Sunday, December 30, 2007

MacDonalds for two days, two days to the new year

Lazy as I might be, back pains really keep you in your seat. But not my fingers. Dialled Mac for the weekends, had some unhealthy meals through out. I feel so bloated I wonder how the Super Size Me guy manage to eat that for a month!

It's been a lazy weekend, recovering well from my back and shoulder pains. But the cold weather is really stiffening up my muscles a bit. Nevertheless, I had to take warm showers to keep the blood flowing. Sat at home most of the weekend, really sucks not to be doing any form of exercise. Can't even do pull ups, nor push ups without groaning. I still can't look up properly, so I guess I have to still drink up from a cup rather than from a bottle.

So anyway, 2 more days to the sounds of the New Year, ain't that grand. What's the deal anyway. Well apart from the parties, bright lights, beautiful fireworks, hot women dancing, it's still like any other day. I know some ppl out there are out there doing their duties, all alert and vigilant. Yes I am talking about our defence forces, our NS man, our regulars. They have a part to play to ensure our safety. Staying up, ensuring no unnecassary numbers are added to our population. Yeah, I am all praise for them because I used to do guard duty on New Year's day. And it sucks! But heck, anything for the nation. :)

2007 is passing, yeah a lot has happened. Recently Bhutto was assasinated, this day today is Saddam's first death anniversary, supposedly another tyrant was gotten rid off and yet the country is still one of the most unsafest place to live, Bulgaria and Romania joins the EU, the bird flu is still looming around, wars and conflict still going on in Somalia, Palestine, Iraq, Darfur.. and i keep going and going. It is still the same old bad news as last year. People are still dying, suffering, children are still forced into prostitution, women are being raped, countries are still at war, AIDS still has no cure for it, the world is still warming, ...... what a year we have and over here we are complaining about high costs of living. No wrong with that, living here is still VERY COSTLY! GST is up this year if you guys still remember last July!

Well enough of the bad news, the good news is, we have our A380 Airbus which sadly, despite it's comfortable and private cabins, we are not allowed to have sex on a plane. I am sure it is a dream for some (probably many) to do that jiggy in mid-air.

Our football team has finally won a medal in the SEA games since 1995, in addition to that, they actually are on-route to qualify for the World Cup! Yeay!

Singapore has acquired rights to host the Formula One 2008 World Championships. Yeah, finally we get see cars going 4 times over the speed limit on our roads!

Yeah well, that's about it, there are more but I my fingers are starting to strain again. Anyway, I might just hang out to see the fireworks or maybe just watch a movie. See how it goes tomorrow. Till then, it will be a whole working day for me.

Happy Gregorian 2008 to ya all!

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