Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's hard not to get angry with Israel

Interesting twist as to who actually broke the ceasefire deal. It seems Israel was the one who broke the ceasefire deal. They were the first who made the first 'shot'. They bombed them first, of course, their reason is because they were targetting tunnels that are carrying weapons.

Well, I don't hear any Hamas bombing their logistics line when US kept sending them weapons.

Regardless of what was the purpose of those tunnels, whether it was weapons, food, or medicine, Israel can't just bomb them. You may say that they could use those weapons to attack Israel, well to me, they need those weapons to protect themselves from Israel! How would you feel if your neighbour started to bomb your country because their 'intelligence' say you are smuggling weapons? You don't just go in and bomb them, it is THEIR COUNTRY! You can't just bomb another country! It is already at act of war!

I think that's why Hamas retaliated, firing rockets into Israel. Who wouldn't be pissed when some country started attacking you.

Another lie to justify Israel's attack and who gets killed? Civilians! And now even the people helping to give aid are targeted. This is just sick. Israel and US still think we are so stupid to listen to their propaganda, and the world is not doing enough to stop this!

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