Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I have been absent

I have been absent because of work. Yes, work. Late nights, morning coffees, usual headaches but manage to squeeze in runs in between. I am so tired and drained that every sleep I get is a satisfaction. Recently, I bought a new pillow. It's called the 'Memory Pillow'. It gives you good memories when you sleep...

..... nah I'm joking,

The pillows is a special pillow which follows the contours of your head so you get the support where you need it. It is suppose to give you a better sleep,.... well if you as tired as me, any sleep is a good sleep. Haha!

So what's up with the fitnessdesigncoach?
1. Well he is still alive apparently,
2. He is busy working,
3. He is missing playing his Granado Espada,
4. He had a great 1 month anniversary (she made me family a blueberry cheesecake! NO! I am not married la..),
5. He is still running and keeping fit,
6. He misses blogging
7. He realises time is shorter each day
8. He still loves the outdoors,
9. He wishes he had a lot of money,
10. He wonders what awaits him in the distant future....

I think significantly, I've been talking to God a lot more. Figuring out what his plan is even though it can be really frustrating when I do not get what I want (like an Aston Martin). But hey, like the saying goes, patience is a virtue. It is a virtue indeed, with the current economic crisis already on full swing, it seems to be a bleak future for everyone and everyone is being careful on what they buy. But we got some pocket money this coming month (GST credits), so remember to spend some and save some or maybe invest it on something worthwhile.

But I always wonder how bad it really is, because when I read past history, if the economy is bad, we should be seeing a lot of ppl sleeping on the streets, free hot soup being made on the pavements for the poor, ragged clothed ppl walking around, etc. Here in Singapore, it is still bustling as usual. Ppl still do their shopping, ppl still eat at fast food restaurants, schools are still functioning, cars are still plentiful, so what gives?

Maybe I am blind but if you take a walk past midnight at Aljunied MRT station, you'll see ppl sleeping on the floor. Some on the grass field. I counted at least 30 maybe even more if you include those ppl sleeping on the grass (which is almost impossible to see without light). Are those ppl the ones who have been hit badly by the recession?

For those who just lost their jobs, don't lose hope. Keeping fighting looking for that job, even if it is of meager pay, go for it, at least you got something to tide you through. I believe that if you work hard to get what you want, you'll eventually get it sooner or later, just do not give up. Do not ever give up. It is a mind suicide if you give up. Even if you fall, get up, take a few steps and walk, then once you get your momentum going, keep running. Each downfall is a lesson and an opportunity to regain yourself. DO NOT GIVE UP!

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