareware, so after trial use you need to pay to continue using it.

Click here for the download page.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another "Bed Prank" you can try on your friends!

I can't believe they do this in a bed store! It's so funny! You can see the shock on their faces realising that they just jumped into a pool of water! I think some of them thought they broke the water bed. Probably if they do this in Singapore, you might get an opposite reaction.

From the way they speak, sounds like the prank was done in Germany. I hope the staff prepared them some dry clothing after that water bed stunt.

The last 2 lady was the most funniest, they really are having the time of their life trying to get out the bed!

Mother's Day Special: A bouquet of roses for $25 (Free delivery)

Le Bouquet is having a Mother's Day promotion. A bouquet of roses for just $25 on Mother's Day, with complimentary gift card.

Delivery is free. So why not surprise your mums with a bouquet of roses! :)

Call 9689 1040 to order now!

Singapore: No longer a viable tourist destination?

Yesterday, I had a talk with the "Vitagen" guy, sadly I don't really know his real name even though he sends me Vitagen packs every week. I was busy cleaning my home when he came to my door. As he was passing me the Vitagen packs, we talked about work and the topic on Tourism came up.

He said he is from the Tourism sector himself. I wasn't sure which company he is working for but anyways, he said that tourist are not coming in as many as before. I said that we have Formula 1 and IR coming up. He mentioned that they mostly come here for the conventions, not really as a tourist destination. Japanese tourists are not visiting us here, and they are quite the big spenders.

I was surprised, so I asked why we are losing tourists? He went to the economics on how Singapore is such an expensive place to live and also for the tourists. He mentioned that previously, that a night's stay at 3~4 star hotel used to range about 100+ to around 300+. Now it's more than 300+ a night. And he went on to mention a 5 star hotel that is now charging more than a thousand per night.

He said that he is kinda worried, since in his office, almost everyone just sits around unlike how it used to be when they had lots of calls and sales to make. It is a grim outlook, because if this goes on then retrenchment might occur.

I do not really know how bad it is for him but he didn't look too happy himself. I mean the guy's got a family to feed. And if what he said is true, are we going to another phase of retrenchments again?

I talked to my dad about it, he said that if he was the tourist, he'd rather go to KL instead of Singapore. Simply because it is more affordable. Why do you think Singaporeans like to go Malaysia? I mean of course apart from it's beautiful places to visit, like the Twin Towers in KL, Genting Highlands, the beaches of Langkawi, and many other places. But has Singapore lost it's lustre?

Personal Experience

Some years back, I went to Australia. I had a great time there, especially at Gold Coast and Noosa which were located in Brisbane. Our next destination was Sydney. I was looking forward to seeing the Sydney Opera House. But after staying there a few days, I didn't really like it. Sydney felt too much like Singapore, with all the hustle and bustle. Somehow I felt the stress of living in Singapore being brought here to Sydney. The weather was pretty good, the people were nice but it felt so cramped with people and vehicles around.

To me a holiday has to be a place where I can chill and have fun. I didn't felt like I was when I got there. In fact I got sick. :P Maybe I ate something wrong. Plus the hotel staff there weren't so helpful. Maybe because I was Asian, I don't know, but I certainly didn't felt welcomed there.

I don't know if you can relate to my experience but I felt so relaxed at Brisbane, I was happy all day over there. Australians would just walk by us group of guys and say "Good morning!". Some even chatted with us and waved at the camera when we were video taping their beautiful city.

But when I came down to Sydney, that feeling was gone. I just wanted to get out of there. Maybe the tall buildings, vehicles and people rushing to go to work got me tensed up. To be fair, Sydney was beautiful, especially at night when you walk by the river, but I didn't felt as relaxed as I was in Brisbane.

So is Singapore still a good place to visit?

From that experience and my experiences from other holidays visits. A few factors come to my mind why Singapore isn't a viable destination.
  1. Lack of natural attraction (eg: waterfalls, mountains, natural beaches)
  2. High cost of living / too expensive (eg: accommodation, food, shopping)
  3. Not a relaxing place to visit (this point is up to you to decide if this is true)

But, it isn't all that bad, Singapore has it's good points.
  1. Safe and secure
  2. Clean and maintained
  3. Efficient service standards (this point is controversial)
  4. Public transports are available to get to your destination (eg: taxis, buses, MRT)
  5. Easily connected country (eg: lots of roads, train tracks)
  6. Wireless connected country (well this depends on where you are on the island)

There many other points you can think of but I think the points above serves the reason why Singapore is a good place for conventions, meetings and still be a nice place to visit. I mean you can't hold demonstrations here, there's security almost everywhere, you can get to your conventions quite easily. And with big important conventions there is always an extra security, better service standards, and more available transportation.

