Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Birthday Presents!!

Oh gosh, how time flies by so fast. I don't usually bother much abt my birthdays, but this year has been a different year for me. I learned a lot of new things, eg: being a leader, a teacher, a good brother and son, managing my time and money, self-discipline and endurance, etc... It has been a pretty good year.

I recapped my past year on what I have achieved. And most of it have achieved, mostly on my own and I am pretty proud of myself. But all that is not attainable without the support of my family and friends. No doubt I have achieved things but there is still lots for me to accomplish. I am setting goals mentally as I write this blog, and as I recall what the past year has taught me, I think it has to be about growing up.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I lack maturity but more like learning from the lessons throughout this year, from making mistakes to making important decisions.

This year, I finally passed my driving license.
I found a fulfilling job. (or maybe i should say, 'refound'; not too sure if that is a word itself)
I passed my IPPT on my own without a training buddy.
Made painful decisions in my past relationship.
Set up a new blog.

Although it seems little that I have done, but only I myself know the pain and sacrifices I had to go through to achieve all that. Weeks of staying home jobless when everyone seems to have a job. The countless driving lessons which almost drove me penniless. The late nights at work to finish up projects and weekend work to earn more to buy a laptop so that my sis can use my pc for her school work next year. The pain and fatigue from training almost everyday in the middle of the night running around parks and housing estates and still waking up the next morning for work. Having to face a painful break up and seeing her face tear in my hands......

What a year it has been.

Oh well, you live and learn. Life's would be boring without facing challenges. And I face it each day in stride, knowing I have learned how to deal with it.

Anyway, here are my presents!

It's a candle, made by one of my colleagues at work. Nice isn't it! She is so sweet to make me a candle out of sand and tiny seashells. It looks too nice to light up. I be putting it in my desk room next to my laptop!

My sis bought me a T-shirt. Yes it is light blue. So striking, I like the design on it. Looks pretty.

Yes! Food! Glorious food! My parents bought me pizza!

Yes I bought meself a laptop! With help from a dear friend of course. Got it from Sitex. It is an Asus A8Jseries. Pretty good specs, it has a 160gb HDD, 2ghz Core Duo, 2Gb of Memory, 802.11a wireless, ATi Radeon X2300 graphics card, plus, I got free Altec Lansing Speakers, free optical mouse, free laptop bag (the bag is pretty rugged and tough), free portable wireless access point, some free softwares, and all of that for $1515. My friend helped me pull it from almost $1600 to $1538. The girl was sweet enough to bring it down further to $1515 all because it was my birthday :)

I feel so gratified!
Now I Goota go customize my laptop!

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