Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MacBook Air

Something is definitely in the air, the MacBook Air. Although I am not too impressed with the name given to such a well-built hardware, I am happy to see that Apple has created a notebook less than an inch high, even as it lacks a built in SuperDrive.

My first look at the MacBook, I thought it looks like a big metal biscuit. Crispy and light. Maybe I was hungry when I saw it.

When I looked at it again, I wondered what it had. Well it has a built in iSight, Mac OS X, iLife, backlit keyboard, multi-touch trackpad, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, Micro-DVI, Audio Out. And as I read on it's technical specifications and features, I wondered how in the world did they cram the Hard Drive in between the thin sheets of aluminium.

The beauty of it for me is the weight and the slim size. Apple surely wants people to keep using their products, even as they are on a vacation or honeymoon. You keep yourself connected and with the iLife built in, you can upload your videos, start making movies and get it ready for your friends and family to see as you touchdown home from the Airport.

Another good usage is to use it as a presentation. You can upload your files, maybe that Flash presentation into your MacBook Air. Then you meet your client outside at Starbucks or somewhere, then you bring out the MacBook Air. One look, the client is sure to be impressed. Then you show the Flash presentation on that glossy LED screen. Your client will see a much more richer and colourful presentation. From there, your sales pitch comes into play but you know he is already impressed and you'd just need to convince him a little more to seal the deal. :)

I guess, Apple is trying to create a travel companion. The best advertisers are the users. Just imagine: As they move around everywhere around the world, the Apple logo stands out on the notebook; free advertising.

I do not know if it can shake the sales of Eee PC. As the price is more than double than the Asus Eee PC, but knowing that it is light and slim, and that it is running on an Intel Core 2 Duo chipset, people might just be curious to buy it.

I wonder if Fujitsu has got anything up it's sleeve to counter the MacBook Air.

Probably, if they make good sales from this hardware, we'd see more improvements and additions to the MacBook Air. Currently I feel that, it should have more hard drive space. 80GB is too little but with the intel Core 2 Duo inside, I guess it is pretty much worth the buy. Right now, I can't wait for it to come to Singapore and test it out.

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