Sunday, October 4, 2009

Months on and what have happened to me?

So long since I've updated my blog. Mostly because I been so busy with work. Work, work, work..... Haizzz... Being a working adult, you feel the grunt of pressure from work and the realisation that earning a living is never easy. Everything has gone up. I do not need to go into detail as what has gone expensive.

Anyway, my foot is kinda healed. Although, during long walks I still feel a little bit of pain. Morning walks takes some time to get used to for the first hour. Apart from that, I can still continue walking as usual.

Fasting has been a challenge. The physical exhaustion you feel at the end of the day really gets to you. And a good sleep sometimes isn't sufficient. Bear in mind that I still have to do preparations for the Hari Raya. I was so over worked one time that I had pains in my chest. I had to see a doctor and he booked me for an appointment with a cardiologist for a better assessment of any underlying condition that I might have.

Singlehood is a wonderful feeling. You get a sense of new found freedom. Not that I feel being in a relationship is like being on a leash, but rather, I think more of me than me and her. Still, it is a human craving to be with someone one day. Someone who you can spend time with without boredom. Someone you can joke with, play with, talk with, eat with, etc... To find that right match isn't easy, it is like searching the right puzzle piece to fit yours. But after thinking abt it, I think it is more of how two persons mould a block of clay and make it something special. It doesn't have to be perfect, but when both accomodate each other and give each other support, the result is a sense of satisfaction. You can easily look into each other's eyes and realise how much you want to be with him/her.

Over time, as number of your age increases, you get a hint of how mid-life crisis is. You will take a look back at the things you have missed and things that you would have done differently. Have you achieved enough? Is today enough for you? Can you achieve more? You cannot change the past but you can still reshape your future. I think the main problem with me is procrastination. I tend to put things back and that would usually end up with me rushing to get things done. I feel that the main reason is distractions and the downlifting mood aka laziness. So combat this problem I've done a few mental notes which I can do.

First is, exercise. Some light exercise will really lift your mood. You will sweat, and after that have a cold bathe. You have this refreshing feeling that anything is possible now. Now GET BACK TO WORK!

Second is the distraction bit. If you must, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! Let's face it. In our house we have so much distractions! TV, internet, games, food, etc... If you have a laptop, bring it out and do your work outside. Find a good spot (this requires you to do some scouting), a place where there is a Hotspot and a power point. If you can, bring a buddy along so he/she can look after your belongings. Because when you are doing your work, you will have the urge to go to pee. Trust me, such places with hotspots really do get cold. Bring a sweater along if you can.

So that kinda sums up what happened the past months. Although I do not foresee a break in my work, I hope the work load lessens. I do miss studying, and I hope if I have the finance, I would study. ANyway, enjoy the weekends!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 4: Wrapped like a mummy

My foot looks like a wrapped mummy. The yellow thing that is covering my skin is some kind of paste that is suppose to keep my foot from moving too much.

Actually it works. Usually I would wake up with a stiff leg but ever since I used that the past two nights, it's been pretty helpful in my healing process. I can walk a bit without my crutches but it sure still hurts a lot after that. I am still limping. The bruise has not subsided and the swelling hasn't also. But I am kinda upbeat that I can still limp around without my crutches. Although I still have cramps on my shin and calve sometimes. Probably due to lack of movement on my leg.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 3: A trip to the doctor in crutches

Today I got an assessment from a doctor. It wasn't good. The swelling hasn't gone down and he told me to rest more. If the swelling and pain still persist, I might even have to go see a 'sports' doctor.

He got a nurse to do some kind of 'pressure' bandage on my foot to relieve the swelling.

I think it is going to be a long time before I get to see any improvement from my foot. Hard enough already that I have to limp around in my crutches, my arms get really tired moving around. If they had a mutant gene to heal this wound, it would be so cool.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 2: Getting used to my crutches

Waking up this morning is a real pain, I can't even put my right foot down without feeling an intense pain. I took a bath sitting down on a chair, and had to make my own breakfast which took a pretty long time because I had to go in and out of the kitchen to take out the bread, nutella, water..... haizz.. When all was set on the table, I just slumped on the chair, trying to catch my breath.

