Thursday, January 31, 2008

YouTube on the go

SAN FRANCISCO - YouTube on Thursday began making all of its videos available on the latest-generation cellphones as people increasingly shift to accessing the Internet on the go.

YouTube for Mobile lets people view any of the popular website's videos, provided their cellphones can stream the data and are linked to a 3G network that incorporates high-speed Internet access.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Can you drink 1 litre of water in 4 seconds? (Don't try this at home)

Either this guy has a cool drinking ability or he is really thirsty. Maybe they should get him to compete against a camel.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Former President of Indonesia, Suharto dies at age 86

JAKARTA: Indonesia's former president Suharto died from multiple organ failure on Sunday, a local police official told reporters at the hospital where he was admitted on January 4. He was 86.

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William Hung is from Singapore

That's right, he's not from China, he's from Singapore because......

Watch the clip (3.20 - 3.40).

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Cloverfield Monster (with pic)

The closest image to the description of the Cloverfield monster.
And of course the parasite below.

And something here about the oil rig that collapsed in the ocean

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger (The Joker in the upcoming Dark Knight) dies

NEW YORK : Actor Heath Ledger, 28, who skyrocketed to fame in his role as a gay cowboy in the Oscar-winning movie "Brokeback Mountain," was found dead in a New York residence on Tuesday, police said.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Boys love women since they were kids

A hot lady in just her underwear, doing the catwalk. A boy takes a picture of it, in hopes that it might make him high in another decade or so. Either that, or he just using the zoom function in his camera.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The cup that let's you feel like you are having a threesome!

Well that's what they claim. It's a sensual tool for those who wish to fulfill the dreams of having 'double fun' at a small cost. S$25.60 and it is available online!

If you guys think this can only be found overseas, you'd be happy to know that they are in Singapore, complete with delivery.

But for those who wish to try other sensations, you can get more info from their website. You will find a cross-section drawing of their products. So you guys know what you will be getting .

So if you wish to buy a gift for a dear lonely friend, here's something to fill his boredom.

Tenga is now selling a happy pack for jus under S$80.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My New Targus Bag

OH yes! Finally got me self a laptop bagpack. Went to Sim Lim to get myself a backpack that can fit my laptop but also spacious enough to add in my battery and stationeries. I have to say, there isn't many shops in Sim Lim selling good laptop bags.

Skylet have a good array of bags to choose from. Plus, the sales person was really helpful. I told him my budget and that I like to travel out a lot. He actually went all out to find the right bag for me. Unfortunately there were all beyond my budget. Even so, I think he knew I really needed a good laptop bag, he actually went to see his management to get my bag reduced to my budget. I saved 17 dollars!

You can find out more abt this backpack here!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MacBook Air

Something is definitely in the air, the MacBook Air. Although I am not too impressed with the name given to such a well-built hardware, I am happy to see that Apple has created a notebook less than an inch high, even as it lacks a built in SuperDrive.

My first look at the MacBook, I thought it looks like a big metal biscuit. Crispy and light. Maybe I was hungry when I saw it.

When I looked at it again, I wondered what it had. Well it has a built in iSight, Mac OS X, iLife, backlit keyboard, multi-touch trackpad, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, Micro-DVI, Audio Out. And as I read on it's technical specifications and features, I wondered how in the world did they cram the Hard Drive in between the thin sheets of aluminium.

The beauty of it for me is the weight and the slim size. Apple surely wants people to keep using their products, even as they are on a vacation or honeymoon. You keep yourself connected and with the iLife built in, you can upload your videos, start making movies and get it ready for your friends and family to see as you touchdown home from the Airport.

