Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spider-Man 4!

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Spider-Man

Here it is! The spidey suit. I have to say it looks way cooler and darker than the previous 3 movies of Spider-man. See how the Spider-Man symbol on his chest seems to be clawed against something sharp. Most probably this scene is after an amazing fight scene, and the picture just shows how tired and lonely he is. He seems to be on a mind of his own, thinking deeply or possibly feeling angry. An evil side of him brewing inside him perhaps? Anyhow, I can't wait to see the new movie. The new Spider-Man looks leaner not buffed, which I think is appropriate. I do not know about you but Spider-Man has to be lean and skinny, he is after all a teenager who was bitten by a spider. So a potrayal of a young adult man who have not gain much muscles mass because of his time mostly taking photographs is issential in this movie. And I think they have excecuted it well.

I am very happy with the suit, although it looks different but it is a fresh look. Hopefully this Spider-Man is more tougher and please no more crying or sad scenes. It was a bit way too much of it for the past 3 movies. I want more deepth and darkness, this is the part where he meets all his greatest villians and nemesis. It is like fighting an opposite of himself. It has always been like that in all great movies. The good guys face the likelihood of turning to the dark side and tries not too. This is a movie of how good triumphs over evil. He is fighting the other side of himself that he has surpressed within him all this while. 

My big question is when will we see Carnage?

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