Saturday, May 10, 2008 = Malay YouTube?

I came across this website where you can upload and share videos online just like YouTube does. The layout, eventhough the colours are different, is almost the same as YouTube. But this website is no clone nor is it fake.

The videos that you see, can be played and shared. You can upload videos, post comments, search for videos, give ratings, etc. Pretty much like YouTube. The loading times of the videos are pretty fast. Just the video quality isn't that impressive.

Why do I say it is a "Malay YouTube"?
NO, it is not only for Malays, the site is for everyone. Just that when I first came into this site, I saw a lot of Malay videos, including adverts, pranks, etc. Even the movie titles had a hint of Malay words.

So, where this site originated from? Any idea anyone?

Anyway, I found a cute Malay girl in an advert from their site.

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Dominic said...

that site is great.
alot of local videos for malaysians!
nice post and girl..keke

Fitness | Design Jurulatih said...

Thanks Dominic,

I will put up more interesting videos here from you can see a number of them on my posts already. :)