Singapore, herself has had a better than expected showing of tourists coming to this country last year. 10.3 million tourists, that's up by 5.4%. Singapore has been seeing a steady rise of tourist visits since 2004.

The major dips we had were during the past decade were in 1997, 1998, due to the Asian Financial Crisis, 2001, due to September 11 ; and 2003 due to SARS. Those major events affects Singapore's viability.

Probably, this few months isn't a "hot" period for tourist travel but we still have our Year End Sale/Christmas Sale coming to attract the tourists in. Not to mention the Formula 1; Singapore to hold the world's first Formula 1 night race.

We also have the biggest Ferris wheel in the world, The Singapore Flyer (although I don't think this record will be there long).

In terms of Night life, Singapore is one of the top 5 places to visit.

In future projects, we have the 2 IRs with Universal Studios theme park and Dreamworks Studios in it. In Sentosa, if you see now, is going through a revamp with more shops, more entertainment, to prepare itself for the IR.

Also the upcoming Youth Olympics will be held here!

With all these going on, Singapore is going through a number of changes. MRT lines will be extended and more MRT stations will be build in the island. So you can get anywhere around Singapore with just your Ez-Link.

The CBD and Marina Bay areas will be lighten up with their skyscrapers and buildings having lights around it as part of their architectural design.

Final Note

Singapore may not have the natural beauty like other countries, but we are still a nice place to visit with all these interesting things coming up and the good points that I mentioned above.

The government hopes to receive 17 million visitors per year by 2015. That's 7 million more tourist than last year.

The one major factor I am worried about is space. With all the foreign talents and tourists coming into our country, will there be enough space? Will there be more traffic congestion? Do we have enough accommodations like hotels, and hostels?

What do you think?

Click here to know about what Singapore has to offer as a tourist destination.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bapok beating up an Indian lad at Changi Village (an eyewitness account)

You guys have to read this post from a fellow blogger. So funny! This is an eyewitness account of her dad who happened to saw the incident. All I can say is, don't ever underestimate the strength of a bapok. This is what you get for trying to "frisk" a bapok.

Read it here.

The sounds of Ferrari over the past 60 years

Ferrari F1 (nice Video) - A funny movie is a click away

Nice advertisement. This is Shell's support of Ferrari over the years, and how much both have benefited from each other.

No doubt, the Ferrari is a fine piece of machine, and I hope to see it when it comes down to Singapore. For the first time, the sounds of Ferrari blazing across Singapore roads will be heard. I just hope it won't be too loud to wake the neighbours like how the Concorde did when it landed down on Singapore.

Iron Man: After credits clip

If you guys missed the after credits, here it is.

Samuel L. Jackson makes an appearance as Nick Fury and talks about the Avenger initiative. It looks like a possible sequel. I wonder if The Mandarin will make an appearance. Of course, not forgetting, War Machine. I'd like to see how his suit would turn out. I guess another long wait Iron Man fans!

Anyway, anyone knows what is the Avenger initiative?

Monday, May 5, 2008


Season 4 is finally here on Channel 5. The show starts at 11pm and I am all geared up to watch the continuation from the previous season.

Season 4 will be a little different from the previous seasons. Rather having flashbacks, we actually have "flashfronts". We actually saw that from last season's finale. Some say that it is actually the present. Still a lot of questions unanswered and that just keeps us coming back to watch if there are any more revelations.

I know there are people who are lost from LOST. I suggest you get yourself the episodes and follow the story. This is an entertaining show, full of mystery and intrigue. Interesting twist and turns as each revelation unfolds. It is like opening a birthday gift layer by layer and each layer gives us a clue as what comes next but not all it is what is seems and in the end when you finally opened the gift, it is astounds you!

So guys, keep watching. LOST is still worth watching and for once, they are no longer on the island. Now they want to go back to the island. What is with the island? What is there that would want them to go back there? How many were rescued? How many stayed? So many questions, so much mystery......

This little girl wishes she had a penis

She's too young to have it... - Watch more funny videos here

She is crying because she doesn't have one. She wants one so badly so that she can pee standing up. Her dad is explaining to her why she couldn't have one.

I bet if her parents showed this video to her when she's all grown up, she would be laughing at herself.

My $500 cheque from Mediacorp TV

Travelling all the way to Mediacorp, finally I got my cheque. I have to admit that there were some miscommunication and confusion with the collection of the prize money, but that's all behind now. No, I am not going to bad mouth a company that makes me laugh every Tuesday night.

