Thursday, May 1, 2008

Move Review: Iron Man

Warning, Spoilers ahead.

Iron Man, to be more specific, a gold titanium alloy Man but like the director said, it is too much of a mouthful, is one hell of a great movie! I seriously recommend this movie to anyone.

I did a trailer review of Iron Man some months back and I was anticipating this movie for a long time because the trailer was just amazing! And you guessed it, the movie really delivered its hype.

Why I love this film

The suit is so cool! I want to have one! Even if it can't fly, it's so nice to have a shiny suit like that placed in my room. Iron Man's life really touch the fantasy of men; cool cars, cool gadgets, a big house, hot women, loads of money, a thriving business.... No I am not saying this movie is only for the men, women will love watching it too.

Loads of action from the start to the end. This movie has no lacking or too much of it, it is just right. Huge explosions and bullets whizzing past, it's like watching a war movie but without too much gore and blood. I think this can be a good family film.

The movie also has some touching moments. I like the part where he has to work with this old man who saved his life. I think he was a professor. Both had to recreate the missile Tony Stark invented for the enemy. But knowing that they will not survive even after they create the missile, Stark decided to create a robot suit to get them out of the cave. They had a bond during the ordeal, and when the professor died trying to save Stark, it was just so touching to see him says his last words to Stark before he dies.

Tony Stark: Come on man, get up. You're going to see your family.

Professor already bleeding badly from his wounds speaks

Professor: My family's dead.......... I am going to see them now (smiles)....

I think this was one of the defining moments for Stark to change his ways.

Apart from the action and drama, there is loads of humour in the movie. Especially when he tries to test fly his suit which ended in disastrous result. Not forgetting that one of his robots, whose main purpose is to douse him in CO2 just in case he catches fire, just doesn't seem to understand the instructions given to him. The result, is a robot that blows CO2 on him whenever his experiment fails eventhough he is NOT on fire.

Seeing the suit in action is just awesome. So much cool and powerful gadgets keep popping out of his suit; the flares, bullets, mini-missile, etc. I just love it when he tries to out run the F22 Raptors in the sky. I think this is the second film after Transformers that have F22 Raptors. I just find it so funny that he can still talk to the Major while he is on flight in the suit while being chased by those planes.

Robert Downey Jr., what can I say, he is the right man for this movie. He brings out the egoistical and humorous nature of Tony Stark. Even though I have not seen him much of late (except for that movie, Zodiac), I think his acting is just superb!

Questions after the film

There is one prevailing question that comes to mind. Where was Gwyneth Paltrow during the explosion that happened in the building? She was in the building and also pressed the button to cause the explosion. Amazingly she escaped unhurt but I don't recall seeing her coming out of the building at all.

Important Note

Boys and girls, always remember, if the movie is from a Marvel or DC, watch all the way till the end! All the way after the end credits. I always emphasize this to my friends whenever we watch such movies. There will always and most probably have an extra clip at the end to give a preview of an upcoming sequel. So stay on your seats and wait! It is well worth it, especially for those Iron Man fans.

4.7/5 stars

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