Maybe I am trying to keep up with the speed I usually walk, but I was hungry, and when you are hungry you usually put in that extra effort to get your food.

Anyway, I took a look at my foot and it looks pretty bruised and swollen. Trust me, it looks even worse 'live'. The other side of my foot also looks bruised, but I didn't bother to take it because I had trouble taking proper photo of it at that angle.

So, looks like it's goona take some time before I can start running again. Gosh I so miss running....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Can you sing these Thai songs?

Seriously, is this even allowed?

Can you sing this while you are watching that?

I am now in crutches

Yup, another pair of legs to walk and I ain't going any faster.

I had a pretty bad fall playing basketball, although I can't recall exactly what happened, but I remembered going after the ball with my fren who was my opponent. He was dribbling the ball actually, and he ran quite fast, so I did my super speedy chase to block him off, but somehow we collided and next thing I knew I was on the ground, clutching my right ankle. Oh the pain was excruciating, it took me a while to stand up and I had to laugh it off to numb the pain off.

Anyway, took a trip at A&E, doc said there was no fracture although he said my ligaments might be pulled pretty bad since I couldn't put my foot down properly without cringing in pain. So an appointment is set for me to go to see a doc at polyclinic.

Now, I am walking with crutches and it isn't easy. Walking with an extra pair of legs really takes a lot of energy. Looks easy but it ain't, now I know how much difficult it is doing simple actions at home. Heck, I had trouble taking my apple juice from the fridge, not to mention the difficulty of wearing shorts. I think I should just wearing a sarong.

Monday, June 29, 2009

So I've got 51 years left to live

So this is it. I better start preparing myself for the inevitable.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson dies at the age of 50

Michael Jackson dies at the age of 50. The King of Pop, who was scheduled to do his last performance this coming July, dies from cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead at 2.26pm, Thursday, Los Angeles.

When I heard the news, I was out participating a bowling competition, and the bowling alley played MJ songs all night. No doubt he was a great entertainer. His moves will always be a classic and will be copied by many. His songs were great and will be remixed, reedited, etc by other music artist.

The most memorable music video of him to me was from the song 'Beat It'. I remember watching that for the first time, and I so loved the choreography and the bad boy image in the video. It was so cool and I tried copying his moves when I watched it then. He still had his original skin color tone then, the wavy curly like hair and he was really good looking. And the trademark red jacket he wore, I don't think you can find much of those kind of jackets nowadays.

Whatever those anti-MJs may say. I say Beat It! He is no doubt the King of Pop. He grew up a different life than ours and he did try his best to help others. I do not think he is a child molester, and I seriously think it is just some people using an opportunity to take advantage of him.

It Doesn't Matter Who's Wrong Or Right
Just Beat It, Beat It
Just Beat It, Beat It
Just Beat It, Beat It
Just Beat It, Beat It

Ebony Magazine:

"25th anniversary of Thriller album, has revealed his days of dancing are behind him - because he doesn't want to kill himself on stage like his hero, soul singer James Brown, who died On December 25th 2006 from congestive heart failure. When asked if he thinks he'll grow old in the music industry, Michael, 49, explained: "Not the way James Brown did or Jackie Wilson did. "They just kept going, running, killing themselves. "I wish he (James Brown) could have slowed down and relaxed and enjoyed his hard work.

Pencilled in for release in 2008, Jackson unveiled the plans for the album during a rare interview with Ebony Magazine. Despite admitting that he was working on new material, Jackson said that he has no plans to extend his career into old age, like other artists. "Not the way James Brown or Jackie Wilson did, where they just killed themselves," Jackson admitted. "I wish James Brown could have slowed down and been more relaxed and enjoyed his hard work."

Every neighbourhood has the guy who you don't see, so you gossip about him," Jackson told Ebony magazine. Jackson, 49, also revealed he doesn't plan to keep performing for the rest of his life. "Not the way James Brown or Jackie Wilson did, where they just killed themselves. I wish James Brown could have slowed down and been more relaxed and enjoyed his hard work."

