Thursday, November 29, 2007

I haven't been blogging because...

....... I have been taking the time to sleep and train for my IPPT. I am reaching fatigue very soon. My birthday's coming and I have to pass my IPPT soon. So all these time, after a late night at work, I would go home eat, rest, go out to run and then sleep. On alternate days I would just sleep to recover. But balancing work and training is pretty though.

Legs are all stiff when I reach the office, but my concentration is at its max because two of my colleagues are out for a long vacation and I have to fill in for them, plus I got a new guy in the office whom I have to show the ropes and get him in the wagon. So far, he is pretty good, good eye for detail but there is still room for improvement in his design work. But I have faith in him, because he shows the desire to learn and take initiative. I miss the girls (I am referring to my colleagues on holiday). Need to fill them in quickly when they get back so we can get the projects up and running smoothly.

Anyway, today was my last day for my IPPT before my window closes. I had to take half day from work to attend it just now. Had a big lunch at Banquet, bathed, and geared myself up for the IPPT. When I reached at Bedok Camp, there were those taking IPPT and there were those waiting for RT. It is really demoralising to see so many RTs, nevertheless, I wasn't easily wavered.

I took on the Static stations pretty easily. It has always been everytime I take IPPT. The challenging one for me has always been the 2.4km run. Gosh, everytime I look at the red track, it always seems so much larger than on TV. But in my heart I know I can better my timing. It was mostly mental from then on, I know I can run just had to calculate the time for each round.
I made it easier for myself by just remembering that, everytime I pass the line, the clock has to be an odd minute number.

For example, after the first round, it has to be 1 min plus. NOT 2 mins. Then the next, 3 mins plus and so on for each round.

I was doing pretty well for the first 3 rounds. The fourth round was when I saw an even number, but it wasn't that bad, it was 8 mins 19 seconds. I was thinking," Still got chance" and I lengthen my pace.

I was really exhausted by then, pushing myself, leaning my body forward, looking ahead, I did all I can think of to keep myself going. On the fifth round, the clock was showing 10 mins 39 seconds! I was like"!@@#, can't my feet any faster!" By this time, spontaneous combustion of thoughts just invaded my mind "What if dun pass?" "Shit RT?!" "One more round man!" "Keep going! You will have a great birthday if you pass this!"

My legs were tight, my hands had pins and needles, my breath was heavy, my head was feeling a little giddy and yes, I just ran faster! I lengthen my pace for the first 300 meters, leaving 100 meters left, I saw the clock 12mins 11 seconds! WTF!? I sprint! I went as fast as my legs could carry, my breathing was quicken, my heart rate increasing! My last dash! ARGhh!!!!............ Beep!.........

Tag: 044
Time: 12 mins 29 secs


That's 100 dollars for me!

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