Friday, January 14, 2011

The homeless 'golden voice' man was arrested

Apparently after a quarrel with his daughter, he was arrested in Los Angeles. He is in the news for the wrong reasons. Hope all goes well for this man, an opportunity like this doesn't come easy so he better make best of what he has been given.

Isn't it just amazing what a simple video can take you to. Especially when it is in YouTube. Life just gets better for you or otherwise.

excerpt from Yahoo! News:

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - – A homeless man who became a YouTube hit for his astonishing baritone radio voice was arrested in Los Angeles after an altercation with his daughter, police and reports said.
Ted Williams, who had struggled with drugs and alcohol, became an overnight celebrity when a video clip of his voice skills filmed while he was on the side of an Ohio highway was posted on the Internet last week by the Columbus Dispatch newspaper.

He was flooded with job offers and brought to Hollywood -- where he was arrested after officers were called to a disturbance at his hotel Monday night, and taken to a local police station, according to LA Police Department (LAPD).

The LA Times newspaper quoted sources as saying there had been an altercation between the 53-year-old and his daughter. Both were released after about an hour, and no charges were pressed, said an LAPD spokeswoman.

Williams was offered a two-year job with the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA club. He visited the home of the LA Lakers on Monday, and was in town for interviews with "Entertainment Tonight" and other media outlets.
Williams, who pleaded guilty to theft charges after being arrested last May, had been living in a tent when he was discovered in the online clip showcasing his deep vocal tone and polished pronunciation.

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