Sunday, October 4, 2009

Months on and what have happened to me?

So long since I've updated my blog. Mostly because I been so busy with work. Work, work, work..... Haizzz... Being a working adult, you feel the grunt of pressure from work and the realisation that earning a living is never easy. Everything has gone up. I do not need to go into detail as what has gone expensive.

Anyway, my foot is kinda healed. Although, during long walks I still feel a little bit of pain. Morning walks takes some time to get used to for the first hour. Apart from that, I can still continue walking as usual.

Fasting has been a challenge. The physical exhaustion you feel at the end of the day really gets to you. And a good sleep sometimes isn't sufficient. Bear in mind that I still have to do preparations for the Hari Raya. I was so over worked one time that I had pains in my chest. I had to see a doctor and he booked me for an appointment with a cardiologist for a better assessment of any underlying condition that I might have.

Singlehood is a wonderful feeling. You get a sense of new found freedom. Not that I feel being in a relationship is like being on a leash, but rather, I think more of me than me and her. Still, it is a human craving to be with someone one day. Someone who you can spend time with without boredom. Someone you can joke with, play with, talk with, eat with, etc... To find that right match isn't easy, it is like searching the right puzzle piece to fit yours. But after thinking abt it, I think it is more of how two persons mould a block of clay and make it something special. It doesn't have to be perfect, but when both accomodate each other and give each other support, the result is a sense of satisfaction. You can easily look into each other's eyes and realise how much you want to be with him/her.

Over time, as number of your age increases, you get a hint of how mid-life crisis is. You will take a look back at the things you have missed and things that you would have done differently. Have you achieved enough? Is today enough for you? Can you achieve more? You cannot change the past but you can still reshape your future. I think the main problem with me is procrastination. I tend to put things back and that would usually end up with me rushing to get things done. I feel that the main reason is distractions and the downlifting mood aka laziness. So combat this problem I've done a few mental notes which I can do.

First is, exercise. Some light exercise will really lift your mood. You will sweat, and after that have a cold bathe. You have this refreshing feeling that anything is possible now. Now GET BACK TO WORK!

Second is the distraction bit. If you must, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! Let's face it. In our house we have so much distractions! TV, internet, games, food, etc... If you have a laptop, bring it out and do your work outside. Find a good spot (this requires you to do some scouting), a place where there is a Hotspot and a power point. If you can, bring a buddy along so he/she can look after your belongings. Because when you are doing your work, you will have the urge to go to pee. Trust me, such places with hotspots really do get cold. Bring a sweater along if you can.

So that kinda sums up what happened the past months. Although I do not foresee a break in my work, I hope the work load lessens. I do miss studying, and I hope if I have the finance, I would study. ANyway, enjoy the weekends!