I am just so happy that I finally got my cheque! :) Now I just have to wait for it to be cleared by the bank......

If you are wondering how I got this cheque, read about it on this post.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Keeping cool in this hot weather

The weather has been hot lately. Everyday when I go out even just for a short trip to the 7-11 just 7 minutes away, I'll come back all covered in sweat! Heck, even my cat drinks water a lot more now. It is just too hot and humid. Especially when there is no wind, it just makes you sticky all over.

Usually I don't turn on the aircon at night when I sleep, but the heat is just unbearable. I wake up all sweating on my back and neck because of that I have to change my bed covers more often. I am just waiting for the rain to come or some cool drizzle at least.

How many times I bathed today? Now it's my third and I think I will bathed again soon. If this goes on, I might have to bathe again just before I sleep.

Anyway, here's my tips on how to keep cool.

1) Drink lots of water
You have already lost a lot through perspiration, so don't forget to hydrate yourself. Preferably an ice cool drink with some added electrolites like 100 Plus, H-Two-O or Pocari Sweat. I usually mix my water with 100 plus. Ratio, 50:50

2) Avoid wearing clothes that retain or absorb heat
Wear lose clothing or less clothing. Be naked if you have to but please don't let anyone see you, you might be dragged to the nearest Mental Institution. Also, wear some light coloured clothing, avoid dark tones like black, dark grey, etc.

And if you going outdoors, it helps to apply some sunscreen.

3) Bathe without the water heater on
Switch off the water heater, now is the time to save some energy. Even in the mornings, the cool water keeps your body temperature down a lot longer and will make you feel more refreshed.

4) Open the windows
You need all let the warm air out and the cool breeze in. Open up your windows, just don't forget to close them when you change your clothes or if you decide to parade naked in your own home.

5) Use the fan or the air conditioner
This uses up a lot of energy, so use them wisely. Preferably, use a fan in the day and switch on the air con at night. Set a timer for the air-con so that you won't over use it. Also, keep the temperature range around 23~25 degrees Celsius. It saves energy and still keeps you cool at the same time.

6) Going out? Bring an umbrella
Let's face it, Singapore is not totally sheltered nor is it covered in a dome with a regulated temperature. Bring some shade on yourself with an umbrella or a headgear. I suggest use an umbrella, wearing a headgear like hats or caps might work against you. The heat on your head might be trapped, and you might feel a little dizzy after a while under the hot sun.

I hope these tips help. Phew.... I am sweating already. Have to bathe again now. Haha!

$1000 reward for information on 3 cat deaths

SPCA is seeking the help of the public on information that will lead to the arrest and prosecution of anyone involved in the cat deaths in Pasir Ris.

Location: Block 253 Pasir Ris Street 21
Time/Day: Friday night

What happened?
A mother cat and 2 kittens. 2 died with blood in their mouths and nostrils. The other cat had to be put down. SPCA suspects that they were doused with either thinner or acid.

A broken bottle labeled thinner was found nearby.

If you have any information on the incident please call 6287-5355, extension 9 .

Source: The information above was extracted from thesundaytimes, Home Pg 7.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

YouTube is back online!

YouTube is back! That was quite a surprise, I wonder what really happened? Well, I guess we have to wait till they give a proper statement as to what really happened a few hours ago.

Till then, let's enjoy the videos!

YouTube site down?

Is it my connection? I tried all the browsers that I have to access YouTube, but I can't get in. Do you guys experience the same problem?

Did YouTube reached it's maximum hosting limit?

Did the Pakistanis hijacked YouTube again? What's going on?

YouTube's New Player (Beta)

I've been unable to view some videos on YouTube the past days. I got a feeling YouTube is doing some testing or changes with their website. And when I saw the "YouTube Player Beta", my suspicion was true.

So let's compare.

The look
Comparing it with the present player layout, the new YouTube Player Beta is much more compact, sleek and pretty. Yes, pretty, compared to bulky and ugly looking present player we have with those big buttons and funny looking crome like colour.

The buttons are pretty much almost the same. You still get the 'Play/Pause' button, the 'Volume' button, the 'Fullscreen' button and the ability to slide the video back and forth.

But a couple of buttons are missing; the 'Back to the beginning" button and the "Shrink video" button. Probably they find no much use of such features.

The other buttons that are still available has an added animated feature, like how the volume control slides up when you point on the volume button and with a click, it goes to mute. Also, if you notice, the 'Fullscreen' button's animation is much more smoother.

I should say the new player is more minimalistic but without sacrificing the functionality of it. It fits the overall layout of the website although I hope they would change the tabs at the top of the website.

