Friday, April 25, 2008

Ever since my Internet is down...

I been cafe hoping. From Starbucks, to Burger King, to the cafe at MacDonalds. The only major problem I had was not having a power point nearby. So essentially, being early and finding a place with a good number of power points was important.

Anyways, ever since I am without my home internet, I been having some withdrawal symptoms (Haha!). I actually dreamed that I was blogging away, watching YouTube, checking all my emails effortlessly, only to wake up to a sudden reality. And so used am I to having loads of information at my fingertips, now I find myself reading magazines and newspapers often now. Not forgetting that I am not able to instantly give my opinion and review online, kinda is a let down. A number of things have happened lately, like the revelation of Mas Selamat's infamous escape, the olympic torch relay, the judgement on the slapping of a SIA girl, etc. So much to say on those topics!

But, I think I just summarize:

Mas Selamat's escape:
How in the world did he jump over the perimeter fencing? It's quite a high drop and I remember seeing two fences.

Olympic Torch Relay:
When was Tibet an independent country anyway? I thought Tibet was part of China even before Chairman Mao's time.

Slapping of SIA girl:
Wah! Acquitted? Seriously? Slapping a SIA girl is ok?!

Well I hope to write more when my Internet is up again.

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