Saturday, November 24, 2007

Boxing: Tyson gets 24 hours' jail over drinks, drug charges

I think this guy has no short of issues. I remember previously when he was in jail, he actually threw a chair at the television. Yes, they do have television in there.

Anyway, here's his recent story.

Mike Tyson has been my favourite boxer, but I guess fame got to him. After losing his coach, his boxing era kinda took a dip. It got even worse when he was charged for raping a beauty queen. I think that was controversial but the press just made it all look pretty bad.

Anyhow, at his peak. This man is unstoppable, unbeatable, unrelenting. The youngest man to have won a world heavyweight title at the age of 20 (Muhammad Ali got it at 22). He wasn't called Iron Mike for nothing. He met a lot of boxers, all with their own style of boxing. Winning over most of them on knockouts.

Before the fight starts, he would grunt and snarl. Just to intimidate his opponent. When the fight starts, do not expect mercy. His quick punches loaded with a heavy force, you literally have to dodge every punch and cover your face because you never know which might knock you out. What makes it even worse, he is good at dodging. You can literally see the frustration on his opponents when they are unable to give a good hit on his face.

His stamina is amazing. Even with all that punches, he would still walk away without a heavy breath. And when the opponent gets up again, he still goes at him again, throwing punch after punch.

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