Thursday, February 19, 2009

April 1st: Lower fares for your bus and train rides

Oh yeah! Lower fares for your bus and train rides. Let's hope this is not an April Fools joke.

So much lower is it going to be?

If you are using an Adult Ez-link card:
2 cents reduced per trip

If you are using a child/student concession:
1 cent reduced per trip


"EZ-Link fares for adult and senior citizen concession journeys for instance could see a fare reduction of 2 cents for a direct journey with no transfer, to a reduction of 14 cents for a journey with 1 transfer.
" - Channelnewsasia


the reduction of fares does not apply to cash fares and single-trip tickets for trains, so you better get your Ez-Link. Just take it as an additional 'must have' card in your bag/wallet. Without it, you'll be spending more on your bus/train fares and you might not even be able to buy that Big Mac you have always wanted...... unless you have cash in hand of course.

So the more you use, the more you 'save'. I am just wondering if a glitch might happen for such changes especially with the old Ez-Link cards still being used.

There's more info in the link found at the bottom.

"Singapore: EZ-Link bus and train fares will be lowered from April 1.

The Public Transport Council (PTC) announced Thursday that there will be an overall 4.6% reduction in fares, comprising both a fare rebate and an increase in transfer rebate.
" - Channelnewsasia

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