Wednesday, April 9, 2008

8 teenagers arrested after a video of them beating up a 16 year old girl

6 girls against one? Where is the fairness in that? Well, this isn't a boxing match. Anyway, the girls are now being charged with false imprisonment, battering, three of them charged with kidnapping.

Apparently, the girl(victim) was invited to a friend's house not knowing that she was going to be beaten up. Probably because she said something that incited them to abuse her like that. 2 boys were outside keeping watch as this was happening. The girls took turns to abuse her physically and mentally (they were hurling vulgarities at her). The video taping was to be posted online to embarrass her. So now everyone's seen it, and it gets reported.

First of all, you have got to be so stupid to video tape this. Obviously, these girls have no idea the trouble they are getting themselves into. If you want to beat up someone (not say that you should), you don't let it be known in the first place.

The victim had a concussion and her face badly disfigured. I think with a beating like that, her face must be really swollen. The police who watched the whole video, didn't see the victim fighting back. I think she was too scared and shocked at what was happening to her. But if you are in that kind of situation, fighting back might even make it even more worse.

I pity the victim, even though she said something that might have caused this, the girls have no right to abuse her like that. I mean, come on, is violence the only way? To hold someone up in a house and abuse them like that? Is this all because of the influence of TV and the internet? What did their parents instill in their kid's mind to do this kind of thing?

The victim's father said that he didn't recognised her daughter when he first saw her. If I were the parent, I'd be really pissed off! No holds barred here. I am sure some serious legal action is on the way. Probably the families of the teenagers who beat her up are going to get sued.


Edroos said...

Well I hope they mete out severe punishments to the girls and the 2 morons keeping a lookout at the front door.

True enough, they are really dumb to even have the nerve to actually post the vid on youTube. Morons.

Fitness | Design Jurulatih said...

Well last I heard they are considering in charging them as adults. So we just see how it goes.