Friday, December 14, 2007

Always use protection

This is a cool ad for firefox. I do not know if you have seen it before but personally I think it sends the right message.... well almost.

Yes, I like using Mozilla Firefox, its light, its updated regularly, it loads faster etc. Way a lot better than IE. The interface looks clean and easy to use, Firefox was the first browser that I just feel in love with when it introduced the tabbed browsing. I was sold after that, I knew this browser had more in store to come.

Firefox just makes life easier for me. I am sure some of you or most of you are using it, there have a lot of add ons that prove useful for the web. Yes, there were some hitches in the past but right now I think they are doing great. Heck I am using Firefox now to update my blogs. It beats waiting for IE to load whenever I wanna open a new tab. Keep up the good work Mozilla!

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