Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 4: Wrapped like a mummy

My foot looks like a wrapped mummy. The yellow thing that is covering my skin is some kind of paste that is suppose to keep my foot from moving too much.

Actually it works. Usually I would wake up with a stiff leg but ever since I used that the past two nights, it's been pretty helpful in my healing process. I can walk a bit without my crutches but it sure still hurts a lot after that. I am still limping. The bruise has not subsided and the swelling hasn't also. But I am kinda upbeat that I can still limp around without my crutches. Although I still have cramps on my shin and calve sometimes. Probably due to lack of movement on my leg.

1 comment:

Kiss said...

Hey Coach!!

How's your legs??

Hope you are recovering fine !!

Thanks for always supporting me!!!