Sunday, May 4, 2008

Keeping cool in this hot weather

The weather has been hot lately. Everyday when I go out even just for a short trip to the 7-11 just 7 minutes away, I'll come back all covered in sweat! Heck, even my cat drinks water a lot more now. It is just too hot and humid. Especially when there is no wind, it just makes you sticky all over.

Usually I don't turn on the aircon at night when I sleep, but the heat is just unbearable. I wake up all sweating on my back and neck because of that I have to change my bed covers more often. I am just waiting for the rain to come or some cool drizzle at least.

How many times I bathed today? Now it's my third and I think I will bathed again soon. If this goes on, I might have to bathe again just before I sleep.

Anyway, here's my tips on how to keep cool.

1) Drink lots of water
You have already lost a lot through perspiration, so don't forget to hydrate yourself. Preferably an ice cool drink with some added electrolites like 100 Plus, H-Two-O or Pocari Sweat. I usually mix my water with 100 plus. Ratio, 50:50

2) Avoid wearing clothes that retain or absorb heat
Wear lose clothing or less clothing. Be naked if you have to but please don't let anyone see you, you might be dragged to the nearest Mental Institution. Also, wear some light coloured clothing, avoid dark tones like black, dark grey, etc.

And if you going outdoors, it helps to apply some sunscreen.

3) Bathe without the water heater on
Switch off the water heater, now is the time to save some energy. Even in the mornings, the cool water keeps your body temperature down a lot longer and will make you feel more refreshed.

4) Open the windows
You need all let the warm air out and the cool breeze in. Open up your windows, just don't forget to close them when you change your clothes or if you decide to parade naked in your own home.

5) Use the fan or the air conditioner
This uses up a lot of energy, so use them wisely. Preferably, use a fan in the day and switch on the air con at night. Set a timer for the air-con so that you won't over use it. Also, keep the temperature range around 23~25 degrees Celsius. It saves energy and still keeps you cool at the same time.

6) Going out? Bring an umbrella
Let's face it, Singapore is not totally sheltered nor is it covered in a dome with a regulated temperature. Bring some shade on yourself with an umbrella or a headgear. I suggest use an umbrella, wearing a headgear like hats or caps might work against you. The heat on your head might be trapped, and you might feel a little dizzy after a while under the hot sun.

I hope these tips help. Phew.... I am sweating already. Have to bathe again now. Haha!

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