Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Found a wallet

Genuine leather, all black. It had a white thread seemed through around the edges. Had a comfortable feel on your hands, and a leather scent. It had a soft light brown interior that when you touch it, it feels like holding velvet.

Where did I find such a wallet. In my own room! My window aircon was dripping water. Been having trouble with that. Anyway, I had a box near to it that got soaked because of the aircon 'pee'. So I had to rid of the contents in the box and dry out whatever was inside. There were some interesting contents in the box. Like perfumes, hard cover papers, key chains, earphones, spectacle cases, a watch, and of course, the wallet. Coincidentally I was looking for a wallet. I guess I can save my cash and use this instead.

I really can't recall who gave it to me. Maybe it was one of those birthday gifts that I forgot to get back to after unwrapping them. The wallet was in a nice blue box with a transparent cover. In it, there is also a watch. It is dead, but I think it just needs to change its battery and I would have a working watch soon enough. Oh ya did i mention? I broke my watch some days back, and now I have a new watch!

What a wonderful day I have indulging in past gifts. No pictures of them because my sis took my camera away to who knows where.

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