Saturday, May 3, 2008

YouTube's New Player (Beta)

I've been unable to view some videos on YouTube the past days. I got a feeling YouTube is doing some testing or changes with their website. And when I saw the "YouTube Player Beta", my suspicion was true.

So let's compare.

The look
Comparing it with the present player layout, the new YouTube Player Beta is much more compact, sleek and pretty. Yes, pretty, compared to bulky and ugly looking present player we have with those big buttons and funny looking crome like colour.

The buttons are pretty much almost the same. You still get the 'Play/Pause' button, the 'Volume' button, the 'Fullscreen' button and the ability to slide the video back and forth.

But a couple of buttons are missing; the 'Back to the beginning" button and the "Shrink video" button. Probably they find no much use of such features.

The other buttons that are still available has an added animated feature, like how the volume control slides up when you point on the volume button and with a click, it goes to mute. Also, if you notice, the 'Fullscreen' button's animation is much more smoother.

I should say the new player is more minimalistic but without sacrificing the functionality of it. It fits the overall layout of the website although I hope they would change the tabs at the top of the website.

But I feel one more button is missing from this player, a 'Download video' button. I know there are other ways to retrieve the videos from YouTube but wouldn't it be easier to just have a download button on the player itself.

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