Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Man fooled everyone in the stadium thinking that he is a footballer

This guy is just amazing. I can't believe he did that in front of every one. Not to mention fooling people around the world that he is a football player. Even the players didn't even realise he is an imposter. They actually let him hold the French Cup and you can see a journalist actually interviewing him. They were literally celebrating with him on the field!

And at the near end, you can see his 'fans' asking for autographs thinking he plays for their team. He actually goes to sign it!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

14 year old wrecked his dad's FORD Mustang '07

Tsk tsk tsk,..... who gave the keys to the kid? If it was his dad, well.... you are partly to blame dad. It's a FORD Mustang! ARgh! That is just a sweet car, you can still see how shiny and new it was. And now it's under a rubble of wood and concrete.



I love these games but sadly my lappy has a limited number of Gigabytes to put it all in. I've been really late on the best games on the market, but better late than never they say.

COD 4 is my favourite, if you like a quick action right into the battle field, get COD 4. Yeah I know there's a new COD in stores but I don't think my specs meets it's requirements. So anyway, get Call of Duty if you want to have a close realistic feel of being in the field of battle. They won so many awards for this game and I think the makers of the game deserve it. You goota try out this game to believe how realistic the game is.

Just remember to turn up your speakers or best yet, put on some headphones and feel the pounding of the M1 tank shooting while you are taking cover behind it. It is almost deafening!

COH is another of my favourite. When I was a kid, I love strategy games and I still do but recently I am into 1st & 3rd person shooteer games so I was out of the strategy game thing for quite some time. Until a friend of mine introduced me to Company of Heroes. This game was awarded Game of the Year 2006.

Although it is an old game, it is still a interesting game to play. The game is slightly different from other strategy games. You need to control Victory points kinda like strategy points, the more you control, the more quickly you'll increase your resources. Also, in certain maps, certain points are more important in getting control than the other, so you'll have to really strategise and know which points are worth controlling first.

So which one I am playing at the moment? Company of Heroes. I will install the expansion 'Opposing fronts' once I am done playing all the maps so right now I am just enjoying the original COH.

But I'll revert back to COD 4 when I am done with COH. Haiz.. if only I have a powerful desktop for my games. Sometimes you just want to play other games so you won't get bored of the same old game routine.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

That's a bra strap...... not a hair band

Why? Why did I even step into that store.

It went something like this. I went in with my friend into this store selling female accessories. You know like pins, brooche, etc, things that girls usually wear on their hair, ears, clothes.

So, I was like the only guy in there, and I looked around. Small store but it had all these little ornaments around and you just need to pick and choose what you want and place it in a small basket. It was colorful, it was interesting, until my eyes caught the attention of something long and glittery like.

So I took it, looked at it and that's when my friend asked," Do you know what's that?"

I went: "Errr.. hair band?"

She said,"That's a bra strap.... not a hair band"

Me:"Oh..... (Embarrassed look), ....... I shouldn't be here..... "

She: "(Giggles)!"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

X-men Origins: Wolverine, the movie trailer

Yeah! Finally it is coming!

The movie I have been awaiting for so long. The Origins of Wolverine.

I remember when I read the comic back in my NS days when they revealed the Origins comic of Wolverine. It was just an amazing comic. Finally they wrote about his past and how he became what he is now.

The first time I read his comic, I know he is my favourite. His aggressive nature, his self-less attitude, the kind of guy you would like to make friends but not piss off with.

He is like the ultimate soldier. His animal instincts, his ability to heal quickly, his unbreakable bones, the best NS buddy you would ever wanna have! Haha! With a buddy like him, you can sleep well at night. Unless of course if you happen to piss him off, then you better hope you have some mutant powers for yourself too.

Apart from Wolverine, another favourite character is in this movie, Deadpool! Yeah, the merc with the mouth! This guy is ugly but apparently in the movie he looks fine. Deadpool can heal too like Wolverine but his comics are more funny and have this weird humour to it. He sees the brighter side of things even though things seems to reach a pessimistic end. I always wondered who will win if both of them meet head on. Both can heal, both are great in combat, just that Deadpool is the funny one and Wolverine is the serious one.

And in this movie, we will see Gambit. Yeah, finally we get to see him. But I am not too happy with the actor chosen. I was hoping it was James Ford. The guy from the TV series, LOST. But nevertheless, I hope to see Taylor Kitsch pull this off nicely. Because I hate to see all these actors act so sparingly on film.

The movie will be out 1st May 2009!

Personal opinion of the trailer:

Frankly the trailer didn't made me go "Woah!" I felt a little lack of anticipation for it. Probably because I felt that there was just too much explosion and action going on in the trailer. I wanted a more darker feel towards it. More just Wolverine rather than showing him with his Weapon X team.

I am just afraid that the movie does not portray the guts and grits of Wolverine I love. I remember him as the angry one, less talk and more action. Brutal outcome! Walking away without remorse.

