Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I love these games but sadly my lappy has a limited number of Gigabytes to put it all in. I've been really late on the best games on the market, but better late than never they say.

COD 4 is my favourite, if you like a quick action right into the battle field, get COD 4. Yeah I know there's a new COD in stores but I don't think my specs meets it's requirements. So anyway, get Call of Duty if you want to have a close realistic feel of being in the field of battle. They won so many awards for this game and I think the makers of the game deserve it. You goota try out this game to believe how realistic the game is.

Just remember to turn up your speakers or best yet, put on some headphones and feel the pounding of the M1 tank shooting while you are taking cover behind it. It is almost deafening!


COH is another of my favourite. When I was a kid, I love strategy games and I still do but recently I am into 1st & 3rd person shooteer games so I was out of the strategy game thing for quite some time. Until a friend of mine introduced me to Company of Heroes. This game was awarded Game of the Year 2006.

Although it is an old game, it is still a interesting game to play. The game is slightly different from other strategy games. You need to control Victory points kinda like strategy points, the more you control, the more quickly you'll increase your resources. Also, in certain maps, certain points are more important in getting control than the other, so you'll have to really strategise and know which points are worth controlling first.

So which one I am playing at the moment? Company of Heroes. I will install the expansion 'Opposing fronts' once I am done playing all the maps so right now I am just enjoying the original COH.

But I'll revert back to COD 4 when I am done with COH. Haiz.. if only I have a powerful desktop for my games. Sometimes you just want to play other games so you won't get bored of the same old game routine.

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