Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where have I been again now?

YEs where has the fitnessdesigncoach been? Elusive as he appeared and then he disappeared.

I been here most of the time. Had a short trip to Bintan for a holiday with my family and it was a great time. It was quiet, beautiful, scenic, ahhh... and it's only an hour's ferry trip away. I want to go there and feel the warm water again. It was a short getaway but a deserving one.

Apart from work and life, I wish to share with those who are still reading my blog that I have found a special someone in my life. Yes, FDC is in love. :) He has found a beautiful girl. When the time is appropriate I will show our photos together hehehe...

So apart from love, life and work what has been happening the past year? Well my poster design won third place in the 'Safety Starts With Me' Competition. Yeah I was proud that they showcased my work. Spent weekends trying to do it. Needless to say I didn't spend enough time for myself because of that poster. :P But I won third, so at least I know I still got that design touch.

WOrk now is still hectic as usual, you goota be quick and smart on how to handle difficult situations and find ways to resolve it. ALthough I really wish with a change in new management soon that there will be much a lesser load and more ppl on board to help out with the tons of work piling each day. I guess time management is essential but a good team is very important to get things done right. Although I wish I had more time to sleep... heheh...

I am currently studying also. Doing night classes. 3 times a week and I am nearing my term break. Phew.... It is like running a marathon, so much to do, so little time as I rush to finish off my assignments as much as I can. It is not easy since I been getting a lack of sleep lately. But the colleagues have been really helpful and so far I am doing ok.

So am I going to disappear again for another year? Probably not, just that I may not update as often. I do miss blogging, it is where you pen your thoughts into the servers and showcase it to the world to see that you are still living and well. :)

So as much as I would like to write I must end my sentences here. But I will be back soon.

Something to share, while I was thinking the other day:
"Understand your limitations, reevaluate your expectations"