Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why doesn't Singapore have this kind of car?

I love this car. Seriously I love it. It has everything you need when you go to the beach. Yes it looks like one of those car toys you buy at Toys R Us, but it's like a swiss army knife for your beach outing, it has a picnic table, radio, beach chair, underseat storage, ice chest, tool kit, flashlight, portable water hose, portable gas stove, etc! And when you fold the seats, your car becomes an indoor bed!

If you are those who like to go the beach during weekends or on those long holiday weekends, this is the car for you. Why I think it is suitable for Singapore? Because Singapore has a lot of beaches, it is an island! Crappy as this car looks, imagine the amount of space you save when you go to the beach? You won't have to cramp all those beach items in your car because your car has already have it!

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