Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You forgot my fish in my fish burger Burger King!

Probably the most upsetting performance/service I have encountered. I decided with a colleague that we buy from BK for lunch because we have those coupons that they send to the mail boxes. The BK was about a 7 minute walk from my office building, and tat excludes waiting for the green man when crossing junctions.

Anyway, upon reaching there, I ordered the buddy meal using the coupon. It includes BK Singles Mushroom Swiss, BK Fish, Med Fries, Small Onion Rings, 2x Med Coke & 3 pc Chicken Tenders. It is $9.90.

Upon handing the coupon, I asked for a change in one of the drinks.

Me:"I would like to change the drinks."
Counter lady: "The drinks, what would u like to change to?"
Me:"Ice Lemon Tea,... how much if I change it to Ice Lemon Tea?"
Counter Ladys:" Extra 40 cents"
Me:"OK, I would like to change to Ice Lemon Tea"
Counter Lady: "So both change to Ice Lemon Tea"
Me:"No, just one"
Counter lady:"okay......" (looking a bit confused, started to press some buttons)

OK, basically I was charged 40 cents for a change of 1 coke to 1 ice lemon tea. I don't know if that is the correct charge, I didn't check again on my receipt later because I totally forgot abt it and I was HUNGRY!

Anyway, she did all the packing into the bags after I asked for it to be taken away. Strangely, they put it all into two paper bags, now I remember previously when I bought the buddy meal, it was in 3 paper bags. But I just paid anyway and left the BK.

After leaving, I went to look inside just to be sure they got it all in the bag. As I was searching and walking away, the counter lady called me from behind, chasing me. She said she forgot about the fries. So we went back and got my fries. Disgruntled but happy that I got all my food, I hurried back to my office. By this time, the weather got pretty humid after the rain and I was sweating a little.

Back in the office, I started to distribute the food to my colleague. She got her Singles mushroom swiss and mine was the BK Fish burger. Already hungry and sweaty, I opened the package to see my burger WITHOUT MY FISH! And clearly it wasn't dropped in anyway, because the cheese was still there, and didn't look melted. Usually the cheese would be melted against the hot fish fillet. Obviously they forgot the fish!

Fumed I was, my friend told me to go back and get my deserved fish burger! And so I did, I rushed there, walking quickly. On the way there, my colleague called me through my mobile. And guess wat, when she was eating her Swiss mushroom burger, there was NO MUSHROOM!

WHAT THE $%^*!

When I reached there I just went straight to the small office cubicle and told the lady in there that there was NO FISH IN MY FISH BURGER and NO MUSHROOM IN MY MUSHROOM SWISS!

She gave a 'On no, not again' look She apologised and quickly went to the cooking area to get my burgers made. She was apologetic when she handed me my burgers into the paper bag. Of course, I checked it inside to make sure all the ingredients are inside.

Seriously Burger King, you guys can't forget such impt food ingredients! It is a burger for goodness sake, and to make a mistake on both of my burgers is just too much! ARGH!

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