Another good usage is to use it as a presentation. You can upload your files, maybe that Flash presentation into your MacBook Air. Then you meet your client outside at Starbucks or somewhere, then you bring out the MacBook Air. One look, the client is sure to be impressed. Then you show the Flash presentation on that glossy LED screen. Your client will see a much more richer and colourful presentation. From there, your sales pitch comes into play but you know he is already impressed and you'd just need to convince him a little more to seal the deal. :)

I guess, Apple is trying to create a travel companion. The best advertisers are the users. Just imagine: As they move around everywhere around the world, the Apple logo stands out on the notebook; free advertising.

I do not know if it can shake the sales of Eee PC. As the price is more than double than the Asus Eee PC, but knowing that it is light and slim, and that it is running on an Intel Core 2 Duo chipset, people might just be curious to buy it.

I wonder if Fujitsu has got anything up it's sleeve to counter the MacBook Air.

Probably, if they make good sales from this hardware, we'd see more improvements and additions to the MacBook Air. Currently I feel that, it should have more hard drive space. 80GB is too little but with the intel Core 2 Duo inside, I guess it is pretty much worth the buy. Right now, I can't wait for it to come to Singapore and test it out.

Specifications link

Girls Fart Too!

I remember when I was in secondary school, a female school mate of mine said, "Girls don't fart." And I thought, she must have a lot of pressure in her. I don't really know what she was getting at, was it that she wasn't smelly or she don't eat beans, I wasn't sure, but for a fact I know girls do fart! It is humanly impossible not to. By the kind of food we eat everyday, our digestive has to work hard to break down the foods and I am pretty sure a lot of work is going on in there and some gas has to be let out somehow. It's like how a car engine works, the petrol goes in, combustion takes place, the resulting combustion is expelled through the exhaust.

ANyway, I chance up a video of a girl doing an uncompromising position. A position that mean would love to see but then she just releases the 'exhaust' which is a big turn off when you are going down on her.

Imagine yourself about to initiate and your lady just did that. Would you jump off the bed? Or probably take in the smell and just get the jiggy with it? I guess it depends on how high you are or how the lady looks. Anyhow, just enjoy the vid.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

"This is not old for a cock," Korean lady to American man (NSFW)

This is just so funny! I can't stop laughing. Crank up the volume and hear her talk, try not to laugh listening to her conversation. Just don't play it with your colleagues around, they might mistake it for something else!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Washable Mouse - for those sticky situations

Well if you boys and girls would like to have your hands on the mouse, I think you'd have to wait. Apparently it is sold out.

Here's what Belkin is saying about the product:
"Our Washable Mouse is water-resistant, so it endures spills, and stays clean. Its versatile Scroll Pad lets you scroll vertically and horizontally with one easy touch."

Plus it has a 3 year warranty.

Here's the link.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bill Gates plays guiter hero with Slash

Who would have thought, one of the richest man on earth, would be playing on stage together with one of the most famous guitarist in the world, Slash!

Well they never really played together, but heck, at least we know when you are rich, why play the guitar hero when you can get the real guitar god to play for you.

ASUS Unveils World's First Terabyte Notebook

Well, it has come into eventuality. 2008 is goona be a year of Terabytes (in notebooks), with Asus unveiling a world's first Terabyte Notebook, who knows who else is following suite. Are they out to do some benchmarking or just to 'spoil' the market. They already are spoiling the market with their Asus Eepc, now the Terabyte notebook is just another addition to get a piece of the consumer IT market.

The first time I touched and used an Asus was from an Army mate of mine. A leftenant actually, he had this compact laptop with the brand Asus on the cover. I didn't hear much of it before but I remember when I first tried it out, I had a liking for it. The look and feel of it just makes me feel comfortable using it. Eventhough it had only a 14 inch screen, I still love the look and feel of it. Although I can't say it replaces the feel of using a Mac, but that was as close a feel as I can get from a non-Mac laptop.

Anyway, here's the specs of the Asus Terabyte Notebook:

17" notebook
1,440x900 or 1,920x1,200 pixel displays (non-HD though)
one of a range of Intel Core2Duo processors
ATI 3650 graphics card
2 x 500GB Travelstar drives

Finger print reader

Still awaiting for more info on the elusive Notebook though.

