Monday, May 5, 2008


Season 4 is finally here on Channel 5. The show starts at 11pm and I am all geared up to watch the continuation from the previous season.

Season 4 will be a little different from the previous seasons. Rather having flashbacks, we actually have "flashfronts". We actually saw that from last season's finale. Some say that it is actually the present. Still a lot of questions unanswered and that just keeps us coming back to watch if there are any more revelations.

I know there are people who are lost from LOST. I suggest you get yourself the episodes and follow the story. This is an entertaining show, full of mystery and intrigue. Interesting twist and turns as each revelation unfolds. It is like opening a birthday gift layer by layer and each layer gives us a clue as what comes next but not all it is what is seems and in the end when you finally opened the gift, it is astounds you!

So guys, keep watching. LOST is still worth watching and for once, they are no longer on the island. Now they want to go back to the island. What is with the island? What is there that would want them to go back there? How many were rescued? How many stayed? So many questions, so much mystery......

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