Sunday, December 23, 2007

Movie Review - National Treasure

2.5 / 5 stars

Nicolas Cage is one of my favourite actors and seeing him in the first National Treasure, I really felt that he was a smart treasure hunter. The movie has its intricate puzzles, almost impossible deciphering clues, and also really funny dialogues in the movie. The latest addition to this movie is his own mother who happens to not get along well with his father whom she haven't met for a very long time and for good reason. It seems both can't stop bickering at each other whenever they meet and all this is in good humour for the viewers as we can see them trying to solve clues and yet hate each other at the same time.

The storyline basically was clearing his great, great grand father's name who is now accused as one of the mastermind of the murder of the late President Lincoln. And this is because of new evidence which cropped up, revealing his greatx2 grand father's name as one of the conspirators.

So as usual, to make clear his ancestral name, Nicolas Cage had to prove that this was not true. But somehow, the legend of the City of Gold came into the picture. So it is kinda like a treasure hunt.

The movie was pretty ok overall, but it lacked suspense and intrigued unlike the first National Treasure. I was expecting more intricate puzzles and difficult solving clues, but I can't help feeling that the movie seems a bit like Indiana Jones. There were also too much car chase action involved.

Some of the answers to the clues were like 'served on a platter' kind. We know the numbers, the clues and some actions were pretty repetitive. But I guess what kept me in my seat is wanting to see if the City of Gold existed and knowing what was in page 47 of the President's book of secrets.

I wanted more from this film but it didn't deliver, the jokes were good, but the puzzles and intrigue were lacking.

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