Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Movie Review - Beowulf (should be rated R21)

Amazing animation. Which isn't much of a surprise after seeing the trailer. Although some movements do look rigid almost robot-like eg horse riding, leaping from point to point, running. Anyway, I can rave about the realistic skin textures, the lightings, realistic looking water, etc. But I guess you guys know abt it already.

The movie is pretty good, although the acting could have been better (I am talking about more expressiveness from their faces and body actions) But the voices behind the characters are quite well done. Well, why not, we have Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich, Angelina Jolie..... Ahhh.. Angelina Jolie, it is just amazing what computers can do to a woman's body. Almost flawless, near perfection, yes you get to see all that when u watch it.

Imagine this scene, she arrives from a pool of water, revealing her head as the water flows away from her hair, she emerges and her flawless face looks at you with a wicked look in her eyes and yet sultry. The water glows with a blue hue around her as she reveals herself. The camera moves around her body and she moves out of the water slowly, revealing her back. The camera then moves to the front and you will see her emerge further from the water. A full frontal show begins, she emerges from the water as the camera stays in position, her body reveals her collar bones, and then down to her firm breasts, all wet and silky. Her golden skin seems to drip away as her skin turns into human skin. Her hips sways as she moves towards Beowulf, her tummy shows a near muscular tone. As the camera moves down further, you will get to see her erogenous zones. And then down to her thighs and legs. Almost like it was all taken in slow motion for you to 'savour' the moment.

Yup, something to look forward to when you see the movie.Ok back to the movie. The movie has it's sexy parts and also it's gory parts. I do not recommend this movie for a date, but if you are into seeing bodies being ripped apart and heads being eaten alive, plus the merciless killing of the monsters, then go ahead. The action sequence reminds me of the game God of War, where you kill monsters or giant weird creatures by ripping them apart piece by piece. And the hero stands up with his triumphant victory over the creature.

I do not want to reveal more of the film because I don't wanna spoilt it for ya but the bits above should get you excited abt it. I give it 3/5 stars. Yes I love the gore and seeing women all naked and revealing, but the story line just lacks a certain 'umph!'. I didn't feel like Beowulf was heroic, just a man with extraordinary strength whose weakness is the beauty of women. And I didn't feel like he had a strong bond with his men, that I feel lacks the human element of a leader when his men die in battle. It was more on his own self pride, boasting of his escapades; fighting creatures in the air, land and sea.

There were funny parts in the movie though. Esp with his best friend by his side. Keep a look out for their conversations together.

Now some of the female readers might think this is a movie for the guys, but I think it might also appeal to the girls as well. You will get to see well toned men in the movie, esp Beowulf where he will sleep naked as he awaits for the monster. Why is he sleeping naked? Well his reason is because he wanted to fight the creature as equals..... Well you will figure that out later. Anyway, before that, he will actually start stripping in front of the queen and as he slips off his last shed of clothing, she gasped, blushed and hurries away quickly to her room. No guess what she might do next in there.

Overall, the movie was pretty good. I was expecting something like a LOTR kind of action, with lots of war battles, but it was mostly skirmishes, no large armies battling against each other (there was one part where there were war battles but it was just a short scene). The sexiness and gore was a plus for me, and so is the script. They characters used selective words to describe things, I do not know if they used to talk like that before, but it was quite understandable. Although the initial part of the movie left me a bit clueless as to what they were talking about, maybe because the scene started out with a room of drunkard men and women, merry making.

So there it is: 3/5 stars.

If the same quality was made ten years ago, many ppl would love it's near realism, but it's a norm now with that kind of CGI. Watching Angelina coming out of the water like that, reminds you of how Lara Croft might look like without clothes. I think that part just keeps the movie goers coming in to watch.

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Patrick Roberts said...

Beowulf's animation was all around impressive, though the characters' movement reminded me a lot of Shrek. I appreciate the fact that this movie gives a pseudo-education in ancient literature (never had to read the book as a child)