Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mardan Mamat wins Mercedes-Benz Masters

Go Mamat! You have done us proud again. Singapore's Mardan Mamat has won the Mercedes-Benz Masters Singapore today.

Here's the scores:

274 Mardan Mamat (SIN) 69 69 67 69
277 Varut Chomchalam (THA) 69 73 69 66
278 Pariya Junhasavasdikul (THA) 71 70 69 68, Rory Hie (IDN) 70 72 65 71
279 Lam Chih Bing (SIN) 67 72 69 71
281 Wisut Artjanawat (THA) 71 71 71 68
283 Tanatchan Puaktes (THA) 72 71 70 70, S Siva Chandran (MAS) 69 72 70 72,
Rey Pagunsan (PHL) 68 73 69 73
285 R Nachimuthu (MAS) 74 71 70 70

Next event is at Singha Pattaya Open on 2nd to 5th April. Keep it up Mamat, go for the next one man!

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Don't Hip-hop on a treadmill

So funny.... The music timing was just right. Just as he gets on the treadmill, he struggles to keep
up with the speed and falls disastrously with his slippers flying.

Friday, March 6, 2009

HIV has a cousin called SIV

We have HIV and now we have SIV.

What is it?

Acronym means simian immunodeficiency virus. It is a cousin to the HIV. It is a disease similar to AIDS but only exists in certain types of monkeys.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

1 Merlion hit how abt the other Merlions?

I read about it and watched it on tv. Our dear Merlion was struck by lightning. Some say it's an omen, well I say Singapore gets a lot of lightning strikes every year so it is no surprise something like this happens.

So how many Merlions do we have?

Well, we have original one (that got struck by lightning). There is also the 'baby' merlion (which I wasn't there to witness it's 'birth') situated just behind the original. Then there is the big Merlion at Sentosa which can shot lasers out of it's eyes. Then there is the other two which is not so often mentioned, one at Mount Faber and the other at the Tourism Court. So that makes it 5 Merlions (recognized by the Singapore Tourism Board).

I think they will start installing a lighting rod on or near the damaged Merlion (although I do not remember if they did installed one before..) . I wonder how much it's going to cost to repair and install the new lightning rod.

Maybe after this incident, safety checks will be done on the other Merlions too?

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Why doesn't Singapore have this kind of car?

I love this car. Seriously I love it. It has everything you need when you go to the beach. Yes it looks like one of those car toys you buy at Toys R Us, but it's like a swiss army knife for your beach outing, it has a picnic table, radio, beach chair, underseat storage, ice chest, tool kit, flashlight, portable water hose, portable gas stove, etc! And when you fold the seats, your car becomes an indoor bed!

If you are those who like to go the beach during weekends or on those long holiday weekends, this is the car for you. Why I think it is suitable for Singapore? Because Singapore has a lot of beaches, it is an island! Crappy as this car looks, imagine the amount of space you save when you go to the beach? You won't have to cramp all those beach items in your car because your car has already have it!

Ad: Blackberry shoots through Apple

You thought only Apple had great ads! Well, Blackberry showed how creative they can be too! Haha! I kinda love this ad. Very straight forward and subtle at the same time.

You can hear the reload at the beginning followed by the music from the electric guitar and how everything goes into seconds of near silence when the blackberry bullet penetrates the apple. And the 'dings' at the end as the blackberry bullet spins by, so cool....