But I feel one more button is missing from this player, a 'Download video' button. I know there are other ways to retrieve the videos from YouTube but wouldn't it be easier to just have a download button on the player itself.

Trace your Gf/Bf by their mobile phone

Trace Your G/B Friend By Their Mobile Phone (dont Fall a JOKE) - Click here for more free videos

Check it out! An interesting website that uses Satellite GPRs to locate almost anyone on the planet. Just select your country and input their number.

One wonders if this kind of technology should be allowed in the first place.

Click here to access the website.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The WORST referee ever!

The Worst Referee Ever - The best video clips are right here

WTF?! Hand ball?! Is he blind? And a disallowed goal?! Which was clearly over the line!

Faces of people on the SLING SHOT

Scared!? - Watch today’s top amazing videos here

Ever rode it before? Imagine being flung up into the air like how you would do to a rubber band. With your feet dangling, in an open cage and they don't even tell you when they will release it.

The look on their faces.......... priceless!

Tech Tip: My Firefox bookmarks disappeared?!

I switched on my laptop this morning and realise all my bookmarks in Firefox all disappeared! I mean literally disappeared! No bookmarks at all, not even the default ones from Firefox.

I kinda freaked out because I was doing some removal of programs from my laptop and I thought that I had changed or accidentally deleted my bookmarks. Anyway, after the initial "freak-out", I did what other sensible blogger would do. I Googled for a solution, and thankfully I manage to recover my bookmarks.

So here's the solutions to retrieving back your Firefox bookmarks.

Solution #1
If you are using Windows XP or higher, you might have something called System Restore.

Go to Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore, and just click on an earlier restore point to retrieve back your bookmarks.

Note: This only works if you enable System Restore on your computer, if not, continue reading.

Solution #2
Now if you didn't enable System Restore, or if you are like me, doing that will undo all that changes that you have done to your PC/laptop earlier, then this option is for you.

Note: This only works if you have the latest Firefox installed. Earlier versions might not work, especially those before version 1.5. Also, if you are 5 days away from the day you lost your bookmarks, Firefox might have already deleted your bookmarks.

1. You need to show your hidden files and folders before you proceed.
  • Open My Computer and do the following.
  • Go to Tools > Folder Options
  • Click on View Tab
  • Under Advanced Settings, Select Show hidden files and folders.
  • Click Ok
2. If you go to C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[a weird name folder]\bookmarkbackups, you will find all your bookmarks saved in the last 5 days.

3. Open your Firefox browser

Now do the following steps:
  • Go to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks, the bookmarks manager will open
  • Now go to File > Import
  • Select From File
  • Click Next
  • Here you need to find the bookmarkbackups folder that I mention earlier on step 2 and select the bookmark file you want to import.
  • Once you find it, select the file.
  • Click Open
And you are done! You will find your bookmarks back into Firefox.

Final note

There are other ways to retrieve back your bookmarks if you search from the internet but the ones above are the best solutions that have worked for me. I hope you'd bookmark this page and tell your friends about this if they experience this problem.

I recommend you go to this site, if you wish to know in detail about dealing with lost bookmarks in Firefox.

So, what caused my Firefox Bookmarks to disappear

I tracked back my actions and I found out why my bookmarks disappeared. For my case, when I start Windows Xp, I accidentally click a different Profile. Now, instead of restarting my laptop, I logged off and Select My [Username] profile.

This somehow affected my firefox to think that I am still using the previous profile instead of my existing profile. So it didn't load my bookmarks. I didn't realise that even Firefox has different profiles.

How to prevent this?
  1. Do not select a different profile other than yours.
  2. If you want to change profile, restart the computer rather than selecting Switch User or Log Off.
  3. If you are not too discreet about your bookmarks, make it your bookmarks available in every profile.

Launch of Tech Tip

Today I am launching a new category, Tech Tip.

Tech Tip will feature tips on technology that you already have. You will recognise the blog post by the logo on the left and also by the blog post title (eg: Tech Tip: How to boost internet speed).

If you find that the tip is useful, don't forget to bookmark it and tell your friends to read on the tip if you find it relevant to them.

The tips I am posting are from my own personal experiences and research. I have dedicated some time and money in making these tips, so I hope, in your good faith, do not plagiarize my blog posts. Link it instead and share the information.

Comments are welcomed, and I hope you will find my tips useful. :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Move Review: Iron Man

Warning, Spoilers ahead.

Iron Man, to be more specific, a gold titanium alloy Man but like the director said, it is too much of a mouthful, is one hell of a great movie! I seriously recommend this movie to anyone.