Sunday, June 21, 2009

How many women are there in this picture?

Do you see the women? How many do you see? You do not need a calculator for this. Just your sense of observation.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Do not ask questions when you are on a roller coaster

I love to ride roller coasters. They are fun and gives you that few mins of adrenaline rush. It makes any man squeal like a girl and mouth wider than when you ate a Big Mac. Now imagine doing all that while you are thinking about answering a few questions.

Do not ever think that you can try doing it. The build up before the drop can already cloud your thinking. I just wished they had a heart rate monitor when they were asking him those questions. It would have been more fun to see how his body reacts to such pressure.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Giving up

Every task at hand given to you, is a challenge or test. And when you are handed that task, the first outlook at it seems to be impossible. Especially when you are loaded with too much burden on your shoulders.

For example, you are winded, out of breath, the sweat drips profusely down your face, you are breathing heavily and your legs feels heavy. In the distant you hear your physical trainer screaming, "You see that hill, let's see what is up there!" And in your head you go "Whaaattt?..... You have got to be kidding me" and the next thing you know, he just past by you and turns to you, jogging backwards, shouting "Come on. There's a nice view up there".

What do you do next?
1. Hell no way! I like the view here just fine
2. Let me sit down first.
3. Errrr... okayyyy
4. Ok, I'm coming
5. Bring it!

You see how many words can sum up an excuse and you just need just two words or even one word to get your body and mind moving.

The human mind can generate millions of excuses for not doing one thing but it just takes a few words to push one to do it. Amazing isn't it. Just look at Nike. The slogan is a 3 letter word "Just Do It". Simple words and when you tell yourself that, you move like a machine. Now imagine your boss saying that to you 'JuST DO IT!". How much of those words resonates through your body and you hasten yourself to get the job done.

Sometimes people need a push to get them up and running. For it is true, if you don't do it, it will never get done.

US President Barack Obama, during his presidential election race, stood by the words "Change" but he emphasised on the words "WE can change!". If you want your country to change, you have to make the change yourself. Most people do not realise the potential they have and are hesitant to take that challenge.

Personally, many at times, when I run, in between runs I feel like giving up. I feel like stopping. I feel like I can always do better another day. But what if you can't stop, or there won't be another day. What if that day itself IS your last day you will ever enjoy running.... would you stop?

We Singaporeans are a pampered lot. Admit it. We have a running public transport system, we have food available everywhere, water running in our homes, electricity to turn on our tv, PC, iron, etc.. We have almost everything. All the amenities you need are within reach. And yet, people give a lot of excuses for not being able to get things done. Yes I agree time is a luxury we do not have, then that is where we have to learn time management. Thinking ways to resolve a problem is the first step of NOT giving up.

It all comes to YOU. YOU have to make that change. YOU have to change your mindset. YOU can do it!

"God does not change the condition of the people until they change themselves."
Ar-rad: Chp 13, verse 11

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anxiety problems

Mental problems is a serious issue, especially among Singaporeans. I used to have a care free life, like most kids when I was young, I was out playing football, flying kites, exploring, have small little adventures with my friends from school.

But when you grow you, and your mind starts to get complicated, that's when it gets too complicated. I suffered anxiety attacks before without knowing what it was. It happened on my first day in primary school, it happened during my National Service, it happened too during my working life. What really pisses me the most is that there is no real cure for it. It is unlike a headache where you can just pop in an aspirin or panadol to make it go away. You have to talk to someone about this before you can calm yourself down. And it can take days before you put your mind back in perspective. Sometimes you can laugh yourself silly during the anxiety or even after it is gone. I guess maybe it is some kind of reverse psychology the minds try to play to not allow yourself to break down.

The reason why I am writing this is because I recently had that anxiety feeling again. It wasn't a good feeling at all. I wasn't sleeping well, I felt tired most of the time, and my interest in the finer things in life just doesn't seem to interest me at all. Don't get me wrong, I still do love my family, my love :), my friends, I just am not interested in other things that used to rev me up any day. Like running, weight training, doing pull-ups on my horizontal bar, watching a good movie, surfing the WWW. It took me a while to .... how do I say it... 'acclimatize' my mind to the new responsibilities I was laid down with.