Till then, here's the link to the Press Release of the Asus Terabyte Notebook.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Let's 'Come' Together! (NSFW)

Sex sells. The European Union opened its own channel in YouTube to encourage people to watch European films. Mainly to make educational clips accessible for the general public. This time, the EU has made an interesting clip to get people to come together to celebrate European films.

So let's us all come together to watch it.

To subscribe to EU films in YouTube, click here.

Here's the link to their website.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Monday, January 7, 2008

A picture tells a thousand words Part 2/3 (NSFW)

Here's Part 2 of 3!

(Click image to view it larger)

A picture tells a thousand words Part 1/3 (NSFW)

I came across some interesting ads on holiday destinations that puts a meaning to the sentence "A picture tells a thousand words". Enjoy!

(Click image to view it larger)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Apple's Mighty Mouse to be like IPhone

Having used the Mighty Mouse before, I have to say that it isn't a user-friendly kind of gadget. It's little ball in the middle was too sensitive so is their clicking button. Although, I do like the side buttons that you can squeeze to reveal your widgets.

Apple has been known to create very cool hardwares and softwares that astounds us each time. Hopefully, the new might mouse concept that they are creating will 'wow!' us soon, because their mouse isn't mighter than the sword, unlike the pen.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

My New Wallet (Pictures)

One of my previous posts, I mentioned I found a wallet which I did, it was mine anyway just that it was kept for along time. It wasn't a good wallet after all. It started to peel, and it looks ugly after several weeks. It wasn't like it aged gracefully, it literally was peeling away.

Anyway, I got meself a new one. A better one too. Apart from the slots inside and the transparent see through plastic slot, it had a slot outside the wallet. I think that is genius! The reason is simple, I can top up my ezlink just by extracting from the outside wallet rather than flipping my wallet open to get it, which means I would unnecessarily reveal my wallet contents.

Check out my pics to see what I mean.

Anyway, here's the old wallet. :P

Friday, January 4, 2008

Back to training, No Easy Way Out

It's been a year of fats and slouches, protein and training. I have to admit I did slack, I guess when you have achieved something you'd want to sit back and enjoy your achievements. A month of no training, I finally got my heart pumping today. Pumped my weights, did pull ups, skipping, I still got the strength and mentality to go through it. Pretty happy with myself that I didn't look fat after a month of slack.

Now, I just have to start running again. Miss running, at least for now I am not mentally stressed to do it for IPPT, I have enough time to train myself and go for this year's IPPT window. :D

There is no easy way out to a fitter you! You have to be consistent, hard working, smart in your food intake and exercises and be mentally strong. We Singaporean's have the mentally of putting things for tomorrow when it comes to exercise. I am goona make this year a strong year for me, but I have to physically and fiscally healthy, yes I have to work too to be able to feed my body with the right food. Not to mention the money needed to go for massages for my aching body :)

I will start adding some pointers on fitness, and food along the way. Though I am no expert, I am still learning and will share what I learn in hopes that it will benefit me and you readers out there. :)

Don't worry, visual treats will still be available monthly.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Mobile Phone that bends

My mum just broke her phone recently and frankly, I do not think she is handphone friendly.... meaning she likes to drop such gadgets involuntarily. So I was thinking if they had a mobile phone that can withstand hard knocks. I came across this website , which I think would fit perfectly for my mum and for those of you who are prone to mobile damage.

You can bend it, drop it, flip it, swirl it, do whatever u want with it and it still works (well that's what they are saying) . And if you think it can only make calls, this phone can play video too!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How golf was invented (NSFW, coarse language)

Robin Williams, a pure comical genius. He never cease to make me laugh, this is his take on how golf was invented. Enjoy! Turn up the volume!

Even this lady seem to lose her ball watching it...... or maybe she was looking for her club....