Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Girls Fart Too!

I remember when I was in secondary school, a female school mate of mine said, "Girls don't fart." And I thought, she must have a lot of pressure in her. I don't really know what she was getting at, was it that she wasn't smelly or she don't eat beans, I wasn't sure, but for a fact I know girls do fart! It is humanly impossible not to. By the kind of food we eat everyday, our digestive has to work hard to break down the foods and I am pretty sure a lot of work is going on in there and some gas has to be let out somehow. It's like how a car engine works, the petrol goes in, combustion takes place, the resulting combustion is expelled through the exhaust.

ANyway, I chance up a video of a girl doing an uncompromising position. A position that mean would love to see but then she just releases the 'exhaust' which is a big turn off when you are going down on her.

Imagine yourself about to initiate and your lady just did that. Would you jump off the bed? Or probably take in the smell and just get the jiggy with it? I guess it depends on how high you are or how the lady looks. Anyhow, just enjoy the vid.

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