Friday, January 4, 2008

Back to training, No Easy Way Out

It's been a year of fats and slouches, protein and training. I have to admit I did slack, I guess when you have achieved something you'd want to sit back and enjoy your achievements. A month of no training, I finally got my heart pumping today. Pumped my weights, did pull ups, skipping, I still got the strength and mentality to go through it. Pretty happy with myself that I didn't look fat after a month of slack.

Now, I just have to start running again. Miss running, at least for now I am not mentally stressed to do it for IPPT, I have enough time to train myself and go for this year's IPPT window. :D

There is no easy way out to a fitter you! You have to be consistent, hard working, smart in your food intake and exercises and be mentally strong. We Singaporean's have the mentally of putting things for tomorrow when it comes to exercise. I am goona make this year a strong year for me, but I have to physically and fiscally healthy, yes I have to work too to be able to feed my body with the right food. Not to mention the money needed to go for massages for my aching body :)

I will start adding some pointers on fitness, and food along the way. Though I am no expert, I am still learning and will share what I learn in hopes that it will benefit me and you readers out there. :)

Don't worry, visual treats will still be available monthly.

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