During those days of anxiety, I was trembling inside. I looked fine on the outside but inside was so full of worry. I never talked to God so many times in a day, asking him to help me get through this phase. I admit it was difficult. And for many moments, I do not think anyone understand.

It was only today that I read up a column in Today's newspaper. It touched on the topic of anxiety by Dr Bill Maier. It talked about stress getting out of hand. Apparently, extreme anxiety is more prominent that people think. And very often, those who have gone through it do not know what to do or where to turn to. Some stress is irrational and can become so severe that it immobilizes a person for weeks at a time. That is when you need professional help.

Yes I agree sometimes stress can work with you instead of against you. For example, it can make you stronger or work harder but one has to know the limit where it can get out of hand. Dr Bill Maier advises those who have gone through long periods of depression/laziness to seek help, like a doctor.

My advise to you if you suffering to anxiety is to talk to someone about it. Please talk to someone who can help, not just any other friend. Some people can put you down even further, that just aggravates the whole problem. You need to talk to the proper people. And if need to, seek counselling or go see a doctor about it.

Here are a few links to help those with anxiety problems:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mardan Mamat wins Mercedes-Benz Masters

Go Mamat! You have done us proud again. Singapore's Mardan Mamat has won the Mercedes-Benz Masters Singapore today.

Here's the scores:

274 Mardan Mamat (SIN) 69 69 67 69
277 Varut Chomchalam (THA) 69 73 69 66
278 Pariya Junhasavasdikul (THA) 71 70 69 68, Rory Hie (IDN) 70 72 65 71
279 Lam Chih Bing (SIN) 67 72 69 71
281 Wisut Artjanawat (THA) 71 71 71 68
283 Tanatchan Puaktes (THA) 72 71 70 70, S Siva Chandran (MAS) 69 72 70 72,
Rey Pagunsan (PHL) 68 73 69 73
285 R Nachimuthu (MAS) 74 71 70 70

Next event is at Singha Pattaya Open on 2nd to 5th April. Keep it up Mamat, go for the next one man!

Click here to read more.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Don't Hip-hop on a treadmill

So funny.... The music timing was just right. Just as he gets on the treadmill, he struggles to keep
up with the speed and falls disastrously with his slippers flying.

Friday, March 6, 2009

HIV has a cousin called SIV

We have HIV and now we have SIV.

What is it?

Acronym means simian immunodeficiency virus. It is a cousin to the HIV. It is a disease similar to AIDS but only exists in certain types of monkeys.

Click here to read more.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

1 Merlion hit how abt the other Merlions?

I read about it and watched it on tv. Our dear Merlion was struck by lightning. Some say it's an omen, well I say Singapore gets a lot of lightning strikes every year so it is no surprise something like this happens.

So how many Merlions do we have?

Well, we have original one (that got struck by lightning). There is also the 'baby' merlion (which I wasn't there to witness it's 'birth') situated just behind the original. Then there is the big Merlion at Sentosa which can shot lasers out of it's eyes. Then there is the other two which is not so often mentioned, one at Mount Faber and the other at the Tourism Court. So that makes it 5 Merlions (recognized by the Singapore Tourism Board).

I think they will start installing a lighting rod on or near the damaged Merlion (although I do not remember if they did installed one before..) . I wonder how much it's going to cost to repair and install the new lightning rod.

Maybe after this incident, safety checks will be done on the other Merlions too?

Click here to read about the Merlion getting struck by lightning.

Why doesn't Singapore have this kind of car?

I love this car. Seriously I love it. It has everything you need when you go to the beach. Yes it looks like one of those car toys you buy at Toys R Us, but it's like a swiss army knife for your beach outing, it has a picnic table, radio, beach chair, underseat storage, ice chest, tool kit, flashlight, portable water hose, portable gas stove, etc! And when you fold the seats, your car becomes an indoor bed!

