Saturday, November 17, 2007

The new Photoshop Logo

Here it is. Frankly, it looks like the PBS logo from USA. Some of you may remember the PBS logo from the old Sesame Street. Quite frankly, I think the logo is unsuitable for Photoshop. It looks too aquatic, like a Mac style logo, too similar to PBS and I do not feel like it is a logo about photo editing or even creativity. Personally, I feel like it looks like a text bubble, you know, like those you find in comics, but this one has been punched with a big hole!

I don't really like the tag line either. "See What's Possible."
To me the tag line is like saying,"Gee, Let's see what is possible with this product, if nothing works out,then too bad, but if it does, Great!"

I think they could do better, I mean seriously do better please. Photoshop is a great software, I been using it for some years now. Come on guys, make it beautiful, fantastic, cool, awe us with your creative talent! Change the logo!!

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