Sunday, March 1, 2009

1 Merlion hit how abt the other Merlions?

I read about it and watched it on tv. Our dear Merlion was struck by lightning. Some say it's an omen, well I say Singapore gets a lot of lightning strikes every year so it is no surprise something like this happens.

So how many Merlions do we have?

Well, we have original one (that got struck by lightning). There is also the 'baby' merlion (which I wasn't there to witness it's 'birth') situated just behind the original. Then there is the big Merlion at Sentosa which can shot lasers out of it's eyes. Then there is the other two which is not so often mentioned, one at Mount Faber and the other at the Tourism Court. So that makes it 5 Merlions (recognized by the Singapore Tourism Board).

I think they will start installing a lighting rod on or near the damaged Merlion (although I do not remember if they did installed one before..) . I wonder how much it's going to cost to repair and install the new lightning rod.

Maybe after this incident, safety checks will be done on the other Merlions too?

Click here to read about the Merlion getting struck by lightning.

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