Monday, December 10, 2007

My Bachelor Pad

Finally got my wireless network working. And re-arranged my furniture, need to work on the right furniture to buy and add to my small room. Nevertheless, I am happy with the new work area which is under my bed. It is pretty cosy with the light on and the sound of rain drops just outside my window.

I am thinking of adding an extra small table on the side, much like an L shape furniture for me to write on. Right now, there isn't much area for me to write. Yes, I still do love using the pen and paper. Probably, I might get some drawers and a small sofa. Thinking of getting those sofas that you can sleep on. Those kinds that follow the contours of your body. Maybe I could get it in red.

There it is, my humble corner... cosy chair, warm lighting, some hot cocoa and the cold rain. Yes, it is my corner of bliss.

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