Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My car ride with theyoungbusinessman

The youngbusinessman recently had his driving license and rented a car to drive around Singapore. I had the privilege to have a ride with him as we went to NAFA to see a friend of mine showcase her FYP work for graduation.

He picked me up from my home and we headed to the nearest petrol station to top-up fuel before heading off to our destination. It was interesting to ride with him and also a bit nervous, he is a new licensed driver. But all is well, even though it was his first time driving through the expressway. A little slow at first but he picked up speed as he became used to the road conditions.

Missed a turn

Upon reaching there, we missed a turn and ended up at Orchard Road. Yes, Orchard Road. It was BIG miss turn. Ironically, before when I mentioned we should go Orchard Road, he declined. Well, things have a way of turning out differently than what we expected. But hey, at least he got to drive through Orchard Road and experience how unforgiving the traffic can be during peak hours.


After parking the car at one of the multi-storey carparks, we headed down to NAFA. It was late evening, and the place had a nice ambiance. Not a big crowd, but a lot of well dressed people. The project showcased was really interesting. A lot of ideas and I can see that a lot of effort was being put in. Singaporeans sure do have talent!

I didn't manage to take a lot of photos, I only manage to take a few photos of my friend's work though. Anyways, I think the showcase is still on till Friday. Just go to Gallery 2, there will be a lot of people there so be prepared to squeeze when you look around the gallery.

I met my friend there and so did the youngbusinessman, he met a friend of his over there too. The was a lot of food but we didn't eat because we wanted to drive around more before the time expires for us to send back the car.

Tanjong Rhu and East Coast

He asked me to drive this time, and we headed to down to Tanjong Rhu. Nice cool place to hang out. Long since I was there and we talked about business over there, before heading to East Coast Beach, MacDonalds to have dinner cum supper. After driving a while, I forgot how tiring driving is. But it was a fun experience to drive again.

Heading back home

After all that driving, I was glad theyoungbusinessman decided to drive back. I navigated the route back home and to be frank, he missed a few turns again. Well, you learn from your mistakes. He is still familiarizing so it was ok. I mean, it is better to make mistakes now rather than later.

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