I want to see his despair losing his love ones which develops into anger. I want to see Wolverine as he was meant to be seen. Raw, bloody, violent!

I just hope it doesn't look like the first Hulk movie.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

You love my cock?

Listen! Just listen carefully! He said "Oh, You love my cock?..."

It is already so hilarious, just keep watching till the end. The part where he starts to do the "oh oh oh". It just sounds so eerily disgusting for me. He must be having a great time singing it, but I think some songs are just not meant for guys to sing. Especially when you keep mispronouncing the words.

This is an adult game....... What do you think?

There is something so very wrong with this game. This is not a family game, I do not get why the narrator would say "It's a Family Game, Fun for children and for adults it's EXCITING!" And the winking lady at the end just hints how dirty this game really is.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My EEE Pc 900 HA is finally here!

Well, it wasn't delivered to my house and SingTel didn't inform me that I had to redeem it. I presume it was to be sent to my house together with my Free Modem but on the day the guy delivered me the modem and I inquired abt the Netbook, he said he doesn't know abt that, he is just there to deliver the modem.

Straight after that, I called up SingTel, and after a few minutes of waiting, the CSO picked up. OK he was really nice and he did went all the way to find out what is the status of my EEE Pc. After a few minutes of checking, he said that a redemption letter was sent to me last week but I wasn't at home, but the delivery guy did leave a reminder letter on my door/gate to pick up the redemption letter at the SingPost. Ok this is the part where I really do not like. Reminder letters left on the gates can be missed understood as SPAM! Yes, you know those paper leaflets that people leave on your door.

Futhermore, the email sent to me abt my upgrade plan did not state that I need to redeem my EEE Pc or any redemption letter will be sent to me. For your info, I upgraded my internet plan online and they sent a summary of internet plan to my email which included what I will get for free, delivery time, activation time, etc.

So anyway, I think the CSO knew I was a bit unhappy abt this, he went to check the status of hte redemption letter and gave me the reference number for me to redeem the letter at SingPost and even the number to call. I was happy that he went all the way to do that from his side, so at least I didn't get more confused later on.

Ok, at this part I got a wrong assumption. After calling SingPost and SingTel, I thought I was going to get my EEE Pc at SingPost. But when I got to SingPost, I only got the redemption letter. After a long wait in line, I just came in there only for the REDEMPTION LETTER!

It was not use fretting over it, so I immediately opened the letter and read that the redemption was to be made at an office in Burlington Square. And it closes at 7pm, I checked the time, it was almost 6pm. So I took the MRT from Tampines to Bugis. I walked through the Bugis village and to my surprise I met my aunts. After a short chat, they decided to follow me to redeem my EEE Pc.

Long story short, I reached the place and after a short wait, I finally got my EEE Pc in a box. The only thing I didn't like about this part was that they didn't have a plastic bag for me to carry. So I had to carry it all the way home. Luckily, this product wasnt' so heavy.

I was happy I got my EEE Pc but I was not happy with the following:
1) No notification that the EEE Pc was to be redeemed or a redemption letter was to be sent to me.
2) SingPost should have a better way of informing ppl that we have letters/package to be taken at SingPost rather than leaving paper leaflets at the door/gate.

Anyway, here's my EEE PC.

I do knot know why they are complaining about the space bar. It's not that short, I can still use it seemlessly, the only problem I have using the keyboard is the Enter and right Shift key.

The mousepad works smoothly, and it has this finger gestures you can make on it for easy scrolling and zooming.

I am still exploring but I love the EEE Pc, it is so small and light, plus it has a pretty big Hard Drive, 160GB. It also has 3 USB ports, Webcam, LAN port, Mic and headphone jack, SD Card slot and a 15 pin Display port for you VGA outputs display.

The specs are pretty good too:

Intel Atom N270 processor
1GB Ram

I'll probably upgrade the RAM in the future or the HDD but for now I am just sticking to what it has.

This is something you can carry around. I carried this without any trouble when I walked backed home with the whole thing together in the box. So imagine how light it is when you just bring the Netbook around.

The keyboard just takes a little getting used to and the 8.9 inch screen is pretty sufficient to do your surfing and typing. I rather bring this to a cafe to do my work than my other Asus Notebook, which even though is portable, it is also quite heavy to carry around.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Masturbating man caused fatal car crash

A drunk Briton, who killed two people in a car crash, had been masturbating moments before he caused the fatal accident, a court has been told.

Click here to read more.

In the coming days of Christmas and New Year, I hope we see less drunk drivings on our roads..... and also no road masturbators.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It is my Birthday!

The first day of this month is my birthday. Thank you all for your well wishes. I haven't had so many well wishes fill up my sms inbox before. Hahah!

Thanks also to those who spent the time with me and also for all the gifts you got for me. You all are so sweet! :)