Sunday, December 23, 2007

Out driving till 3 am for the past 2 days

What an incredible two days it has been. I was out driving late with my friends, watching a movie and having supper. Then after sending them home, I called up a good friend of mine for some drinks. She was surprised to see me driving. I was just fulfilling my promise to her that I'd drive her around when I have the chance since I got my license. She decided we hang out at the airport. The funny thing was I got lost getting there. I took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up at Pasir Ris. Anyway, it was a fun outing even though was worn out. Having not seen her for a long time, we did a lot of catching up. She looks happy and jovial even though it was like after midnight. Luckily for us though, we were not working the next day.

The next day, I went to the airport again to see my sis, grandma, cousins, relatives to Indonesia. I was there early with my dad and had a good man to man talk with my dad. I have a good relationship with my dad, we joke around and he is pretty fun to hang out with. Plus, he is an incredible cook!

After seeing them off, I drove my family back home and I kinda slumped myself to sleep, totally forgetting the appointment I was suppose to have later. When I woke up, I got a few smses from her. She is actually a friend of mine who just got back from Aussie for her school break. So I resheduled the appointment to around 11 pm because I had to send my mum and her friend to TMall for some shopping and dinner.

Haven't seen her for such a long time, I complimented on how she looks a lot slimmer than the last time I saw her. She smiled of course and laughed. We talked a lot and enjoyed the sea breeze at the East Coast before driving off again to Orchard to see the Christmas lights. I guess she was happy to see all that. I know how it feels to be away from home for so long, so just letting her have some sweet memories from home before she sets out to Aussie again next month.

Driving around in Singapore really sets you thinking, I thought about many things when I was driving alone in the car. For your info, it wasn't my car, it was a personal loan for the week before my grand aunt comes back from Indo. Anyway, holding on to this piece of machinery, I started to think about the future. Wondering if I am able to afford such a luxury.

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