If you are those who like to go the beach during weekends or on those long holiday weekends, this is the car for you. Why I think it is suitable for Singapore? Because Singapore has a lot of beaches, it is an island! Crappy as this car looks, imagine the amount of space you save when you go to the beach? You won't have to cramp all those beach items in your car because your car has already have it!

Ad: Blackberry shoots through Apple

You thought only Apple had great ads! Well, Blackberry showed how creative they can be too! Haha! I kinda love this ad. Very straight forward and subtle at the same time.

You can hear the reload at the beginning followed by the music from the electric guitar and how everything goes into seconds of near silence when the blackberry bullet penetrates the apple. And the 'dings' at the end as the blackberry bullet spins by, so cool....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

These cat abusers should be given the same treatment!

Oh my god.... If you want to see the video, the link is in the video at the bottom. If you think the boys are jus playing, just listen to the cat crying for help. This is just disgusting! These two boys should be given the same treatment! Choke hold their necks, slap their faces, punch their bodies, drown them in cold water!

This is #$%hole abuser info.

Name: Kenny Christopher Glenn
Location: Lawton, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Mark Glenn
His company Glenn Oil Company:
(580) 355-5701
Mark Glenn email address:
cell phone: 580-585-7828

Sandra Glenn (mother)
1 Se 75th ST
Lawton, OK 73505-1916
(580) 585-6425

Sandra L Glenn
Web building & marketing
email: or

Sign the petition on getting these abusers punished!

Click here to see what these $%^&ers did to the poor cat.
Warning: Graphic content.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is how lazy we humans are

I know you ppl (including myself), dread walking up the stairs but how abt walking down the stairs? Do you still rush to the escalator and join in the bunch towards the opening of the escalator even though there is a nice flight of stairs going down? You have gravity by your side, why not just go down the stairs and work those feet?

Are we that lazy till we are able to create an escalator for just a vertical height of 834mm?

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Crisis of Credit explained in animation

I think this is something interesting for everyone to watch. It gives a clarification on what in the world is going on in the economy that is affecting everyone. But I think this video is more focused on the American credit, that has snowballed and affected everyone else.

The way I see it, a few ppl just got greedy, started to exploit the situation further, causing bankruptcy everywhere.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

April 1st: Lower fares for your bus and train rides

Oh yeah! Lower fares for your bus and train rides. Let's hope this is not an April Fools joke.

So much lower is it going to be?

If you are using an Adult Ez-link card:
2 cents reduced per trip

If you are using a child/student concession:
1 cent reduced per trip


"EZ-Link fares for adult and senior citizen concession journeys for instance could see a fare reduction of 2 cents for a direct journey with no transfer, to a reduction of 14 cents for a journey with 1 transfer.
" - Channelnewsasia


the reduction of fares does not apply to cash fares and single-trip tickets for trains, so you better get your Ez-Link. Just take it as an additional 'must have' card in your bag/wallet. Without it, you'll be spending more on your bus/train fares and you might not even be able to buy that Big Mac you have always wanted...... unless you have cash in hand of course.

So the more you use, the more you 'save'. I am just wondering if a glitch might happen for such changes especially with the old Ez-Link cards still being used.

There's more info in the link found at the bottom.

"Singapore: EZ-Link bus and train fares will be lowered from April 1.

The Public Transport Council (PTC) announced Thursday that there will be an overall 4.6% reduction in fares, comprising both a fare rebate and an increase in transfer rebate.
" - Channelnewsasia

Click here to read more.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I have been absent

I have been absent because of work. Yes, work. Late nights, morning coffees, usual headaches but manage to squeeze in runs in between. I am so tired and drained that every sleep I get is a satisfaction. Recently, I bought a new pillow. It's called the 'Memory Pillow'. It gives you good memories when you sleep...

..... nah I'm joking,

The pillows is a special pillow which follows the contours of your head so you get the support where you need it. It is suppose to give you a better sleep,.... well if you as tired as me, any sleep is a good sleep. Haha!

