Wednesday, December 17, 2008

X-men Origins: Wolverine, the movie trailer

Yeah! Finally it is coming!

The movie I have been awaiting for so long. The Origins of Wolverine.

I remember when I read the comic back in my NS days when they revealed the Origins comic of Wolverine. It was just an amazing comic. Finally they wrote about his past and how he became what he is now.

The first time I read his comic, I know he is my favourite. His aggressive nature, his self-less attitude, the kind of guy you would like to make friends but not piss off with.

He is like the ultimate soldier. His animal instincts, his ability to heal quickly, his unbreakable bones, the best NS buddy you would ever wanna have! Haha! With a buddy like him, you can sleep well at night. Unless of course if you happen to piss him off, then you better hope you have some mutant powers for yourself too.

Apart from Wolverine, another favourite character is in this movie, Deadpool! Yeah, the merc with the mouth! This guy is ugly but apparently in the movie he looks fine. Deadpool can heal too like Wolverine but his comics are more funny and have this weird humour to it. He sees the brighter side of things even though things seems to reach a pessimistic end. I always wondered who will win if both of them meet head on. Both can heal, both are great in combat, just that Deadpool is the funny one and Wolverine is the serious one.

And in this movie, we will see Gambit. Yeah, finally we get to see him. But I am not too happy with the actor chosen. I was hoping it was James Ford. The guy from the TV series, LOST. But nevertheless, I hope to see Taylor Kitsch pull this off nicely. Because I hate to see all these actors act so sparingly on film.

The movie will be out 1st May 2009!

Personal opinion of the trailer:

Frankly the trailer didn't made me go "Woah!" I felt a little lack of anticipation for it. Probably because I felt that there was just too much explosion and action going on in the trailer. I wanted a more darker feel towards it. More just Wolverine rather than showing him with his Weapon X team.

I am just afraid that the movie does not portray the guts and grits of Wolverine I love. I remember him as the angry one, less talk and more action. Brutal outcome! Walking away without remorse.

I want to see his despair losing his love ones which develops into anger. I want to see Wolverine as he was meant to be seen. Raw, bloody, violent!

I just hope it doesn't look like the first Hulk movie.

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