Sunday, November 11, 2007

A failed attempt

Woke up this morning with a cold that could make you pee twice consecutively. Made myself breakfast, and revved myself up for my IPPT. A little anxious when I reached there, been a long time since I stepped into a camp. Always brings memories training as a soldier.

Anyway, static stations were pretty easy for me. The station tat surprised me was the SBJ. Never really get to get more than two points from that station, but i got 3 points for my first attempt. Must be the hill runs I did lately. I was quite happy with myself with the results, almost all 5 points each, but the dreaded run always fail me. And this time it did.

The weather was perfect, cool, not too wet, just nice. But I guess my heart wasn't into it. It is different when you run solo than with a group. It can be really demoralizing to see runners past you but you know you can run faster but there is a tendency to run too fast that you tire yourself up.

I was a little disappointed but I expected the result. My legs weren't build for long distance, it was built for speed and short bursts of sprints. I know that since I was a kid. I guess I have to work on my endurance if I am to pass this test next time.

Tomorrow, weight and resistance training and a run. Got to get my self up and running again.

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