Saturday, December 20, 2008

That's a bra strap...... not a hair band

Why? Why did I even step into that store.

It went something like this. I went in with my friend into this store selling female accessories. You know like pins, brooche, etc, things that girls usually wear on their hair, ears, clothes.

So, I was like the only guy in there, and I looked around. Small store but it had all these little ornaments around and you just need to pick and choose what you want and place it in a small basket. It was colorful, it was interesting, until my eyes caught the attention of something long and glittery like.

So I took it, looked at it and that's when my friend asked," Do you know what's that?"

I went: "Errr.. hair band?"

She said,"That's a bra strap.... not a hair band"

Me:"Oh..... (Embarrassed look), ....... I shouldn't be here..... "

She: "(Giggles)!"

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