Thursday, January 8, 2009

The reason why Steve Jobs was not at the Macworld Keynote

I was surprised not seeing Jobs in the Macworld Keynote address. He is the face of Apple. I didn't think much about it during that time because I was interested on what Apple is offering this year and I kinda forgot about it after watching the keynote. Until I got one of those email newsletters from ZDNet and one of the links in the email read 'Apple's Jobs being treated for 'hormone imbalance' '.

I think you'llhave noticed that he has lost some weight. I thought he was on some kind of diet plan or exercise regime that made him look a lot thinner. But apparently he is having a hormone imbalance that is "robbing" him of the proteins his body needs to be healthy.

Well I hope you get well Jobs. Hopefully we could see a much more healthier you in the future. :)

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