So what's up with the fitnessdesigncoach?
1. Well he is still alive apparently,
2. He is busy working,
3. He is missing playing his Granado Espada,
4. He had a great 1 month anniversary (she made me family a blueberry cheesecake! NO! I am not married la..),
5. He is still running and keeping fit,
6. He misses blogging
7. He realises time is shorter each day
8. He still loves the outdoors,
9. He wishes he had a lot of money,
10. He wonders what awaits him in the distant future....

I think significantly, I've been talking to God a lot more. Figuring out what his plan is even though it can be really frustrating when I do not get what I want (like an Aston Martin). But hey, like the saying goes, patience is a virtue. It is a virtue indeed, with the current economic crisis already on full swing, it seems to be a bleak future for everyone and everyone is being careful on what they buy. But we got some pocket money this coming month (GST credits), so remember to spend some and save some or maybe invest it on something worthwhile.

But I always wonder how bad it really is, because when I read past history, if the economy is bad, we should be seeing a lot of ppl sleeping on the streets, free hot soup being made on the pavements for the poor, ragged clothed ppl walking around, etc. Here in Singapore, it is still bustling as usual. Ppl still do their shopping, ppl still eat at fast food restaurants, schools are still functioning, cars are still plentiful, so what gives?

Maybe I am blind but if you take a walk past midnight at Aljunied MRT station, you'll see ppl sleeping on the floor. Some on the grass field. I counted at least 30 maybe even more if you include those ppl sleeping on the grass (which is almost impossible to see without light). Are those ppl the ones who have been hit badly by the recession?

For those who just lost their jobs, don't lose hope. Keeping fighting looking for that job, even if it is of meager pay, go for it, at least you got something to tide you through. I believe that if you work hard to get what you want, you'll eventually get it sooner or later, just do not give up. Do not ever give up. It is a mind suicide if you give up. Even if you fall, get up, take a few steps and walk, then once you get your momentum going, keep running. Each downfall is a lesson and an opportunity to regain yourself. DO NOT GIVE UP!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's hard not to get angry with Israel

Interesting twist as to who actually broke the ceasefire deal. It seems Israel was the one who broke the ceasefire deal. They were the first who made the first 'shot'. They bombed them first, of course, their reason is because they were targetting tunnels that are carrying weapons.

Well, I don't hear any Hamas bombing their logistics line when US kept sending them weapons.

Regardless of what was the purpose of those tunnels, whether it was weapons, food, or medicine, Israel can't just bomb them. You may say that they could use those weapons to attack Israel, well to me, they need those weapons to protect themselves from Israel! How would you feel if your neighbour started to bomb your country because their 'intelligence' say you are smuggling weapons? You don't just go in and bomb them, it is THEIR COUNTRY! You can't just bomb another country! It is already at act of war!

I think that's why Hamas retaliated, firing rockets into Israel. Who wouldn't be pissed when some country started attacking you.

Another lie to justify Israel's attack and who gets killed? Civilians! And now even the people helping to give aid are targeted. This is just sick. Israel and US still think we are so stupid to listen to their propaganda, and the world is not doing enough to stop this!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The reason why Steve Jobs was not at the Macworld Keynote

I was surprised not seeing Jobs in the Macworld Keynote address. He is the face of Apple. I didn't think much about it during that time because I was interested on what Apple is offering this year and I kinda forgot about it after watching the keynote. Until I got one of those email newsletters from ZDNet and one of the links in the email read 'Apple's Jobs being treated for 'hormone imbalance' '.

I think you'llhave noticed that he has lost some weight. I thought he was on some kind of diet plan or exercise regime that made him look a lot thinner. But apparently he is having a hormone imbalance that is "robbing" him of the proteins his body needs to be healthy.

Well I hope you get well Jobs. Hopefully we could see a much more healthier you in the future. :)

Click here to read more.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why has Obama remain silent about Israel's Massacre of Palestinians in Gaza?

President Elect Obama has spoken out about the economy, the Mumbai attacks, but we have yet to hear him speak out about this crisis in the Middle East? We have not even heard of any solution to this problem that has been going on for so long.