I did a trailer review of Iron Man some months back and I was anticipating this movie for a long time because the trailer was just amazing! And you guessed it, the movie really delivered its hype.

Why I love this film

The suit is so cool! I want to have one! Even if it can't fly, it's so nice to have a shiny suit like that placed in my room. Iron Man's life really touch the fantasy of men; cool cars, cool gadgets, a big house, hot women, loads of money, a thriving business.... No I am not saying this movie is only for the men, women will love watching it too.

Loads of action from the start to the end. This movie has no lacking or too much of it, it is just right. Huge explosions and bullets whizzing past, it's like watching a war movie but without too much gore and blood. I think this can be a good family film.

The movie also has some touching moments. I like the part where he has to work with this old man who saved his life. I think he was a professor. Both had to recreate the missile Tony Stark invented for the enemy. But knowing that they will not survive even after they create the missile, Stark decided to create a robot suit to get them out of the cave. They had a bond during the ordeal, and when the professor died trying to save Stark, it was just so touching to see him says his last words to Stark before he dies.

Tony Stark: Come on man, get up. You're going to see your family.

Professor already bleeding badly from his wounds speaks

Professor: My family's dead.......... I am going to see them now (smiles)....

I think this was one of the defining moments for Stark to change his ways.

Apart from the action and drama, there is loads of humour in the movie. Especially when he tries to test fly his suit which ended in disastrous result. Not forgetting that one of his robots, whose main purpose is to douse him in CO2 just in case he catches fire, just doesn't seem to understand the instructions given to him. The result, is a robot that blows CO2 on him whenever his experiment fails eventhough he is NOT on fire.

Seeing the suit in action is just awesome. So much cool and powerful gadgets keep popping out of his suit; the flares, bullets, mini-missile, etc. I just love it when he tries to out run the F22 Raptors in the sky. I think this is the second film after Transformers that have F22 Raptors. I just find it so funny that he can still talk to the Major while he is on flight in the suit while being chased by those planes.

Robert Downey Jr., what can I say, he is the right man for this movie. He brings out the egoistical and humorous nature of Tony Stark. Even though I have not seen him much of late (except for that movie, Zodiac), I think his acting is just superb!

Questions after the film

There is one prevailing question that comes to mind. Where was Gwyneth Paltrow during the explosion that happened in the building? She was in the building and also pressed the button to cause the explosion. Amazingly she escaped unhurt but I don't recall seeing her coming out of the building at all.

Important Note

Boys and girls, always remember, if the movie is from a Marvel or DC, watch all the way till the end! All the way after the end credits. I always emphasize this to my friends whenever we watch such movies. There will always and most probably have an extra clip at the end to give a preview of an upcoming sequel. So stay on your seats and wait! It is well worth it, especially for those Iron Man fans.

4.7/5 stars

Breakdancer accidentally kicks a 3 year old

Breakdancer Kicks 3 Year Old - Click here for more free videos

A responsible mother shouldn't have let the kid into the area of breakdancers. This is what happen when you get too close. This is not the breakdancer's fault, the mother should have grabbed her away quickly.

I witnessed quite a similar accident where kids were roaming around playing near to their parents. I just left from the NTUC and there were groups of people around, one particular group of them were these parents with kids. The kids were chasing each other around the parents who were talking with one another.

Anyway, long story short, one of the NTUC staff was pushing a cart into the store. She wasn't pushing it fast at all, just pushing it slowly, trying to maneuver her way into the crowd. There were so many people and it is hard to notice the kids were playing "chase" next her. I was just in front of her as she tried to move to my left to get around me, then the kid, a little girl, just bangs to the side of the cart. Of course the little girl cried soon after, but I can clearly see her face just crash onto the cart. Her height is almost the same as the cart so you can imagine how bad it could have been if the cart was moving faster. It could have torn off her face or even blinded her. It is a metal cart.

The staff apologised to the parents, but I think the parents should apologise for not looking out for their kid. The supermarket is not a playground, whether inside or outside it. There are lots of people around and moving carts. Not to mention the occasional boxes that are being pushed around for delivery.

Mimes fighting over popularity on a street of France! (Funny!)

Human Robot Fight - Click here for more free videos

I wonder which movie is this from or is it a commercial? The acting is well done, I have never seen this before.

This is one original idea to have two human robots face off on a street of France.

Fighting inside Bus 23, Orchard Road

Do not know what happened but obviously both were arguing about something and dared each other to fight. The old man got owned obviously but he did got up fast.

Anyone have any news about what caused the fight?