Thursday, May 1, 2008

Breakdancer accidentally kicks a 3 year old

Breakdancer Kicks 3 Year Old - Click here for more free videos

A responsible mother shouldn't have let the kid into the area of breakdancers. This is what happen when you get too close. This is not the breakdancer's fault, the mother should have grabbed her away quickly.

I witnessed quite a similar accident where kids were roaming around playing near to their parents. I just left from the NTUC and there were groups of people around, one particular group of them were these parents with kids. The kids were chasing each other around the parents who were talking with one another.

Anyway, long story short, one of the NTUC staff was pushing a cart into the store. She wasn't pushing it fast at all, just pushing it slowly, trying to maneuver her way into the crowd. There were so many people and it is hard to notice the kids were playing "chase" next her. I was just in front of her as she tried to move to my left to get around me, then the kid, a little girl, just bangs to the side of the cart. Of course the little girl cried soon after, but I can clearly see her face just crash onto the cart. Her height is almost the same as the cart so you can imagine how bad it could have been if the cart was moving faster. It could have torn off her face or even blinded her. It is a metal cart.

The staff apologised to the parents, but I think the parents should apologise for not looking out for their kid. The supermarket is not a playground, whether inside or outside it. There are lots of people around and moving carts. Not to mention the occasional boxes that are being pushed around for delivery.

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