Sunday, May 31, 2009

Giving up

Every task at hand given to you, is a challenge or test. And when you are handed that task, the first outlook at it seems to be impossible. Especially when you are loaded with too much burden on your shoulders.

For example, you are winded, out of breath, the sweat drips profusely down your face, you are breathing heavily and your legs feels heavy. In the distant you hear your physical trainer screaming, "You see that hill, let's see what is up there!" And in your head you go "Whaaattt?..... You have got to be kidding me" and the next thing you know, he just past by you and turns to you, jogging backwards, shouting "Come on. There's a nice view up there".

What do you do next?
1. Hell no way! I like the view here just fine
2. Let me sit down first.
3. Errrr... okayyyy
4. Ok, I'm coming
5. Bring it!

You see how many words can sum up an excuse and you just need just two words or even one word to get your body and mind moving.

The human mind can generate millions of excuses for not doing one thing but it just takes a few words to push one to do it. Amazing isn't it. Just look at Nike. The slogan is a 3 letter word "Just Do It". Simple words and when you tell yourself that, you move like a machine. Now imagine your boss saying that to you 'JuST DO IT!". How much of those words resonates through your body and you hasten yourself to get the job done.

Sometimes people need a push to get them up and running. For it is true, if you don't do it, it will never get done.

US President Barack Obama, during his presidential election race, stood by the words "Change" but he emphasised on the words "WE can change!". If you want your country to change, you have to make the change yourself. Most people do not realise the potential they have and are hesitant to take that challenge.

Personally, many at times, when I run, in between runs I feel like giving up. I feel like stopping. I feel like I can always do better another day. But what if you can't stop, or there won't be another day. What if that day itself IS your last day you will ever enjoy running.... would you stop?

We Singaporeans are a pampered lot. Admit it. We have a running public transport system, we have food available everywhere, water running in our homes, electricity to turn on our tv, PC, iron, etc.. We have almost everything. All the amenities you need are within reach. And yet, people give a lot of excuses for not being able to get things done. Yes I agree time is a luxury we do not have, then that is where we have to learn time management. Thinking ways to resolve a problem is the first step of NOT giving up.

It all comes to YOU. YOU have to make that change. YOU have to change your mindset. YOU can do it!

"God does not change the condition of the people until they change themselves."
Ar-rad: Chp 13, verse 11

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anxiety problems

Mental problems is a serious issue, especially among Singaporeans. I used to have a care free life, like most kids when I was young, I was out playing football, flying kites, exploring, have small little adventures with my friends from school.

But when you grow you, and your mind starts to get complicated, that's when it gets too complicated. I suffered anxiety attacks before without knowing what it was. It happened on my first day in primary school, it happened during my National Service, it happened too during my working life. What really pisses me the most is that there is no real cure for it. It is unlike a headache where you can just pop in an aspirin or panadol to make it go away. You have to talk to someone about this before you can calm yourself down. And it can take days before you put your mind back in perspective. Sometimes you can laugh yourself silly during the anxiety or even after it is gone. I guess maybe it is some kind of reverse psychology the minds try to play to not allow yourself to break down.

The reason why I am writing this is because I recently had that anxiety feeling again. It wasn't a good feeling at all. I wasn't sleeping well, I felt tired most of the time, and my interest in the finer things in life just doesn't seem to interest me at all. Don't get me wrong, I still do love my family, my love :), my friends, I just am not interested in other things that used to rev me up any day. Like running, weight training, doing pull-ups on my horizontal bar, watching a good movie, surfing the WWW. It took me a while to .... how do I say it... 'acclimatize' my mind to the new responsibilities I was laid down with.

During those days of anxiety, I was trembling inside. I looked fine on the outside but inside was so full of worry. I never talked to God so many times in a day, asking him to help me get through this phase. I admit it was difficult. And for many moments, I do not think anyone understand.

It was only today that I read up a column in Today's newspaper. It touched on the topic of anxiety by Dr Bill Maier. It talked about stress getting out of hand. Apparently, extreme anxiety is more prominent that people think. And very often, those who have gone through it do not know what to do or where to turn to. Some stress is irrational and can become so severe that it immobilizes a person for weeks at a time. That is when you need professional help.

Yes I agree sometimes stress can work with you instead of against you. For example, it can make you stronger or work harder but one has to know the limit where it can get out of hand. Dr Bill Maier advises those who have gone through long periods of depression/laziness to seek help, like a doctor.

My advise to you if you suffering to anxiety is to talk to someone about it. Please talk to someone who can help, not just any other friend. Some people can put you down even further, that just aggravates the whole problem. You need to talk to the proper people. And if need to, seek counselling or go see a doctor about it.

Here are a few links to help those with anxiety problems: