Friday, January 11, 2008

ASUS Unveils World's First Terabyte Notebook

Well, it has come into eventuality. 2008 is goona be a year of Terabytes (in notebooks), with Asus unveiling a world's first Terabyte Notebook, who knows who else is following suite. Are they out to do some benchmarking or just to 'spoil' the market. They already are spoiling the market with their Asus Eepc, now the Terabyte notebook is just another addition to get a piece of the consumer IT market.

The first time I touched and used an Asus was from an Army mate of mine. A leftenant actually, he had this compact laptop with the brand Asus on the cover. I didn't hear much of it before but I remember when I first tried it out, I had a liking for it. The look and feel of it just makes me feel comfortable using it. Eventhough it had only a 14 inch screen, I still love the look and feel of it. Although I can't say it replaces the feel of using a Mac, but that was as close a feel as I can get from a non-Mac laptop.

Anyway, here's the specs of the Asus Terabyte Notebook:

17" notebook
1,440x900 or 1,920x1,200 pixel displays (non-HD though)
one of a range of Intel Core2Duo processors
ATI 3650 graphics card
2 x 500GB Travelstar drives

Finger print reader

Still awaiting for more info on the elusive Notebook though.

Till then, here's the link to the Press Release of the Asus Terabyte Notebook.

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